Daunting Task!

I haven’t updated in over a month. I am scared to start writing again (because I’m lazy. not because I have anything scary to write). Lots of wonderful things have happened!

  • Greece! I went on a school trip to Greece and saw pretty much everything…unfortunately it is a little fuzzy in my head (school trips never feel real when you get back). It was an odd week getting stuck on top of the Acropolis during a mad thunderstorm, racing at Olympia, running around museums at night taking guerilla photographs (you aren’t allowed to pose with the statues so to get a cool photo you have to get creative), going to the Oracle at Delphi (so awesome up in the mountains), adventuring beneath the city of Mycenae, singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at Epidaurus and nearly killing Zoe (we shared a room. that is reason enough). I know that there is a lot to question in this paragraph but if you are reading this you were either on the trip or I have babbled at you about it. Or if you don’t fit into those categories you can just string it all together how you want (you should add in some lasers. The trip needed some more lasers)
  • Tookey and I saw Jonathan Coulton. I’m not sure how I can edit that sentence to show you my excitement. I SAW JONATHAN COULTON!   You know how it is- he is my favourite singer and I love him to pieces and it was the most awesome evening ever. (…it has been like three weeks and I am still hyper). I was also properly introduced to the music of Paul and Storm who were wonderfully funny and as soon as they finished their set me and Tookey looked at each other and started arguing about who was going to get up and buy their CDs (I went in the end). Aaarh and Jonathan was amazing and funny and he played some songs I didn’t know all that well (as well as cover versions of Birdhouse in your Soul by TMBG and Up the Junction by Squeeze- which made me excited) (oh! you can see the set list for the gig here! how cool is that?) and I didn’t mind that he rickrolled us during Mr Fancy Pants. Afterwards he stayed behind and so I got to meet him and I totally didn’t act like a creepy fangirl or anything (go me!):

a photo my dad thinks is creepy

This photo makes me so ridiculously happy

And I also met Paul and Storm (they were really excited about Tookey’s name. They were even more excited when she said they could call her “Tookles”):  

My dad probably finds this one creepier

Hell yeah Paul is wearing a Captain Hammer shirt!

And speaking of Captain Hammer: whilst waiting in line for these photos I was singing songs from Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog with the guys behind me (one of them was being Moist in their university’s production! I hope it went well!). Tookey gave me a look for singing with strangers. But everyone there was just so nice! The atmosphere was fantastic! Hanging around with fellow nerds who wave macbooks instead of lighters (I also saw a companion cube when Jonathan sang “Still Alive”) and joining in whole-heartedly whether we were pretending to be pirates or zombies (I recently listened to the latter in french. I am just waiting for someone to write a musical of the french revolution with zombies so this song can get the recognition it deserves) (…it would work! We just need to get Kate Beaton onto this!)

ANYWAY. I’m sorry. That was a lot of rambling about JoCo. I also…went to my schools christmas fair…yay…(ooh actually that is a yay! they sold glittery rice krispy square things!) and got swine flu! I also became vaguely addicted to twitter (not updating it- just seeing what everyone else is doing) and MLIA.Hopefully interesting things will happen in the future: I might be going to see New Moon with Imogen (it depends if we can find some wizard robes and hufflepuff scarves in time. We aren’t going there to swoon over werewolf abs!) and I need to catch up on all the gossip and fling myself into trying to become philosopher of the week (never going to happen but I have my Aristotle bookmark to keep me company). Oh- I also read ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ which I thought was pretty awesome (I kinda love Harding despite everything. It is because Kesey always goes on about how lovely his hands are!) but now I am reading ‘The Graveyard Book’ so I can understand why the internet seems to have a massive crush on him (looking through his website I can kinda understand- he seems adorable) (though he would be more adorable if he had a giant squirrel tail).

OH: I just remembered! Doctor Who! It has been so long since I have needed to say anything about it. I went over to Hannah’s house to watch it and meet all her shiny new friends (who were lovely and insane and one of the girls was wearing Hammer Pants) which was fun. It was a really depressing episode (with random bits which weren’t meant to be funny. Like slow-motion ceiling watching and the whole “LOOK AN OOOOOOOOD!” moment) and I cannot wait until the Christmas special. The Master is coming back! (…though why is he blonde? Do all evil villains go through a blonde phase?)


Swanage 08 and some um yeah thoughts

Swanage: Rocked. It was surprisingly sunny (i actually got sun burnt and looked at bit stupid) and i forgot that places in England could actually be insanely beautiful. The soundtrack for the start of the journey was supplied by Imogen, so it was wizard wrock christmas songs. Which was pretty awesome. I hated the walking. It wasn’t a very long walk (around 2 hours?) but the heat made us all a bit suicidal and start wishing we could jump off the cliff into the sea and damn the consequences. I wished we could have stayed up on the cliff next to Old Harry’s Rocks for longer, it was so nice just to be up there reading.

Swanage itself: If you ever go there, go into a shop called La Tienda. Try on all the hats and take photos. 😛 also try Fortes Ice Cream. Its standard taste wise, but it has a dinosaur logo (!!!!!).

uber cool ice cream

uber cool ice cream

I also became slightly obsessed with counting all telephone boxes. There were i believe 7 “real” ones (i.e proper red boxes), 1 fake one (not red! modern!) and 1 miniature one (i believe it was a moneybox).

We also went bowling! They played us a song (Low by Flo Rida. oh yes, I got low. until i got low onto a bench). I didn’t win but it was just so fun to be out and bowling. Also only two close friends were on the trip, so i got to know some people better. Everyone in my bedroom (we had the biggest and the nicest bedroom luckily) was amazingly nice and we had a great bonding session with our midnight-ish feast.

Anyhow. This week has been a bit mneh. Pretended to be ill (well, i have a cold…) to get off school to do geography coursework- actual went insane whilst drawing in a chloropleth map and listening to M.I.A on repeat. I missed my practice biology ISA (well okay that isn’t that important but still). I finished The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and im now just confused and depressed (which is how everyone in the book is feeling at the end). History was fun though- today we were arguing about the prohibition and my team had to argue the case for prohibition and we ended up saying that encouraging organised crime was a good thing because Al Capone spent $30,000 on a soup kitchen which was more than what the government was doing for the people. So in your face people against gangsters!

My pterodactyl impression makes me put on an irish accent. I hate Britney’s new song. The people in my head have been in a taxi for hours now because i can’t find the time to get them to their destination and so they’re freaking out. Real life people have been acting like their imaginary counterparts which makes me upset and confused because this could get my hopes up only to be brutally crushed. I still haven’t read Deathly Hallows. I wish i could wear sunglasses more often without feeling ridiculous. I have a poster on my wall of a Toulous-Lautrec painting of a prostitute pulling on her stocking and i’m wondering if i should take it down. I don’t think i’m in anyone else’s facebook picture albums of swanage and its pathetic for me to worry about that. I actually didn’t feel like dying in french today. I ought to stop typing nervously. Yeah.