Last Week of Exams

Okay- i may have actually GCSEs tomorrow instead of unimportant internal-ness, but i am fine. I am still incredibly happy because of:

  1. First and foremost Doctor Who: OMG they were going to kill him! Just chuck him off the ship! I was rather surprised that it was the hostess who saved them all, i so thought it was going to be Dee Dee. The woman who played Sky was simply amazing- very creepy eyes. Also- Rose! Why does the Doctor miss these things! Makes me scream! Shes back next week! *squeal* but the trailers said he’s dead…*waves arms around in frustration*. Today at school we were all very excited about it. We also just had to repeat whatever any non-doctor-who-watching-friend said.
  2. David Tennant also brightened up my english exam. I walk in and there was around 120 pictures of him because he’s on the front cover on the Romeo&Juliet text we use. Sheer, unadulterated awesome. 🙂
  3. I have been reading Gone with the Wind which just makes me grin and jump up and down. My mother understands, if she comes into my room while i’m reading shes all “why are you so happy?” and i’ll go “Rhett!” and then we both squeal about Rhett, we once watched Gone with the Wind together. I have the poster on my wall. The wonderful, smouldering Clark Cable is on my wall.
  4. Greys Anatomy-actually the one think keeping me sane is watching this stupid show. I have just started season 3. Izzy is still freaking over denny’s death (i loved denny so much!) but Bailey has just clamed her, Callie moved in with George, Burkes mother is visiting him in hospital and freaking out Cristina, Meredith is going to try dating McDreamy and McVet (lucky bitch), Derek finally left Addison and Addison is now sleeping with McSteamy. Excellent all round
  5. Strings of plastic pearls. I have a load of these beady things on the desk i revise on. They are so fun to play with.

Okay- that may only be five things to be thankful for but they are very incredibly awesome. As is the song title “I am a Tree”.


This Pony is Happy

OKay–this is going to be a short blog. It is late at night, i’ve done no work, im all emotional because i’m a teenage girl who is watching the end part of a greys anatomy episode (you know, the bit where Meredith will tell us what we learnt etc.) which toyed with her (denny! i’m still watching season 2), i’m seeing Rufus Wainwright tomorrow, my birthday is on Thursday, i probably have my french orals tomorrow, i was doing history revision on The Purges and my ipod locked so i had to read about it whilst listening to “Because I got High” by Afroman, my brother is being so sweet to his girlfriend and i’m…i’m in a pretty good mood.

It is always bad to be in a good mood when you are doomed. You hope that in knowing that you could set things right you will do them, but you still don’t. I’m going to go to my room after i write this, lie awake and listen to my radio and daydream or just think about today.


  1. Was Divya’s birthday–I managed to wrangle 3 excellent chocolates out of her
  2. We talked about the existence of God during english and how someone said he is as likely to exist as giant teapot floating in an asteroid belt—it was a good discussion
  3. I read some more of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and decided that marrying rich is not as easy as i thought it would be
  4. My screen is flashing blue. It hurts my eyes.
  5. I had to sit on the end of our physics bench which always puts me in a bad mood so i told Ellen i had rabies. According to Ellen the symptoms of rabies involve your arm feeling tingly
  6. We were doing a practice paper in latin on Pyramus and Thisbe–much jokes about describing “cracks” and how lions just roamed around ancient greece. My latin teacher is back!
  7. I had to use cheap citrus shampoo in my shower. It smells eew, but our chamomile conditioner smells of Christmas tree
  8. I was feeling low when i came home as we had no tea–then my mother came home with a huge box of fair trade PG Tips: 240 bags. Yays!
  9. All of my friends watched this weeks Doctor Who so we had an excellent discussion about it
  10. Today kinda rocked