Sorry, I made it seem like I might update regularly then didn’t. Here is a run-down of stuff:

I did nothing for Bonfire Night. I did end up reading Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea but that doesn’t relate to fireworks at all. I am disappointed in you Hemingway. Hopefully your other works will turn out to be more fireworks and less fish. (if you want to know I quite liked it but I don’t understand why people rave about it so much.  However, this could be because I was reading it at 3am and just wanted to sleep)

Speaking of books: I finished reading Crevel’s My Body and I (my copy is very square. It doesn’t look right amongst my other books). I like Crevel, he seems less annoying than the other surrealists (I am looking at you Breton). I have also started reading (well. I’m around 3/4 through now because it is wonderful) Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for my school’s book club. I think I prefer Everything is Illuminated but this novel still overwhelms me at times and makes me act all awkward and makes me want to cry.

I went with m father to see an amateur production of the first part of Kushner’s Angels in America. It started off shakily but everyone soon warmed up and some scenes were done exceptionally well so we were pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. I watched some of the HBO production (which I was too young to watch first time around) and that is amazing (Al Pacino is perfect) but I think I preferred seeing it at the Lyric when I was about 14 (now my dad knows more about the play he thinks that taking me so young was probably a mistake). On stage it seems more surreal, whereas on film the hallucinations etc. seem less surreal and more OTT.

Yesterday Imogen and I went to see Harry Potter! I think this is probably my favourite of the films. I, along with everyone else, was crying at Dobby’s death (surely I don’t need to mark spoilers for anything Harry Potter related?). Our school had a mufti day and quite a few people were dressed with a Potter theme. Imogen also drew me on a scar and some glasses- which I wasn’t able to wash off before going to the gym .

School has been a bit of a drag recently. Everyone is stressing out (UCAS! retakes! life!) and feeling down. I felt very relieved when I received two university offers but I am now feeling worse because obviously I am going to fail my retakes and my final exams so I can’t go to university and if I don’t go to university I will obviously end up living a horrible life filled with disappointments. My lessons all seem extremely boring- which is fair enough when we are studying things like how to build ancient greek temples, but not so much when we are looking at the Rape of the Lock which I actually like. I have joined our Amnesty International Club which is always good fun- whether or not we stay on topic which we generally do not do. Last session hardly anyone turned up so it turned into a “lets share gossip and bitch about people” club, and the week before that it went like: lets talk about a serious issue–we all agree this is wrong—Hannah! explain the economy!–lets talk about american politics—hah, Christine O’Donnell doesn’t believe in masturbation (…this sidetrack may have been my fault)—omigod twilight sucks. So yeah. Pretty fun. Plus none of my main friendship group are actively attending (Jess has shown up twice without meaning to and Imogen once) so I get to catch up with Hannah (who is no longer in my philosophy class) and Isabel (who used to be in my form) and Taif (who owns a leopard print hat. Yes, this is all I am going to say about Taif because otherwise I would have to go into the long list of reasons why she is awesome). I also attend choir (at my father’s request) which is…less fun…but still okay. And there is always the Thursday Period 4 Rave-Up to look forward to (which isn’t a rave, but there are generally  cheese savouries  and popcorn so really who cares?).

So I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about how things suck but ah well.


Just some work avoidance

Again just posting blogs randomly instead of working!

This time: I’m avoiding English! Who knows what I will be avoiding next? (probably more english actually but for my other teacher) (oh i also have some work for general studies but who on earth cares about that)

I have instead spent most of the evening making cups of tea and watching Richard III. I just finished reading Richard III so this meant my dad had to go get 2 film versions of it and get me some helpful biographies. There is too much Richard in my life. (not like I mind, but now all my thoughts are being spoken by Laurence Olivier being Richard. Not good. So not good). Speaking of the film: it is annoying because they mix up scenes, the actress who plays Anne is terrible (though I was distracted during her scenes by my mother yelling “Killlllll hiiiiim Anne! Killll hiiim noooow!”) and they add in extra lines but I can forgive them because sometimes stuff needs more explaining (especially when everyone has the same name and sometimes gets referred to by title or name randomly) and also because who really cares about accuracy when Laurence Olivier is sporting some really bitchin’ hats. (here is a comic about Richard III! I love Kate Beaton’s stuff. She is the only reason I know anything about Canada)

Anyway- I finished reading a Streetcar Named Desire today. It feels too short! I also just feel annoyed at it in general because today in class we did a little brainstorm about the verb “flirt”. Seriously. AS Level English. “To flirt”-Is Blanche flirting? What does flirting really involve? Would you say flirting requires confidence?  (my notes on this just read “woe is me”). I much preferred drawing sketches of Trimalchio’s tomb in Class Civ. Trimalchio’s (hypothetical) tomb is so crazy what with its massive size, sundial (“ahah! so everyone who needs to know the time must read my name!”- that is actually just…horribly pathetic), freedman constantly on guard and the pictures of men scattering money and boys crying over broken vases.

Anyway. Tomorrow my main task is to buy milk! Exciting.

It has numbers! It must make sense!

Gosh (i’m pretty sure i never say gosh in the real world…) I am sorry for not updating. I will do things with numbers so I feel more organised.

  1. I have now been back at school for over a week and it is all a bit crazy and ridiculous and we can wear our own clothes (this makes Suga even more adorable *hug*) and drink tea (much thanks to Imogen for being the provider of the milk) and hang out in the 6th form centre. We also had some injections (you know, just randomly). Yaaaay.
  2. I take History: the side effects of this include making rhymes about Richard III being a mound of cheese (because he was the Duke of Gloucester) (…I quite like Richard III which makes me feel guilty) and frantically writing things like “Edward III had four sons! Hive five!” or “they believed in Jewspiracies!” (a fun word which saves time when note writing about nationalists) (ooh plus when you spell check it it asks if you meant “Jew Piracies” which is a fun idea!) and illustrating everything with stick figures (really fun when they have crazy 19th century facial hair) which is why i should never be allowed to make my own notes. Actually I should not be allowed to do most things. Last friday we had history in an IT room so me and Emily (a new girl to the school in all my lessons: we have been bonding) spent most of history on wikipedia playing a game where if you got a person when you clicked for a random article they became your spouse (I got a Duke and a God of Thunder! She got several women and sports teams).
  3. I take English: currently studying “A Streetcar Named Desire” (my notes on this include “Marlon Brando-FIT”) and “The Reader”. Not entirely enjoying my english lessons as I don’t feel entirely in tune with my teachers (one is new, the other is so lovely as a person but i cannot stand her teaching) so this is bad 😦
  4. I have Classical Civilization as comic relief though! This is good! (what isn’t good? sitting near the one person who doesn’t get any of the sexual innuendo) (this reminds me: must read the Satyricon)
  5. Probably my favourite lesson: Philosophy. Adorable teacher and a wonderful class. However I am currently writing this to avoid doing my homework for it due in tomorrow. I am screwed.
  6. Zoe’s birthday was on Monday! She is 17! This is insane!
  7. Also on Monday: went to the Globe to see As You Like It which I thought was really good (also it had Jamie Parker in it, who plays Scripps in the history boys) and i managed to get reasonably close to the stage (forgot my glasses like an idiot).
  8. Also on Monday (according to wikipedia anyways): Patrick Swayze died! This means at some point we are going to have to have a Dirty Dancing evening! Like we needed an excuse. (i don’t care if it is ridiculous. It is great. Plus it reminds me of how last year on the school italy trip a bunch of us would crowd into a small hotel room to watch it on someones portable dvd player. Ridiculously girly yet fun times)
  9. I have banana read and bits of a cookie! Yay! (okay i know i had more things to write about…)
  10. Tookey! That’s it. On saturday I went back to Tookey’s house (but not before buying some bitchin’ Wonderwomen underwear) and went out to a great Nepalese place  to celebrate her birthday with her family (and her sister’s boyfriend. He makes good paper planes and swishes his wine around before he drinks it like a proper person). We watched most of 30 Rock season 2 on her projector screen in the attic (!!! Everything is so much better on a projector. It even makes Alec Baldwin seem sexy)

10? Ten is a good number for now.

Oh right.

Oh, I just realised i haven’t updated this in a while. I’m back in England now (yay. i guess) working on a timeline of Hitler’s life and ideas (I only just realised how weird it is to do this whilst listening to the Silver Jews). America seems like it was ages ago and possibly never ever happened. The last evening was a bit weird…watching the last episode of Prime Suspect with my grandparents…turning it off to discover that Ted Kennedy had died (I went to go give my condolences to the picture of Bobby Kennedy we have. Which might seem a bit strange, but it just seemed the right thing to do)…ridiculously long flight home…(finished reading The Book Thief on the flight instead of sleeping). Since being back I have randomly met up with Tookey and Imogen and we also had a leaving party for Hannah (she is going to another school for sixth form which she is apparently enjoying. Which I guess is a good thing really…) which was rather lovely and we ate ridiculous scones and sat around not taking off our shoes (as opposed to the wild taking off of shoes which happens at other parties) because there could be sneaky shards of glass laying around due to the broken skylight (Hannah’s mother had to get some stitches in her nose, so *sends warm fuzzies*).

To try and get my sleeping pattern back to normal I stayed up all night watching The Prince and Me 2 (hilarious), Labyrinth and The Princess Bride (including all of the special features. Andre! So adorable! Plus it is pretty awesome that Samuel Beckett used to drive him to school).

Yesterday was the first day of school. Not like the first real day, just that boring day where you do all the administrative work and you get given booklets and letters (yays for injections against cervical cancer! Well. The injections are a good thing. People completely overreacting to having them is a bad thing) and have your ears broken by the fire drill (which sometimes sounds exactly like evil spirits screaming at you that they will get their revenge. or…not). I get to wear my own clothes and use the 6th form centre which is rather unsettling (especially because all the people in upper 6th kind of want to kill everyone in lower 6th). I’ve also switched from doing biology to philosophy.

Sorry, this blog seems unreasonably sad. I blame David Berman’s lyrics (funnily enough, “Honk if You’re Lonely Tonight” cheers me up. Awesome). And the weather. And probably having to read Mein Kampf at some point. (it could also be that a recurring theme for the people in my head right now is kidnapping.  And giant mechanical spiders. Filled with live spiders. I’m not really sure where that is going). Gosh even listening to Fuck Tha Police isn’t improving my mood. I think I might get some tea.

Half Term is here!

It has been an eventful week. Which kinda sucks because whenever i write about actual events it comes out all dull and like i am writing my french oral answers (stuff like “i hate physics because it is rubbish because my teacher is boring”. which is true, but no interesting….maybe i just suck at writing things in french) or kind of like the extremely annoying narration of Vicky Christina Barcelona. What was Woody Allen thinking? The only good thing in that film was Penelope Cruz, the rest was all cliched (though i must admit i love the line “but…what was your language teacher doing with a gun?”) and the narration just made it worse (“and they listened to guitar music which never failed to move Vicky in some way…”. great. awesome). But what actually made it suck was the ending. Oh, that and the fact Javier Bardem does not look hot in this film. That could just be me…i think i preferred him in No Country for Old Men when he was a crazy hitman with a bad haircut. Anyway. I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona yesterday with Nicole and Ellen and now kinda want to go to Barcelona because you know…it did look amazing. (I also watched Annie Hall for the first time this week which was good but i did not want to have to think about Woody Allen having sex. He just looks so squirmy. Like a randy eel with giant glasses)

I also went to go see The Picture of Dorian Gray. Just like a simple school production but i was pretty good and the director (who was like in lower 6th) had adapted the book into a script by herself. Lord Henry is pretty cool. Plus the guy who played him put on an awesome limp. I will keep you updated if i see any more awesome limps over half term. Because yes, it is now half term!

But before half term could happen it was….School Birthday. My school is now 129 years old! Which is older than Piedmont, California (ha ha! this is not wikipedia knowledge! this is just…completely useless stuff i know. because i know Piedmont celebrated its 100th anniversary last time i went to California in 2007 and i find this hilarious because everything in the UK is so much older). And we celebrate by doing various challenges and getting points and the best teams from each house go through challenges in front of the whole school, two teams get dropped, then the final competition is always a dance off (this year to Just Dance by Lady GaGa). At least i now know i suck at Wii Tennis (i have never played on a Wii before….it kinda sucked). Ooh, we also had a formal assembly (it has to be formal because the Governers are there and we need to impress them) which was livened up by the science department (well, the biology people). Each year a different department does a section for the school assembly and this year it was biology because of Darwin’s 200th birthday.

OKay, let us take a little time out to do a happy birthday dance to Darwin AND Lincoln. Jeez biology department! You could have livened up some of it by talking of what kind of uber-dude would have been created if Darwin and Lincoln had hooked up and had kids. If that was you know…possible. Yeah, maybe if their children had hooked up and had kids…but they both had sickly kids (oh, well Robert Todd Lincoln survived to 82. but he was ugly so it doesn’t count as a spermtacular success). Honestly. Lincoln and Darwin and their faulty sperm. (well, in Darwin’s case more: you and your falling in love with your freakin’ cousin. I’m sure your sperm was awesome really)

Anyway….when i stop thinking about famous men and their sperm (ooh, did anyone see that interview with Clint Eastwood in the Guardian? he does have rather lovely green eyes. but anyway. sorry- i have been debating with myself about whether or not Clint is hot. because i think he is. then again he is 80. so no. no he isn’t….i just found some pictures of him and Sean Penn at some award ceremony *bangs head against desk*. Anyway, i will have to settle for young Clint Eastwood. but that means another thing on my “Things to do when Time Travel is possible” list which is getting very long. I think the list started in Year 8 DT lessons, when we agreed we should find a way to go back in time so we could see what a young Harrison Ford would look like in spandex).

But really back on subject- i will never forget watching my biology teacher and chemistry teacher pretend to pick lice off each other (head lice and clothes lice if you want to know. they were talking about using lice to determine when man became civilised which we can somehow tell through the development of lice. which is weird but also kinda cool). I think half the school was probably thinking “wow, i wish i could pick lice off the shirt of that chemistry teacher” which is just…wrong. But did get me wondering if people have had that kind of thought before. Like ages ago. “Wow, he is just so lovely i wish i could pick off all his lice just to be near him”. It seems like the kind of weird thought a girl might have. Especially on days like today, Valentine’s day. When we are meant to think about the person we love and what to do things for them to make them happy. If i had lice, i would want to know someone loved me enough to pick off all my lice. I think i will put that on a valentines card- “Dearest, please say you will be mine and i will pick off all your lice. Love, your secret admirer”. Happy Valentine’s Day.

My learning experience

This week i was fortunate enough to go through a new “learning experience”. This was the way my physics teacher describes the act and consequences of ripping up your physics test and walking out of the lesson. True, i have learnt that i need a lot of practice of storming out (i managed to drop my calculator which made the whole thing a lot less impressive) and that i didn’t get punished. The only thing i had to do was explain myself (“like…I’m under so much stress!”) and tape my test back together (this was quite relaxing, but unfortunately i was using shitty tape so it took a while). You may not think ripping up a test is a big deal, but it kinda is at my school because we’re always being told how emotionally mature we are and that we are one of the top schools in the country etc. and we’re a pretty strict all girls grammar school. So some (very nice, wonderful) people have called me a legend and i am Suzie’s hero and people want me to rip more stuff up. I only ripped it up because i hate physics. Oh so much. And i sucked at that test. And i think (judging by what people said) that everyone found it too hard. And it was first week back at school. And the test didn’t matter anyway. But still. It was very fun to have this opportunity to learn.

Anyway i need to wrap up a present (Looking for Alaska by John Green. 🙂 )for Nicole, and go ice skating! I am wearing very thick, sensible socks. They are so comfy.

But before i go: I also experienced the sweet taste of victory! I think i have written before about (according to this rubbish spellcheck, “about” isn’t a real word) this creepy-death’s-accountant guy who takes my bus who walks crazy fast? I managed to beat him home! Finally! Every time i get that bus i am racing him home. Well, he doesn’t know that obviously so it must look a bit weird to passersby to see some guy coolly striding ahead and some teenage girl desperately half-walking, half-running behind him. So hah. In your face bus guy- i beat you by a good amount.

Blood Spattered Booty and Boring Stuff

Ooh wow. I was going to write about Oedipus but i got distracted by the big red button which says “add poll”…oh i am so using that at some point.

Anyway.  My darling Ralph Fiennes and his mother-fucking ways. I didn’t really enjoy the play too much. I know i am not really qualified to talk buuuut: i found the translation dull, sometimes the chorus things didn’t work (“plot…plot…RANDOM SINGING!!!!!….plot), i didn’t really feel emotionally involved(hahahaha, me using that phrase) with the characters and overall i just think the play should have more about what happens when he gets exiled otherwise the whole play is Oedipus finding out the truth which everyone in the theatre already knew. It wasn’t like a great surprise. Sometimes, even if you know what is going to happen, you can enjoy watching a mystery play. For example, i have watched Spellbound a gazillion times and still love it. But no. with Oedipus it was just dull. However, i didn’t mind so much as, even though i was literally in the back row, i could stare at Ralph Fienne’s booty. And his booty covered in blood, which actually made him look even hotter (yes, i know that sounds psychotic)

No booty covered in blood tonight at my 6th Form information talk at school. i have three pages of pretty useless notes, some of which i will share with you:

  • Time speeds up! arrh!
  • Biology teacher-wearing stupid shoes. and cuff links (oooh)
  • Study! Private study! Study Periods FTW! for the win AND for the work!
  • why is music teacher so busy? he isn’t important at all
  • Should i write notes on Cambridge Pre-U? hmm…no.
  • I swear deputy head is the only one paying attention…wait, no…maybe headteacher is…?
  • biology teacher is twirling his foot and looking at it like “ooh-its my foot! going round and round!”…”ooh-look at my nails! growing oh so fast!” dont blame him i am immensely bored. As are the rest of the staff. “yay-i get to stand up and be useful! fwah- i am a livvis-biology-teacher! Head of sixth form!” wow hes like the batman of TGS only with a bike. A batmobike. A bikemobile. Because he caresabout the environment. He could be a superhero, he does wear Lycra
  • Okay batman is an interview chat show host who occasionally dissects stuff! that would be an awesome show!
  • Must stop writing about batman, concentrate on talking. But the writer of the batman themetune just died!
  • Baaa…Baaa [note: this was written after imogen sent me a note saying “pastoral care” made us sound like sheep]
  • And i quote “i just had to go there!!!”

So yes.  That was my evening. By the way- finished Everything is Illuminated. Oh. My. God. Possibly my favourite book ever. Am now reading The General in His Labyrinth by G.G Márquez which i didn’t really like a first but soon got into it. Simon Bolivar is now like my favourite fictional but non-fictional character.

I did promise. Have a poll. Will do something cooler soon. But for now this will have to do:

Late Night Whining

Things making Olivia post a blog after midnight:

  • Tea. Damn me and my addiction to this wonderful brew.
  • Work: maths, french and geography. I can’t do the harder algebraic fraction equations! i just want to pretend my french lessons don’t exist, geography…well there is always geography. It is mainly the french. Before every french lesson this year i have gone through some extreme options of how to get out of it (but i am too much of a wuss to do anything)
  • John Singer- i just started reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers and Singer is a deaf-mute. I was sat on the bus earlier, really tired, trying to imagine on being a deaf-mute in a small town somewhere in Southern USA in the 1930s. Ended up being all dreamy and lethargic, was forced to snap out of it due to loud conversations of the bus people
  • ..You have no idea how tempting it is to write like a wiki article about “The Bus People”…a bunch of restless nomads, very loud and slow moving….
  • I am getting rather home-sick for non-home. The imaginary me in my head is currently holidaying in my grandparents house in Sacramento…i had no idea how much i miss that house. I don’t really look forward to going there all that much (heat, relatives, old family friends, not like i get to do typical holiday things, not much to do in Sacramento…) but i just found myself missing it. and the deep carpets in the living room. Its not a friendly feeling living room, but is sure as hell nice to sink into that squishy blue carpet.
  • If the people in my head are happy it means i soon have to force them into an unpleasant situation because it would be too boring if the people in my head were always happy.
  • This is a basic outline of what my teacher said in biology today: “…photosynthesis…carbon dioxise…glucose…photosynthesis…blah…repeating the obvious…optimising photosynthesis to grow max amount of food for max profit…blah…OMG POST-APOCALYPTIC CANNIBALISM+REFERENCE TO A MEL GIBSON MOVIE AND OH MY GOD ALL THESE HORRIBLE THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN DURING OUR LIFETIMES…must stop smiling about cannibalism….photosynthesis…blah…” i was quite glad he mentioned the doom and gloom actually, it keeps things interesting
  • Though it did make me think “mmm…eating my own ninja children”, probably as a direct result of having a crush on the web comic character Dr McNinja (i know that is so amazingly nerdy, but come on! He is a doctor AND a ninja with irish heritage!)
  • I am getting obsessive with various web comics, forcing myself to read all the thousands of archive comics. Okay, i only do this and keep up with: Dr McNinja, Exiern (not entirely sure why, its target audience is “guys who like obscenely huge breasted women with swords”), Sequential Art, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (which is genius), Diesel Sweetness and although they don’t get updated that often: See Mike Draw, The Rut, Pencils at Dawn and Urf (See Mike Draw and The Rut create Urf together and Pencils at Dawn is there comic competition…like a comic-off or something).
  • I might have to do a guitar shoooow (i know i complained about this before, but im a really whiney person)
  • My back aches. This is all my fault, i am slumping and i chose a chair with no back support…


I need sleep. I can always complain later.

Back to School

First day back at school. We basically did nothing except a few pieces of admin stuff and got told not to ever ever  ever  (i love playing with text effects) touch the glass on the windows because my form lives in the old building of the school (as opposed to the new building which has windows which open when there’s too much carbon dioxide in the room or whatever) and therefore the glass will break. And that is it we are dead. The few precious days before school were spent with friends, mainly talking about newly adopted hairstyles (i know i know) and bitching over hot beverages. I also received a piggy bank which is in the shape of a bomb as a happy and entirely appropriate gift from Ellen. It is a laughing bomb. In fact it is laughing so much it has big ceramic tears in its eyes. This is probably because it is thinking of living up to what is written on it, i.e “the next time i see you i shall kill you”, and it is laughing at my scared face when i wake up in the morning and see it on my desk and suddenly wonder if maybe Ellen would kill me for a joke.

I am not feeling in the best of moods having just watched The Painted Veil, a thoroughly depressing and at times disturbing book, but just about tolerable as a film because Edward Norton is damn fine. However, they sentimentalise it a lot which is vaguely confusing, just like the weird flashback opening which is completely unnecessary. Far too many flashbacks. That is what you get for not sticking true to the book. The soundtrack was incredibly good but i mistakenly thought it was all actually famous (the only non-original music is the Gnossienne no.1 by Satie which is eery and haunting so why would they play it at a party?). The problem with Edward Norton is that they didn’t make him nearly creepy enough (that and the quite high pitched english accent, though that was slightly endearing really) and Naomi Watts…i don’t have a problem with her i just hate her character Kitty because she is such an idiot (though more annoying in the book because you aren’t distracted by how cute Norton is and the film doesn’t show just how much she secretly hates the chinese orphans she looks after).

Also depressing:

  • Sucking at guitar (lessons start again tomorrow)
  • Geography coursework (i want to do good i really do)
  • Caring a lot about Sarah Palin, there is a burning hatred which means i keep wanting to hand out pamphlets about how much she sucks and sit in Starbucks self-righteously reading books with titles like “Normal Hockey Mom? Yeah Right”
  • Not having enough time for anything (my own fault really, i can’t organise or motivate myself)
  • Not liking Hannah’s alter-ego. Hannah with straight hair has a new bitchy personality.I don’t mean she really is bitchy, but looks like she should be. So she is now Tiffany Isabel Locklear Walsingham- a rich aristocrat with an art studio and a canadian hockey player boyfriend called Marcus.
  • Guy-with-a-beard-in-Waterstones thinks me, Hannah and Ellen are extremely weird. So did everyone else in Waterstones. And every other place we went to. Jess, who accompanied us, would be spinning in her grave if she was actually dead.
  • I went on a long rant about cutting off peoples hands today, Divya just accepts this as me being me (i have small hands okay?) however someone else was listening in on our conversation and obviously thinks im crazy even though as far as i am concerned wanting to cut off someones hands and preserving them is a compliment

A Sentence of Sorts

Monday: Sport’s Day. joke. I did not participate in any events and spent the time eating cakes at laughing at the contestants and the way my teachers look in casual/sports wear. Highlight of monday was probably eating at Wagamamas, where i conquered chopsticks! I did not use my fork! Not once! But i still fail at eating with chopsticks. Then Guitar Heroing, which i have never played before and yeah, kinda fail at. But i now semi-understand why people get addicted. So you can complete a song and the thing goes “You ROCK!” with loads of flashing light things.

Today: The Thorpe Park Experience= walking walking walking queuing omg this goes on forever and why are the queues so twisty and bendy oh here we go riding a ride oh shit i am so scared gonna die! DIE! am i even sitting on anything? aren’t these straps meant to be holding me in place? huh. not dead. walking walking etc.

It was an end of school treat. Also the reason the writing is a tad funny is because i am dead tired for some reason. I have taken to randomly trawling the Internet- especially because it is awesome. I have also discovered that some people, somewhere, are translating the Bible into lolspeak. I tried reading some of the New Testament (because the Old one is crazy enough as it is). I am liking the description of King Herod the noob king rockin’ the casbah and being afraid Jebus is going to be steelin his gloriez and his cookiez. I am wondering what people think of Luke saying “was ver sad, I creid :(” about Jesus dying on the cross. Same for people paying money to reserve a place in heaven or hell if you so prefer.