I get the feeling I have already written several posts called “aaaarh” all probably for the same reason as right now: I have work to do which I cannot do. I actually have no idea what to write about philosophy and our rights. Most of my notes consist of stick figures yelling stuff like “natural rights?!?! NONSENSE ON STILTS!”, shaking their fists angrily, wigs askew (I’m pretty sure this is all Jeremy Bentham did when he wasn’t working on his “Build a Super-Child!” project with James Mill…looking him up on wikipedia…oh. Apparently he “passed his time at falling unsuccessfully in love with all the ladies of the house, whom he courted with a clumsy jocularity, while playing chess with them or giving them lessons on the harpsichord”. Oh. That would probably be less weird if I wasn’t imagining Bentham’s preserved corpse doing the clumsy courting with the wax head falling off every now and then…). Okay some of my notes still make some sense. For example I know that I drew a picture of Mr Spock to remind myself that seeing as we are not all emotionless logical vulcans (…half-vulcans) we cannot rely on our reason! Apparently this is something conservatives make a point of? Okay I guess I just like drawing Mr Spock. Some of the weird ideas aren’t my fault. I didn’t come up with an analogy which involved having sex on benches (Lucy did and I have no idea what she was talking about. I just know that I now have a drawing of Marx encouraging us all to have sex on benches). I am going to fail philosophy this year but oh well. University shmuniveristy.

The last days of the holiday haven’t been too exciting. On friday I slept over at Jess’ and we watched Sleep Hollow for the millionth time. Only this time: it was in HD. Johnny Depp looks even more ridiculous hot in HD. However, the cast of Bridget Jones just looks plain ridiculous in HD- it looks like some cheap soap opera. We ended up watching Bridget Jones as the only other choices were porn (we did actually watch some Hotel Erotica which – bless its heart – tried to have a plot. We stopped watching when we realised just how weird it was that we were watching porn together and the sleazy music became too awful) and horror movies (not good horror movies mind you but terribly looking sequels).

Then on Saturday I went to a candlelit performance of most of Chopin’s  Nocturnes (and some other stuff) performed by Piers Lane. Piers was really awesome and introduced most of the pieces which made them more interesting. He also wore a fancy dinner jacket teamed with polka-dot socks ^.^

On Sunday I went to visit my brother up in Oxford (or…down in Oxford? Sideways in Oxford? I can’t remember where Oxford is in relation to where I am) on like a family open day at his college. Lady Margaret Hall is really nice and the modern buildings don’t look out-of-place and I’m sure the gardens are lovely in the summer but unfortunately when we were there it was rainy and cloudy. Kind of annoyed to find out my brother’s room is about a gazillion times larger than mine and my parents were all happy and proud of him (and I decided not to mention that my brother was lying to them about what he got up to half of the time. I miss him a surprising amount).

So that brings us up to date and I am going to get some tea and really try to focus because philosophy is not the only work I have been putting off this holiday.


My learning experience

This week i was fortunate enough to go through a new “learning experience”. This was the way my physics teacher describes the act and consequences of ripping up your physics test and walking out of the lesson. True, i have learnt that i need a lot of practice of storming out (i managed to drop my calculator which made the whole thing a lot less impressive) and that i didn’t get punished. The only thing i had to do was explain myself (“like…I’m under so much stress!”) and tape my test back together (this was quite relaxing, but unfortunately i was using shitty tape so it took a while). You may not think ripping up a test is a big deal, but it kinda is at my school because we’re always being told how emotionally mature we are and that we are one of the top schools in the country etc. and we’re a pretty strict all girls grammar school. So some (very nice, wonderful) people have called me a legend and i am Suzie’s hero and people want me to rip more stuff up. I only ripped it up because i hate physics. Oh so much. And i sucked at that test. And i think (judging by what people said) that everyone found it too hard. And it was first week back at school. And the test didn’t matter anyway. But still. It was very fun to have this opportunity to learn.

Anyway i need to wrap up a present (Looking for Alaska by John Green. 🙂 )for Nicole, and go ice skating! I am wearing very thick, sensible socks. They are so comfy.

But before i go: I also experienced the sweet taste of victory! I think i have written before about (according to this rubbish spellcheck, “about” isn’t a real word) this creepy-death’s-accountant guy who takes my bus who walks crazy fast? I managed to beat him home! Finally! Every time i get that bus i am racing him home. Well, he doesn’t know that obviously so it must look a bit weird to passersby to see some guy coolly striding ahead and some teenage girl desperately half-walking, half-running behind him. So hah. In your face bus guy- i beat you by a good amount.

We’re off to see the Caecilius…

Things driving me crazy:

  • Worry. Going to Italy tomorrow on a school trip (hahaha- latin students FTW) and am just freaking out about packing, losing money, passport etc.
  • Okay- i have this person’s voice going round and round my head saying “au chanté!” and i pretty sure it is the way someone has said it in a film whilst kissing some girls hand and it is just DRIVING ME CRAZY BECAUSE IT IS SO SO SO SO  SO SO SO SO SO ANNOYING
  • The young Leonardo diCaprio. Am watching “The Man in the Iron Mask” just because i used to love that film so much, i had forgotten just how evil  Leo’s character is. Though…he also plays the good guy so its kinda confusing
  • At random points throughout the say, my brain will just shout out “OBAMA!”. i keep thinking of him as the president, not just like you know…running for president
  • I bought 3 books today (it was 3 for 2) and then came home and found a book i wanted to read more than the new ones (the books i found was “The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr” by E.T.A Hoffmann, i read some of it and just instantly fell in love)

Things making me happy:

  • When webcomics collide: Indie Pete from Diesel Sweetness dressing up as Dr McNinja for halloween!
  • Obama being all cute on the Ellen show and saying he will make George Clooney his official Ellen Ambassador. Plus they showed the cutest picture of young obama dressed as a pirate!
  • Me and my mother went shopping- i love to go shopping with her. Its not just because it means there is more money to spend. She’s just always so lovely and happy
  • My dog. Aaaaw. Shessocuteandicouldjuststrokeherfurrybellyalldaylong.
  • My cat also. Iloveitwhenshepurrsanditsalllikeaaaawlookitssonicewhenshesappyandnotallickyandstuff
  • Borders. Just wondering around, buying books, whilst The Beatles were playing
  • Going to Italy! Going to see Caecilius’ freakin house! LUCIUS FREAKIN’ CAECILIUS IUCUNDUS! LIKE OMG!

thats right, be jealous.

This Pony is Happy

OKay–this is going to be a short blog. It is late at night, i’ve done no work, im all emotional because i’m a teenage girl who is watching the end part of a greys anatomy episode (you know, the bit where Meredith will tell us what we learnt etc.) which toyed with her (denny! i’m still watching season 2), i’m seeing Rufus Wainwright tomorrow, my birthday is on Thursday, i probably have my french orals tomorrow, i was doing history revision on The Purges and my ipod locked so i had to read about it whilst listening to “Because I got High” by Afroman, my brother is being so sweet to his girlfriend and i’m…i’m in a pretty good mood.

It is always bad to be in a good mood when you are doomed. You hope that in knowing that you could set things right you will do them, but you still don’t. I’m going to go to my room after i write this, lie awake and listen to my radio and daydream or just think about today.


  1. Was Divya’s birthday–I managed to wrangle 3 excellent chocolates out of her
  2. We talked about the existence of God during english and how someone said he is as likely to exist as giant teapot floating in an asteroid belt—it was a good discussion
  3. I read some more of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and decided that marrying rich is not as easy as i thought it would be
  4. My screen is flashing blue. It hurts my eyes.
  5. I had to sit on the end of our physics bench which always puts me in a bad mood so i told Ellen i had rabies. According to Ellen the symptoms of rabies involve your arm feeling tingly
  6. We were doing a practice paper in latin on Pyramus and Thisbe–much jokes about describing “cracks” and how lions just roamed around ancient greece. My latin teacher is back!
  7. I had to use cheap citrus shampoo in my shower. It smells eew, but our chamomile conditioner smells of Christmas tree
  8. I was feeling low when i came home as we had no tea–then my mother came home with a huge box of fair trade PG Tips: 240 bags. Yays!
  9. All of my friends watched this weeks Doctor Who so we had an excellent discussion about it
  10. Today kinda rocked