Its Procrastination time!

Things I have done this week which have tragically prevented me from working:

  • Blackpool: Oh come on. It has David Tennant in- how could i resist? Its pretty amazing and wonderfully original- its basically a murder mystery musical set in Blackpool 😀 which surprised me because when jess said “there are musical numbers during sex” i thought she just meant weird background music…i didn’t envisage David Tennant getting his freak on whilst singing “Sqweeze me Pleeze Me”. Have not been able to stop listening to the Soundtrack. The follow up, Viva Blackpool, is not quite as entertaining (by which i mean no David Tennant) but Morrissey is simply amazing as Ripley Holden.
  • Slowly but surely getting through more Clint Eastwood filmography: I finished getting through the Dirty Harry series y watching The Dead Pool. Oh. my. God. Seeing as i don’t think anyone is really going to watch it, i might as well tell you the amazing finish: Clint Eastwood shooting the serial killer into the wall with a harpoon, which earlier we saw Slash (yes, that Slash) messing around with (all of Guns n Roses have a cameo actually). I was praying that would happen and they did not disappoint. I swear Eastwood has just made a career out of stepping of mist looking menacing. Which he achieves with great effect in Fistful of Dollars- only that is actually amazing considering he is wearing a poncho. I mean, that has to be like the ultimate manhood test: can you look scary whilst wearing a poncho? I know i can’t.
  • Finishing The Audacity of Hope: yes- i know its  hard to believe after those first two bullet points, but i do read! And I’m on the last chapter and am all “oh my god Michelle and Barack are so sweet!”. And their first kiss tasted of chocolate (they were eating ice cream). They have to be the most adorable couple ever. Cuteness aside, the book is awesome and makes me very hopeful. Obama outlines in the book what he thinks the government should do for America and they sound like excellent plans. The only fault i have with the book is that if i wasn’t american i might find it pretty hard to read just because its so focused on the USA and just written in this incredibly  way which could get annoying after a while if it wasn’t such good writing (and if the writer wasn’t Barack. *does happy dance because it always cheers me up to remember he is President*)
  • Dissection Club: yes, i gave up my lunchtimes to dissect a rat. We called our rat Seamus (by “we” i mean me, Suga and Luxmmi). It was kinda fun in a weird way. Um…i know how weird that sounds because you know…i feel like i shouldn’t find cutting open a rat and removing all its organs fun…i should find it kinda gross. And yeah, i did grimace and freak a little when i had to break its arm to pin it down (that was creepy the first time because its hands/paws look really human) and because it smelt awful and because its slightly sickening to cut open somethings throat…but overall its was just interesting. I mean, me and Luxmmi (Suga didn’t attend the last session *hug*) found it amazingly cool how the renal vein looks exactly like our diagrams of it and  how everything fits together, how the pancreas is way thinner than we thought and actually does look like a leaf and also we got to see little rat embryos because some people had a pregnant rat. We got a little hack crazy at the end. “Hmm…what haven’t we cut open yet…how about the kidneys?”. Yeah, we totally butchered that kidney. Fortunately, our biology teacher got to the other one before us and cut it open beautifully (it did look pretty in some way…also i would just like to add my biology teacher treats insides like noodles. Its just the way he handles the forceps reminds me of people using chopsticks and it weirded me out).

Anyway. I apologise if that was creepy and disturbing and you lost faith in my movie taste. But that is way better that doing statistics coursework/annotating media texts/iMedia etc.



This is just a quick note to say (note from me of the future reading this thing back…i didn’t realise this would mainly be about Presidents. oh well):

  • Happy Birthday Mr President! Well…Mr Dead…ex-president George Washington. Today is your birthday! And President’s Day and all that. I’m sorry Lincoln got more celebrated because its his 200th and this is your 277thwhich isn’t a nice round number or anything. It sucks even more because today isn’t actually your real birthday (i was shocked when i wikied that 2 seconds ago!). This may come as a surprise to you, but Washington’s birthday is actually February 22nd, we just celebrate it on the third Monday of February which sounds a bit stupid but i guess its so there is a 3 day weekend. Not like i can enjoy it (well…it is half term…and the 22nd is a sunday…). But Happy Birthday anyway- you may not be attractive, but your signature was pretty cool
  • I spent a great deal of last night finding pictures of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. William Whipple- i want to marry you and become Mrs Olivia Whipple and go live in New Hampshire with you and Prince Whipple (who was a slave. shame on you).  But you know…if you want to be a freak and marry your first cousin….
  • Today i went to Hannah’s to watch Casanovayet again (with Tennant! yaaays!) which was fun. As it always is. Fun yet towards the end i get all depressed…yeah…i can link this bullet point to Presidents as well because i gave Hannah a little rant on Lincoln at the train station (i cannot stop thinking about him! him and his lopsided face are haunting me!)
  • Oh, plus on the train to Hannah’s place i was reading some of The Audacity of Hope. He just is the most adorable person ever (…Barackhas become my “He with a capital H”). The writing is excellent and he just seems so…down to earth and everything he says seems really right. Plus its kinda cute when hes writing about the White House because its like “aaaw, past-you didn’t know you were going to end up living there!”
  • I am also becoming more andmore in love with Jonathan Coulton (link to presidents: he has two songs listing them. i am trying to learn the lists. Its slow going so far). He is genius. Leonard Nimoy and Bigfoot having a fling? Giant squid unable to love because he crushes everything? Eating a steak-taste-better pill? Mr Fancy Pants? I love you and i wish we were married. Screw William Whipple! Your name shortens to JoCo which is even cooler! Okay- i don’t really want to marry JoCo, i just want him to play some shows in London (yes, i have used that “Demand Coulton to come to your city!” thing and you saidyou checked the numbers!) and i can go and be all starstruck and buy a t-shirt and stuff andyou seem like the kind of person who does after-showmingling. Please please find this blog somehow andread this far. Because i think your lyrics are amazing (not just the funny stuff, i mean “Drinking with You” and “Big Bar World One” are really sweet) and you look cuddly (i really want a hug now. i had a lot of group hugs earlier today. i miss them. i miss my Casanova people) and you are a nerd icon  who allows lots of free downloading  and you also have a ginger beard. That is just a whole lot of awesome 🙂