Sorry, I made it seem like I might update regularly then didn’t. Here is a run-down of stuff:

I did nothing for Bonfire Night. I did end up reading Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea but that doesn’t relate to fireworks at all. I am disappointed in you Hemingway. Hopefully your other works will turn out to be more fireworks and less fish. (if you want to know I quite liked it but I don’t understand why people rave about it so much.  However, this could be because I was reading it at 3am and just wanted to sleep)

Speaking of books: I finished reading Crevel’s My Body and I (my copy is very square. It doesn’t look right amongst my other books). I like Crevel, he seems less annoying than the other surrealists (I am looking at you Breton). I have also started reading (well. I’m around 3/4 through now because it is wonderful) Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for my school’s book club. I think I prefer Everything is Illuminated but this novel still overwhelms me at times and makes me act all awkward and makes me want to cry.

I went with m father to see an amateur production of the first part of Kushner’s Angels in America. It started off shakily but everyone soon warmed up and some scenes were done exceptionally well so we were pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. I watched some of the HBO production (which I was too young to watch first time around) and that is amazing (Al Pacino is perfect) but I think I preferred seeing it at the Lyric when I was about 14 (now my dad knows more about the play he thinks that taking me so young was probably a mistake). On stage it seems more surreal, whereas on film the hallucinations etc. seem less surreal and more OTT.

Yesterday Imogen and I went to see Harry Potter! I think this is probably my favourite of the films. I, along with everyone else, was crying at Dobby’s death (surely I don’t need to mark spoilers for anything Harry Potter related?). Our school had a mufti day and quite a few people were dressed with a Potter theme. Imogen also drew me on a scar and some glasses- which I wasn’t able to wash off before going to the gym .

School has been a bit of a drag recently. Everyone is stressing out (UCAS! retakes! life!) and feeling down. I felt very relieved when I received two university offers but I am now feeling worse because obviously I am going to fail my retakes and my final exams so I can’t go to university and if I don’t go to university I will obviously end up living a horrible life filled with disappointments. My lessons all seem extremely boring- which is fair enough when we are studying things like how to build ancient greek temples, but not so much when we are looking at the Rape of the Lock which I actually like. I have joined our Amnesty International Club which is always good fun- whether or not we stay on topic which we generally do not do. Last session hardly anyone turned up so it turned into a “lets share gossip and bitch about people” club, and the week before that it went like: lets talk about a serious issue–we all agree this is wrong—Hannah! explain the economy!–lets talk about american politics—hah, Christine O’Donnell doesn’t believe in masturbation (…this sidetrack may have been my fault)—omigod twilight sucks. So yeah. Pretty fun. Plus none of my main friendship group are actively attending (Jess has shown up twice without meaning to and Imogen once) so I get to catch up with Hannah (who is no longer in my philosophy class) and Isabel (who used to be in my form) and Taif (who owns a leopard print hat. Yes, this is all I am going to say about Taif because otherwise I would have to go into the long list of reasons why she is awesome). I also attend choir (at my father’s request) which is…less fun…but still okay. And there is always the Thursday Period 4 Rave-Up to look forward to (which isn’t a rave, but there are generally  cheese savouries  and popcorn so really who cares?).

So I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about how things suck but ah well.


I also come in list form!

This is a quick list of things I have become since my last update:

  • Excellent: According to my work experience supervisor I was most excellent. At everything. I rock at being the awkward museum assistant.
  • A party animal: It was Hannah’s birthday party last friday which was fun (even though lots of people couldn’t make it 😦 ) and we ate pizza whilst sitting on the kitchen floor (FLOOR LOVE!), ate this amazing cake Hannah made which was chocolate and honey and had freakin’ marzipan bees on top. With wings made of almonds. We played “most likely to…” which is a game where someone asks who is most likely to do something and we all point at that person. It was especially amusing this time because Scarlet was meeting some of the people for the first time and so we got to find out her first impressions of everyone. I like Hannah’s house. It is all hectic and crazy, even more so then because they were leaving for Dorset the next morning. So yes: an excellent time was had by all.
  • The Nerdiest Nerd of all Nerdtania! (which is a kingdom of nerds separate from Nerdfighteria because it is unrelated to Nerdfighters, but still just as awesome). Which is something I said after I persuaded my mother to pre-order a personalised copy of the latest Doctor McNinja book….so this will be like the first official actual comic book I own. And it is like a collection of my favourite story lines. I mean, how could something called “Operation Dracula! From Outer Space!” be bad? Featuring zombies, ghosts, vampires, robots and robot bears! But yes: I am a ridiculously nerdy fangirl. I would be feeling awkward, but fortunately John Green posted that video about how great it is how nerds can be all enthusiastic in a non-ironic way! So yays! I cannot wait to get my hands on my book and read the never before seen comic giving us some Beeman back story! (even if it might not top Gordito’s back story. Nothing can top having your sharpshooting-trapeze artist father being mauled to death by wild animals during one of his stunts and then growing a huge moustache afterwards by sheer willpower)  
  • (oh one second Chris Hastings: I have a bone to pick with you! Your comic made me answer a trivial pursuit question incorrectly because I could remember Dan saying “oh yeah- storing up the poison in my eyes. TO shoot out like a toad” then forgot the alt. text saying “yeah I know those toads store blood not poison…”) (okay i guess that is my fault for not remembering stuff. But I hope this bracket makes people wonder who Dan is- and why the fuck he is storing poison in his eyes)
  • A movie-goer: Today I saw Harry Potter 6 at the cinema with Tookey and Jess (we had popcorn and everything) which was simply hilarious. All the accidental innuendos! The “sexual tension” between Ginny and Harry! The whole Ron&Lavender thing! Snape being all swishy! (seriously: I’m not sure i noticed how swishy his was before. Man, I could watch him swish around being all dark and moody all day…)
  • A friend of Trudy on myspace: this unfortunately means I now have 70 friends, instead of 69 (which yes,did amuse me every time i logged in). They only have one track up now but hopefully they should have more soon! So yes click on me!
  • A fan of “The Prisoner of Zenda” which I finished reading yesterday which was good, swashbuckling adventure fun (now i need to read the sequel). I don’t read adventure novels very often, they are quite relaxing in some way. I now really want to read The Three Musketeers. Which i have listened to a zillion times on audiotape when I was younger (also: love love the 1973 film. Also: seen it on stage. Which also rocked), but never actually read. (should probably also read the Count of Monte Cristo. just because).
  • An even bigger fan of my DFTBA cd: I just realised I met Tom Milsom at the Nerdfighter gathering. He offered me a caramel waffle, which i refused because i had also been given a bag of waffles. Tom: i wish i had taken a waffle. a) because later in the day i became really hungry and b) because you rock. And it would make a good story if i could say i have eaten a waffle offered to me by someone who rocks. (you may have noticed that most of my stories are quite boring)
  • Someone who really loves the song “Super Stupid” by Funkadelic (off the album “Maggot Brain”. The names only get weirder the more i dig through their back catalogues). Which is more crazy rockin’ out music than funk music. Or maybe just crazy music. Either way I like it (oh: the people in my head also like it. Um, the people have been at a bit of a loose end recently so all this randomness is happening. Like now for some reason Donald Sutherland lives in our building and raises pigeons on the roof. Only it is like a gay Donal Sutherland from Georgia named Jeffery. Because I find Sutherland and Georgia really comforting. So they needed to be in my head). (and on a separate storyline in my head there is lots of knitting).
  • A matchmaker of radios: As you may know, I love Ringo- my radio. Ringo lives on my bed. Ringo has never left my room after i first took him in here. Ringo would probably know me better than anyone…if he wasn’t you know…a radio. Unfortunately, my old friend is not working as well as he used to but i can’t get a new radio in case he gets all jealous. Jess (who has recovered from swine flu people! yays!) had the totally amazing idea of buying the new radio as Ringo’s girlfriend. Who we have decided to name Dolly, after Dolly Parton. So, as Jess said, she needs to have a large pair of speakers.


(completely unrelated to anything and if we are friends on facebook you would already know that, according to his facebook, The Princess Bride is one of Bill Clinton’s favourite films. I hope he isn’t lying, because that just made me so ridiculously happy)

Potter and Palin

Yesterday i went to London and hung out with a bunch of strangers. This was at the request at Imogen, the 2nd time we have done such a thing. However this time instead of a Nerdfighter Gathering it was an equally nerdtacular Harry Potter gathering at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station so we could try and board the Hogwarts Express seeing as it was September 1st. It was an amazingly fun day, everyone was so nice and some people came every year and got all dressed up and we played Harry Potter related games (including a quiz!), ate pumpkin pie (at least i think it was) and drank homemade butterbeer(which was delicious). The group, which became quite a tourist attraction, eventually split in two. Me and Imogen went with one half of the group (made up mainly of people who all went to Terminus, a huge HP conference, together) to Leicester Square and we ate lunch at pizza hut and discussed randomness, then went to Cybercandy. I hate to admit that of all the colourful things in that store all i wanted was a can of Barq’s Rootbeer. I have only had cheap sainsbury’s rootbeer for a year and Barq’sis my favourite brand of rootbeer and i am so thirsty right now. I am so glad Imogen gets me to do that kind of thing. She finds something cool and unusaul and it ends up in a good time.

Of the things we fans discussed was Sarah Palin. There are things you can like about her…then again I dislike her a) because she is a republican enough said and also for these reasons:

  1.  She has a bear rug on her sofa which creeps me out (it just seems a bad omen for someone nicknamed Bumblebear). Hunting for almost all her life and eating mooseburgers also seems weird and makes her strangely at home with guns, but i guess that is just an Alaskan thing.
  2. John and Hank Green don’t like her. Bad sign!
  3. She is meant to look kind of like Tina Fey. Tina Fey is a witty, funny and yes, attractive woman (who i believe is a democrat?) so this bugs me.
  4. She is also meant to look like a fantasy sexy librarian (Jon Stewart what were you thinking?). Librarians are too amazing to be associated with her. and most of them know what their job involves, unlike Sarah “what does a VP do all day?” Palin.
  5. Alaska? Seriously! It seems weird to pick someone so far away from the rest of America who only has experience in said state.
  6. She used to own a shirt which says “I may be broke but im not flat busted”  (though to be fair, that was when she was a university student). There is also the whole beauty pageant thin. Nice feminism there.

Though obviously the political opinions of a teenage girl who spent the day getting teary over Grey’s Anatomy means nothing. It is creepy considering one of these days i am going to be able to vote in the USA (or so we think, i do have dual citizenship andI have two birth certificates which i think is cool). Obviously, i get to vote in England (huh, spellcheck doesn’t recognise that word) as well but…its not as exciting andyes, no one hot is or has ever been in UK politics(i think, do correct me if im wrong). (okay, the people in my head are having dinner with Bill Clinton. so sue me). Also i haven’t been bought up to think England has this amazing government and is the best country in the world. But i have been taught to love America (though of course i love England more) and am already planning Thanksgiving dinner (i crave corn pudding. i have no idea why).

So long, farewell…

It is the end of half term(i really should have done my history homework by now). I have just finished a pint of tea(yeah, we have like these pint mugs), which i drank through a straw 🙂 today i received straws all the colours of the rainbow(well, except indigo) from a friend of mine who found them in a smoothie bar in Barcelona. It was a pretty chilled out day, wandering with straw-giving-friend around Kingston and Richmond. We bought notebooks which we are decorating! Friend is decorating with: Harry Potter Characters, Nerdfighter banner, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, Juno and David Tennant. She is a big Harry Potter fan and was telling me about her plans for an HP themed birthday party and we listened to some Wizard Wrock.It is a whole genre, with sub genres, of anything to do with Harry Potter. Example Band Titles: Harry and the Potters, Ministry of Magic, The Moaning Myrtles, The Whomping Willows. Example Song titles: Accio Love, Teenage Werewolf, Save Ginny Weasley.It was actually very cool. My notebook: Gruff Rhys, Euros Childs, Casablanca, Super Furry Animals(the cover of Fuzzy Logic), John and Hank Green, The Mighty Boosh, Gone with the Wind and Eugene Hütz. Eugene Hütz is the front man of gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and has possibly the most amazing, eastern-European-looking moustache ever. He, along with the rest of the band, has a very…eccentric taste in clothes. I have opted to listen to the rather more chilled out Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc instead of the raw, energetic power of Gogol Bordello’s Wonderlust King. Since my last blog i have discovered: a)Krackin’ Pies- an amazing store which sells very big doughnuts and nice pies b)The price of a Krispy Kreme original doughnut has risen from 90p to £1.10 c) A surprising number of people walk their dogs in the park after dark d) Drinking/smoking till you cannot move is not very fun, but now i have tried it i have no need or desire to do it again. Yes, drinking/smoking in the park(how cool are we?) is how me and some friends discovered the dog walking thing. Being a middle class, white, youngest child and only girl out of three children, grammar school, tea drinking kinda girl than i haven’t been drunk very many times before or smoked a joint. Drinking/smoking is not a big deal to anyone i know (or me to be honest, except when i almost threw up because i inhaled all funny) and so i have been wondering about all the times i have read about people’s first experiences with these things. Drinking is usually in teen fiction, someone gets drunk, its not very pretty, they might do something stupid and they feel all shaky the morning afterwards. Drugs is more difficult because the only book which comes to mind is On the Road by Jack Kerouac, where Sal Paradise and his friends often get offered drugs, mainly weed which is referred to as “tea”, which they buy whenever they have the money. They at some point get to Mexico(described exactly how i like to imagine it), get very high and dance and fuck the night away in the brothel. This is a particularly memorable part of the book for me, mainly because i am always planning to run away to Mexico, yet also because of Kerouac’s painful description of Sal wishing to ask a beautiful, yet very aloof, prostitute to sleep with him, yet he feels like he is somehow beneath her and is too embarrassed to approach her. It was descriptions like that which made me finish reading the book and therefore could feel a great deal of self satisfaction when i went down Jack Kerouac avenue in San Francisco. It was on a awesome road, near china town, where you will find City Lights Bookstore. I bought my favourite postcard from the bookstore- Fidel Castro holding up an “I ♥ NY” t shirt.