Release the Awesome

It has been slightly stressful this week. I think i just broke the toilet, haven’t prepared for my french orals, exams next week etc. But hey–i think i did okay at my chemistry mock. However, the real reason i’m feeling so awesome: of course because of the wonder that is Rufus Wainwright playing live. At Hampton Court Palace. Making jokes about meeting Gordon Brown, coming in his pants and historical inaccuracies. Love! Love him so much! The kind of love which cannot be expressed by typing, you need to hear the crazed whining out loud. It is sort of like “mnehBLEH! Behmnepmneh!”. It is the noise i generally reserve for close ups of David Tennant’s fine ass on Doctor Who. 

We (me, Jess, Jess’ father) arrived at Hampton Court (most awesome venue ever!) early, trudged through the grass whilst wearing inappropriate  shoes ad sat down to a luxurious picnic. Feeling incredibly english as we sat by the river, sipping tea. It was still raining lightly when he began playing (he is so beautiful, such charisma! stage presence! im such a fan girl!) but by then we did not care. I’ve never heard him live before (jess+her dad have) so i wasn’t expected his voice to sound as amazing as it does on CD. But it so does. It is even better. Especially because you get to hear him talk normally as well, randomly interjecting things into songs (“and i don’t know the words to this verse…lalalalala”) and it was a small venue and he was playing by himself so it was so intimate. He played my song first! The Art Teacher–possibly my favourite. I loved the acoustic Sanssouci and California and OMG i saw Rufus Wainwright sing Hallelujah! Me! Him! That song! Wow!

It is my birthday tomorrow! Also Hannahs, so we are both bringing in random snacks. I was eating the first, failed attempt at brownie whilst “witnessing history in the making”, i.e Barack Obama becoming the first black candidate of a major party. Obama FTW! Plus he looked so cute with his wife! [Bill Clinton looked slightly less good, still amazingly charming but rather red. Still love Bill]. Unfortunately, this piece of history just makes me sing “I got a crush on Obama” by the famous Obama Girl.