Doctor Who: Journey’s End

How could i talk about anything else but the season finale? So amazingly amazing and mind-boggling i am having to watch it again whilst i type so i don’t miss out any awesomeness. The theme music is going. Love the extra names in the credits! Let the awesome begin.

  1. Doctor regenerates into himself as expected. No one actually seems that surprised, least of all the audience. But still!
  2. Mickey! With a gun! And Jackie! Saving Sarah Jane! Oh Mickey you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Very cute when he kisses his gun goodbye
  3. Time lock in Torchwood- we hardly see anything of Gwen and Ianto for the rest of the episode which sucks a little
  4. Rose Doctor Hug! And Donna flirting with Jack. But no “I Love You”! HE NEVER SAYS IT AND IT KILLED ME! I DON’T CARE IF HE WHISPERS IT-IT ISN’T THE SAME!
  5. Ooh, Doctor’s hair looks nice this episode. As does Rose’s.
  6. Martha. Martha Martha Martha. Every time she came on screen i just yelled “I want to kill you!”. Her part of the plot was so pointless, though it was cute when she finds out the Doctor found Rose. I liked her more the second time i watched the episode because i wasn’t so like “rawr! whats going to happen to the Doctor!?!?!?!”
  7. German Daleks! Saying Exterminate in German! Though…i don’t think they were as according to Babel Fish, exterminate in German is “abschaffen Sie” and these Daleks said something like “exterimineren!”…or maybe online translators suck
  8. Happy smile because Rose was trying to find him! Happy lovely grin!
  9. What is with that red supreme dalek? Was that like explained ever?
  10. The TARDIS was going to be destroyed! So much TARDIS-oh-noes-its-going-to-be-deaded-and-donna-too agnst! Having to watch as well! The poor little thing! With Donna! Nice knowing what to do temp from Chiswick! Offering Himself instead of Donna was very sweet. Love that child of Gallifrey, his little distressed face! I like the way Daleks phrase things. “You are the playthings of Davros now!”
  11. They killed Jack- his skeleton looks very funny when he dies. Hee hee hee.
  12. Naked Doctor. So so jealous. Always so so surprised that David Tennant has sexy chest hair. Though naked regenerationness kind of reminds me of The Terminator when he turns up naked after travelling through time. They totally should have had an arse shot. Doctor Numero Duo- i love your hand as well. And your neck. And the extra Donna attitude. One heart though! No longer beating a samba. Loving the way he says “wizard”. 
  13. Donna not believing shes special! Poor poor Donna! You are special! You aren’t just some stupid temp! We love you! Shun the non believers! Shun! You were for one shining moment the most important woman in the universe! You were always so important
  14. Crazy german lady trying to kill Martha. Martha speaking german! Hee hee. Anyone else feel a slightly anti-german vibe? Because i’m guessing it must be a german who invented this whole Osterhagen key…you know, the one which detonates nuclear warheads in the Earth’s crust…
  15. Davros is just so weird. Not like cool-weird. The laughter? Honestly. Kind of reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars. Especially with the destiny/prophecyness . “Doctor…it is your destiny…”. You are pathetic Davros. Stop making the Doctor feel bad! Stop giving him angst! Stop giving him flashbacks! All his actions were for good! Plus, Davros dies pathetically as well. So in your ugly ugly face!
  16. Reality bomb?! Craziness! It is a very cool plot. Nothing but Daleks. What would they actually do? Just…be? They would probably have ended up killing each other. Well done to Mickey for helping Jackie escape from the testing! Though maybe a bit more distress from the people dying/about to die would have been more heart wrenching. The Doctor! So angry and helpless! Shaking with rage! Hug! He needs a hug! And you know, for some help in saving the universe
  17. Yays for Sarah Jane and her warp star! And for being so brave towards Davros! You go girl!
  18. His children of time are not murderers! Plus- some people in that people-who-died-for-you montage weren’t dead (i.e daughter: regenerates though i wish she died because shes a whore bitch who stole David Tennant from singledom and Ursula: face is in a slab on concrete). You aren’t victorious Davros you’re just a fucking bastard!
  19. Two David Tennants one screen! Happy happy! Though it was painful seeing him get shot all over again. Also rather liking Jack being all “i can’t tell you what i’m thinking right now”. Jack i am so there.
  20. Über smart Donna (though the glowy eyes thing was a bit laughable) ! Yays! Love the spinning Daleks! Très awesome. Looked a bit disco 🙂 Saving all the planets!
  21. Dalek Caan! I love you! Helping the Doctor! You sexy betrayer you, seeing the truth about Daleks! He would be quite fun to live with if you think about it.
  22. All of them flying the TARDIS (except Jackie), they are so cute! Flying earth home! Sadly no reappearance of the random milkman from last episode, but Wilf celebrating was good enough.
  23. “Doing it now sir” loving you Ianto. Loving you so much.
  24. K9! The gangs all here!
  25. Martha and Mickey to Torchwood!
  26. Oh my god Bad Wolf Bay brings back emotions. He grows old…he can spend that life with you Rose Tyler! Together.
  27. This was so unbelievably sad. He still doesn’t say i love you, i was yelling and yelling but he didn’t! But they kissed. And they’ll be happy, Rose and Doctor Numero Duo. Yet Doctor Original is so sad
  28. Donna! Donna Donna! All the amazing things shes done…all gone. Never knowing. The Doctor not being able to say a proper goodbye. He is so sorry Donna! So sorry! Donna angst, a whole new angst.
  29. Wilf! You know he will stick to his promise of looking out for him
  30. It ends with the Doctor all alone, coming in from the rain, taking off his jacket…all alone. Everyone else has somebody but him. And it makes me want to cry.

And this blog is like 1000+ words. Wow. Can’t wait for Christmas 2008. Return of the Cybermen! I will be ready.