Study Leave

So its Wednesday. My one day this week free from exams. I meant to revise way earlier as i still have a lot  to learn. However, i am in here typing and not even having an enjoyable time because i don’t want to go into the room where i put down my revision materials because i got freaked out by the garage door swinging open randomly and so am now just wasting my time. I hate the garage. For the past eight years i have been convinced someone lives in there. Just some random guy, who is obviously out to ‘get me’, who lives behind the ping pong table(so you wouldn’t be able to see him when you entered). I know this isn’t true, but i still try and convince him he can come out or just help himself to the food in the fridge anytime he likes. I know that has to be the worst excuse for not revising ever, but i am still going to blame any failures on him.

So instead of revising i am watching greys anatomy, very quietly so as not to wake my brother. He has been asleep since our grandparents left to fly home to Sacramento at 9am. If he wasn’t here i would be watching Casablanca, i’ve watched that film a gazillion times yet i did not remember the name of Ingrid Bergman’s character (its Ilsa, my video box said it was Lisa). I was thinking of Casablanca when we all went out to dinner as a goodbye to my grandparents. Foolishly, we went to an Italian restaurant on the night Italy was playing the Netherlands. And got totally thrashed by the Netherlands. Fortunately our waiter was Portuguese and called me beautiful. I love it when waiters do that, i am so not looking forward to going to restaurants and being called madam or whatever.  

Other things I have done instead of revised:

  1. Made endless cups of tea
  2. Read through, and laughed at, all the pages on the graphjam blog
  3. Laughed at lol cats on I Can Has Cheezeburger blog
  4. Made a wish list of things i want from
  5. Admired the way i look in my Rufus Wainwright t-shirt
  6. Thought about eating the pasta i made my brother which he hasn’t eaten. It is just there on the coffee table. Waiting for someone to eat it. Maybe that person is me.
  7. Opened my geography folder to revise, got into a panic about the population density of Canada
  8. Contemplated writing down a complicated theory about the cost of running away to various places if you consider various conditions:
  • The person you run away with only came with you to escape previous country of occupancy and ditches you when you are sleeping (subtract money they steal from you, add money saved by not having to pay for them)
  • If above happens, we must consider the ‘Rick’ factor (so named after Rick from Casablanca) which is your likelihood of running away to yet another country (subtract money spent on train, subtract money spent on drink) and opening a successful bar (subtract money for white tuxedo, subtract money for running and owning bar) where you meet a Captain Reno (add money for winning bets against him, subtract money for rigging your roulette tables so he wins, subtract money for having to close your bar under his orders)
  • If your partner does not run away, we must take into consideration your reasons for running away: you are coming to help the people there (subtract most of your money, yet keep the absolute minimum for survival), you are to find treasure (subtract money for airplane, “exotic” transportation like camels/elephants, camouflage gear etc, add money for eventual treasure found or selling your story), you are there for adventure (subtract money for being robbed and beaten by bandits sucker)
  •  Basically if you apply the various factors to the money in your bank account and still end up with a positive amount then feel free to run away there

To conclude: Never try to think in the early hours of the morning, it is okay not to revise in order to laugh at graphs about The Princess Bride.