Blah. Blah and Ice Cream.

…there is not much to blog about. So little i actually went to wikipedia and surfed the recent deaths section (…which is what i do when i am bored for some reason). School is just revision and…oh and staff&sixth form netball. Which was quite amusing and a good excuse to tell my chemistry teacher that victory does not justify popping the collar of your abercrombie and firch polo shirt like an idiot. And Fia made me a picture of a cactohat (i have therefore forgiven her for being evil)! But she left out the vital hat/ingredient- the Fields of the Nephilim style hat (see… my ideal cactohat is a top hat, with a cactus on top…wearing a cowboyish hat. oh yeah).

But all this repetition means no blog material! Unless you want to hear about whatever the people in my head are talking about over deep-fried pancakes (…they’re talking about building a time machine bringing Claude Rains to the future to investigate my hypothetical murder!) (…i was watching Poirot this evening hence the whole murder thing . And i love David Suchet and all, but Claude Rains was in Casablanca!). Most foods are deep fried in my head. You know what i don’t think I’ve bothered putting into my imaginary world? Candle Holders . Does anybody have candle holders in their imagination? Would you if you designed candle holders? I have one on my desk right now with a christmas tree on it (hey! Fia gave me this! honestly). And i might just get mad at it.

…..Because i am so pathetically bored i am going to growl at candle holders.

Sorry i am just so bored and aaaaaarh i have nothing interesting to post. I don’t even have any funny pictures (unless you are interested in pictures of Clint Eastwood which i have given amusing names to…). I think this comic (White Ninja—which is weird. I don’t really read it) basically sums up…something about me (well. anyone who has heard me question them about eating internal organs might know):

Where did he get all those beautiful spines?!

Where did he get all those beautiful spines?!

On the plus side: i am off to see Jurowski conduct tomorrow! Specifically he is conducted Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Suite, Piano Concerto No. 2 by Shostakovich and Mahler’s First Symphony. Which should be…nice? (I’m slightly scared by Mahler just because my dad uses Mahler’s fifth symphony to test out the quality of speakers and so he played it really loud….and Gustav Mahler is a sinister name…but i just looked him up on wiki and he doesn’t look sinister. He looks rather sweet. *hugs Mahler apologetically*)
Oh and as it is sunny i have been buying ice cream lollies (twister ice lollies: my favourite thing ever after…you know…tea and imaginary-deep-fried-stuff. The people in my head have tasted bufriedos. They enjoyed them. A lot).

…I am now  wondering  if Mahler liked ice cream. He probably didn’t. Then again i can’t really think of anyone famous who i can associate with ice cream…until i just looked it up and am looking at a page entitled “US Presidents and Ice Cream”. I love the internet. So so much. Wow- George Washington spent $200 dollars, at the time a small fortune, on ice cream during the summer of 1790. um…is anyone else imaginging George Washingston eating ice cream whilst singing “Summer of ’69″…only it would be “Summer of 1790″….when George got his first real six string down at the five-and-dime and played it till his fingers bled…he and some guys from school formed a and and they tried real hard, but they didn’t get far…met the-future Martha Washington down at the drive-in…those were the best days of George Washington’s life.



This is just a quick note to say (note from me of the future reading this thing back…i didn’t realise this would mainly be about Presidents. oh well):

  • Happy Birthday Mr President! Well…Mr Dead…ex-president George Washington. Today is your birthday! And President’s Day and all that. I’m sorry Lincoln got more celebrated because its his 200th and this is your 277thwhich isn’t a nice round number or anything. It sucks even more because today isn’t actually your real birthday (i was shocked when i wikied that 2 seconds ago!). This may come as a surprise to you, but Washington’s birthday is actually February 22nd, we just celebrate it on the third Monday of February which sounds a bit stupid but i guess its so there is a 3 day weekend. Not like i can enjoy it (well…it is half term…and the 22nd is a sunday…). But Happy Birthday anyway- you may not be attractive, but your signature was pretty cool
  • I spent a great deal of last night finding pictures of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. William Whipple- i want to marry you and become Mrs Olivia Whipple and go live in New Hampshire with you and Prince Whipple (who was a slave. shame on you).  But you know…if you want to be a freak and marry your first cousin….
  • Today i went to Hannah’s to watch Casanovayet again (with Tennant! yaaays!) which was fun. As it always is. Fun yet towards the end i get all depressed…yeah…i can link this bullet point to Presidents as well because i gave Hannah a little rant on Lincoln at the train station (i cannot stop thinking about him! him and his lopsided face are haunting me!)
  • Oh, plus on the train to Hannah’s place i was reading some of The Audacity of Hope. He just is the most adorable person ever (…Barackhas become my “He with a capital H”). The writing is excellent and he just seems so…down to earth and everything he says seems really right. Plus its kinda cute when hes writing about the White House because its like “aaaw, past-you didn’t know you were going to end up living there!”
  • I am also becoming more andmore in love with Jonathan Coulton (link to presidents: he has two songs listing them. i am trying to learn the lists. Its slow going so far). He is genius. Leonard Nimoy and Bigfoot having a fling? Giant squid unable to love because he crushes everything? Eating a steak-taste-better pill? Mr Fancy Pants? I love you and i wish we were married. Screw William Whipple! Your name shortens to JoCo which is even cooler! Okay- i don’t really want to marry JoCo, i just want him to play some shows in London (yes, i have used that “Demand Coulton to come to your city!” thing and you saidyou checked the numbers!) and i can go and be all starstruck and buy a t-shirt and stuff andyou seem like the kind of person who does after-showmingling. Please please find this blog somehow andread this far. Because i think your lyrics are amazing (not just the funny stuff, i mean “Drinking with You” and “Big Bar World One” are really sweet) and you look cuddly (i really want a hug now. i had a lot of group hugs earlier today. i miss them. i miss my Casanova people) and you are a nerd icon  who allows lots of free downloading  and you also have a ginger beard. That is just a whole lot of awesome 🙂