No school! So surprising I didn’t think it could actually happen so I hurried all the way there to find it shut. Ah well- it was a good thing in the end because I meant I got to hang out in Richmond Park with Fia and (eventually) Jess. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t ideal for snowball fights (I also wasn’t wearing any gloves. I also just have really bad aim).


snow den!

"Hey! We can pretend we made this!"


And afterwards we went and had eggnog lattes (…even though I had already had a gingerbread latte that morning. I don’t even like lattes! *shakes fist at Starbucks*).

Nothing much else has happened apart from Thanksgiving which was spent with my cousins and we played games (with prizes! we now own a singing Elvis stocking. It is so tacky it is amazing) and ate too much. It is weird to think how my cousins live like half an hour away yet I haven’t seen them for a year. Ah well.

Finally finished “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” for book club. Book Club was extremely relaxing as the teacher who runs it wasn’t in so we could just talk about how much we loved it and how we all cried etc. without having to come up with any serious comments (to sum up my feelings: It was amazing but I felt a little disappointed at the ending).

Anyway – too tired to write anything interesting. Hopefully we will be off school tomorrow as well! 4 day weekend!


Snow Day!

Awesome day! My first actual snow day! Whole day off doing jack all. Apart from dancing and playing and fighting in the snow. And watching Hot Fuzz. Then watching Point Break (because they mention it all the time in Hot Fuzz…). Oh my god i love that film. Zomfg Garey Busey (who is simply amazing. and kinda hot. i know that sounds crazy but he is. okay- maybe not. I’m just real tired. ) and John C. McGinley (a.k.a Dr Cox who is most definitely hot. i mean, except when he shaved his head that time. what were you thinking? the boingy curls are fuckin’ A!…which is something i have always wanted to say/type after seeing The Big Lebowski. No idea why. It just seems to go with surfers. rad). Plus, i actually kinda like Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah- i mean apart from at the end where his hair looks awful. And when his voice does that funny thing…i can’t describe it but it kinda makes me laugh and ruins the scene (and god you don’t want those epic scenes ruined).

It kinda sucks that it has stopped snowing. I mean, i think everyone is going a tad crazy. You go on facebook and it is all about the fucking snow man (i should not have watched that film when i was tired. i am going to spend the rest of the week planning bank robberies and wanting to jump out of planes and going to beach parties because i am tired and confuuuused) and pictures of people in the snow and whether or not we get tomorrow off (we do! yays!). It is lovely. Its all quiet and white and snowy. And i made my first snowman! With a top hat and coal buttons and a carrot nose (and…plastic bottle tops for eyes. and a sparkly scarf…). Some jackass knocked it down. Said Jackass could have been the person who built a giant snow penis at the end of the road. Oh well. It’s nice that like only a foot of snow can just stop everything (um…by everything i mean public transport and school. which is…my life basically). I mean- we aren’t prepared for snow. Even a few inches of snow is enough to stop traffic. Heck, heavy rain stops traffic. Okay…everything stops traffic.

Why am i talking about traffic? Oh! Another thing which made the day great was watching this programme we recorded about Darwin presented by David Attenborough. He is the most lovely man alive. He is so adorable and enthusiastic and he get so happy about the world we live in and has done all this amazing stuff in his life. I don’t think anyone could hate him. I mean, people who hate him are like people who hate pie (i ate some meat pie for dinner. rawr): i.e they deserve to be murdered by Lincoln (um…okay that’s like the plot for a few strips of Thinkin’ Lincoln web cartoon…Lincoln is trying to find the person ho hates pie….it turns out it is Ayn Rand…which makes sense in a way…and he kills her. i mean, she comes back to life but the message is clear. like pie or honest Abe will fuck you up).

Speaking of Lincoln- apparently Liam Neeson is going to play him in some 20011 biopic. That’s weird. Because Neeson is English. And Lincoln is from Kentucky (which is probably quite a hard accent to do). And has a beard (ooh- Lincoln without a beard is scary. he looks like some sinister magician. ooh! Lincoln in a fez! that would be cute!). Its soon going to be the 200th anniversary of his birth! Same as Darwin! Isn’t it fun how things link up?

I can’t actually celebrate because February 12th is a Wednesday i believe and i will be at school. But during the half term it would be fun to go check out the Natural History Museum. If anyone i know is reading this (*waves* hi. sorry if you read this far) would you like to come?

Snow! Need I say more?

I just had an awesome awesome snowball fight. It is snowing! For real! I was jealous because everyone on facebook was like “yay snow!” and i thought that it wasn’t snowing where i am…but it is. so much snow i made a snow angel (which i have never done before). It means i haven’t done by biology homework but who honestly cares about whether or not genetic modification is ethically sound when there is fun to be had? I have not had a real snowball fight in ages. Also our snowball fights were always in the garden and so the snow get very muddy and dirty. Our street is closed off due to roadworks so we didn’t have to worry about cars or anything. Very very happy : )

Also happy because i have a packet of mints with Bill Clinton’s face on which says “More Bill- Less Kill”. Mmm. I totally agree (oh speaking of presidents- two of Jonathon Coulton’s songs have lists of all the presidents up to Dubya. i think he should get them up to date! i keep going around going “its Obama day number whatever”. i will continue until i find it too difficult to work out how many days he’s been in office). I also found a 7″ record of “Doctorin’ the TARDIS” by The Timelords in a charity shop in Twickenham (which for some reason reminded me of some kind of post apocalyptic town. not like i have ever been in one…or one exists…but hey. i wrote a poem about it. with green ink. because I’m pretentious cool like that). It actually says under the other information bit “probably the most nauseating record in the world” which made me smile.

Today i went to the Tate Britain to see Flaming June by Frederic Leighton because we have a print of it on our wall and soon it is going back to Puerto Rico. I don’t actually like it so much- maybe because I’m used to the much much smaller version in said room and also because it is kept in this hideously over the top frame which i personally think doesn’t go to well with the whole peaceful sleep thing which the painting has going on. Also at the Tate Britain is The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon by Edward Burne-Jones- which is pretty awesome even if it is unfinished (not like you can really tell- the dude did spend like 18 years working on it. its stuff like the harp not having any strings and little details which weren’t finished). That is also going back to Puerto Rico soon. To the Ponce Museum of Art (jeez i would be kind upset is i spent the last years of my life getting obsessed by this painting only to have it go to Puerto Rico- i mean would people even get the whole King Arthur thing? If not we could just screen Merlin with Sam Neill in it. I loved that. i love Sam Neill. I love everybody tonight. )

The Good, The Bad, The Kinda Hot

I didn’t manage to get the rake into school. However being one half of American Gothic kicked ass, even though no one could recognise it until I said “you remember the opening of Desperate Housewives…yeah”. I feel guilty for criticising art week, I did enjoy dressing up. Yet hardly anyone at school did which did make it kinda sucky.

You know what else sucks? Orthodonistry and global warming. I have six weeks until my braces come off (hopefully). This means my braces have been uber tightened and I can’t eat or brush my teeth properly because it hurts so much, even though this happened like 3 days ago. Global warming sucks for obvious reasons. I have been going through the newspaper and seeing all this stuff about biofuels, I have taken to cutting out environmental articles to put in a scrapbook. Also sometimes stuff which amuses me, like miniature mammoth remains 🙂 they so cute.

Now what doesn’t suck: soup, facebook, youtube, snow and sleepovers. Soup I have already mentioned in previous blogs. Boy do I love my soup (did I just say “boy”? it seems to work, but then again so doesn’t). Facebook rocks as I have managed to save 3 square feet of rainforest without even spending money. If you do have facebook I urge you to add the Lil’ Green Patch application.

 Facebook also rocks because I like joining lots of random groups, its like “yes! I did use to hide in the clothing racks when my mother was shopping!!!”, “wow! I also would prefer to get jiggy with Julian Barrett than Noel Fielding!”…so on and so forth (I like saying get jiggy, it reminds me of jelly).

Youtube satisfies my addiction for certain songs I just want to listen to repeatedly. These are: If You can’t give me Love by Suzi Quatro, Disco 200 by Pulp and What’s My Age Again? by Blink 182 (just me or is the Mark Hoppus so hot in that video!?). I have spent most of the morning bouncing around singing those songs. I have a particular fondness for this Harry Potter fan video of If you Cant Give me Love where it has all these clips of Ginny and Draco (it’s by MrsSiriusSnape, which I approve of because I have a crush on Alan Rickman). Makes me smile.

It totally snowed this morning! Fucking love snow! It disappeared during the afternoon and I didn’t get to have a snowball fight or anything, but it was still pretty awesome. This is the weather I like! Sunny and not too warm then random snow. Yays for England’s changeable weather, which I know all about because I am a geography student. Well, my friends highly doubt my geography skills and I still can’t describe the various stages of a depression (otherwise known as a cyclone, but that gets confusing) but still!

I had a sleepover as it was end of term and I have a beautiful two weeks off and my parents will be working for most of it. This is rare because my parents both work at schools (English teacher, librarian. we’re all kinda book-centric) so we usually have the same holidays. Zoë and Imogen came round and we played around with my eightball (if you guys are reading this: remind me to bring into chemistry for jokes), went for a walk and ate chips with garlic mayo in the children’s playground in the park, made popcorn, watched Donnie Darko (summary of my thoughts on film: its cool, Darko’s hot, I’m afraid of bunny rabbits, guys look good with bullets in their eyes), then made pancakes for breakfast. Note to self: You can’t make pancakes, what were you thinking!?