To sum up: i am feeling kinda sad.

Yes! No more physics ever! And yes, latin prose went fine, but background was a little weird (fortunately, i came up with enough archaeological evidence about available jobs not to mention prostitution or the whole “a penis on a sign means a bakery” thing)…(though i really think we should begin to call Brothels “Lupanare” because “House of the She-Wolves” sounds pretty awesome…or at least i’m pretty sure that’s how it’s translated. Or it could be “Lair of the She-Wolves”)…(then again how often to brothels come up in normal conversation?)…(which excludes conversations with Zoe and people of her ilk)

Anyway, brothels aside, my grandparent’s birthday gift arrived today. Which was one of those Tiffany Charm Bracelets which completely surprised me, but my mother was all “oh yeah i guess it’s just a traditional sweet 16 thing”. Like seriously? I guess that’s nice but it made me slightly upset that my grandparents would spend $210 (at current exchange rate that is roughly  £128.50 making it the most expensive gift i have probably ever received) on a bracelet which to be honest i probably won’t wear that often because wearing things just because they are expensive is kinda stupid. I really would have been much happier if they had bought me a book or something. It makes me upset because my grandparents clearly have no idea what kind of person I am and yeah i know this is my fault as well and we hardly see each other because of the distance and even when i am with them i tend to avoid them because frankly they creep me out…gah. It’s really nice and all i just wish they were more lovable.

(it’s good to know that if i have kids they totally won’t have this problem because my mum is totally physched about her potential grandchildren and will be one of those nice, huggable grandparents who secretly slip you money and ice cream. If those exists. I’m really just guessing here, wikipedia doesn’t have articles about the different sub-types of grandparents)

Music News: Imogen made me listen to two songs by Chameleon Circuit today! Chameleon Circuit being a Trock band (and by Trock i of course mean Timelord rock) and all their songs are about Doctor Who and so i listened to “Exterminate Regenerate” which is pretty damn catchy (and yes, agreed with Imogen. Charlie’s vocals sound pretty hot) and “journey’s end” which was a nice re-cap of the last episode (it is always nice to see them daleks) and thus gave me flashbacks of all the little emotional bits i had forgotten.

In other music news- my headphones don’t work. This majorly sucks. And i guess it technically isn’t news, but music-wise i have had “Communist Daughter” stuck in my head throughout exams which makes it difficult to concentrate because i don’t know the words. I was in latin, translating in my head, and it went like this “every nation of the Gauls is greatly devoted to the communist, the communist daughter standing on the seaweed water religions and for that reason semen stains the mountain topsthose who are affected by more serious illnesses…” though really just “semen stains the mountain tops” going round my head over and over in Jeff Mangum’s weird voice (i actually find the song really relaxing because a part of the background music sounds like waves fwooshing in…fwooshing out…)

I actually have to try and work out a way of making a group on facebook so we can appreciate Fia’s blog together (Suga needs to create a blog to complete the circle: Suga made me a blog appreciation, i am making fia one nowish, fia made one for imogen, imogen will make one for jess and then jess can make one for Suga! can you feel the love we all have for our blogs?) (no i am not really feeling the love tonight. not even updates from Bill Clinton on facebook will make me feel better) (though really i shouldn’t be indulging in self-pity because i only have two exams left and some people, good luck Jess, have three. which means they have more suck to deal with) (i’m not entirely sure why i am all moody but maybe if i use enough brackets i can sort this out).


My learning experience

This week i was fortunate enough to go through a new “learning experience”. This was the way my physics teacher describes the act and consequences of ripping up your physics test and walking out of the lesson. True, i have learnt that i need a lot of practice of storming out (i managed to drop my calculator which made the whole thing a lot less impressive) and that i didn’t get punished. The only thing i had to do was explain myself (“like…I’m under so much stress!”) and tape my test back together (this was quite relaxing, but unfortunately i was using shitty tape so it took a while). You may not think ripping up a test is a big deal, but it kinda is at my school because we’re always being told how emotionally mature we are and that we are one of the top schools in the country etc. and we’re a pretty strict all girls grammar school. So some (very nice, wonderful) people have called me a legend and i am Suzie’s hero and people want me to rip more stuff up. I only ripped it up because i hate physics. Oh so much. And i sucked at that test. And i think (judging by what people said) that everyone found it too hard. And it was first week back at school. And the test didn’t matter anyway. But still. It was very fun to have this opportunity to learn.

Anyway i need to wrap up a present (Looking for Alaska by John Green. 🙂 )for Nicole, and go ice skating! I am wearing very thick, sensible socks. They are so comfy.

But before i go: I also experienced the sweet taste of victory! I think i have written before about (according to this rubbish spellcheck, “about” isn’t a real word) this creepy-death’s-accountant guy who takes my bus who walks crazy fast? I managed to beat him home! Finally! Every time i get that bus i am racing him home. Well, he doesn’t know that obviously so it must look a bit weird to passersby to see some guy coolly striding ahead and some teenage girl desperately half-walking, half-running behind him. So hah. In your face bus guy- i beat you by a good amount.


Exams are over! I still have english orals, i don’t have a thing to talk about. I actually typed “controversial issues” into google. Speaking of google: Their shop is amazing. The sell silly putty AND goo. Plus all the clothes etc. are eco-friendly! Thanks you very much to Suga for this information.

It was a very tiring day of geographing. Yes, geographing. Aimlessly walking around, asking strangers questions, evaluation land use in the CBD (central business district to normal people), calling a geography teacher because we couldn’t read the damn map (it had no road names on it! it wasn’t even a real map! but never mind, we were in the right place anyway), then walking further away from the CBD to look at the houses. It was a bit odd, a group of girls getting saying things like “ooh! That house has three stories!” or “wow, get a picture of that house! not only is it semi-detached unlike the rest, it has a loft extension!!!”. Tomorrow i have to write all this up. It was nice to bump into my non-geographer friends (who have these days off. bastards) and to discover the amazing Pret a Manger meatball ragu wrap.

I came home and just collapsed on my bed. Was roused with the promise of a bacon-cheese sandwhich. We seem to be eating more of these randomly. It was a tiring weekend…what with the sheer awesomeness of Doctor Who! Things to squeal about:

  1. The Doctor was dead! Dead! Though it was somehow reassuring to know that without the Doctor the world just failed majorly. Though having to explain the back stories to my brothers (who don’t usually watch Doctor Who) was a bit weird, the plots sound so ridiculous (well i was just awful at explaining them)
  2. Rose! ROSE ROSE ROSE! Though unfortunately i never watched the first season with Christopher Eccleston so i had to have some people explain to me the Bad Wolf plot line. She said He had great hair! *Hug*
  3. Donna killing herself. You are special Donna Noble! Plus that scarab beetle thing was über creepy
  4. When her neighbours got sent off to die but were still trying to be all smiley and Donna just didn’t get it…that was so sad. Lots of deaths this episode including..
  5. Ianto. I don’t actually watch torchwood, but i do get subjected to Hannah squealing “i looooove ianto!” every time it gets talked about. So i was sorry he died.

Speaking of Doctor Who, my new compost bin is Dalek shaped. All i would need to do is stick an egg beater and a plunger on it for arms and it could be a dalek. Fun.

What isn’t fun is geography write ups. I spent the day messing around on google maps. The roads in Australia go nowhere! Nowhere! And still not having an english oral topic. I’m trying so hard to care, i think i may do it on lowering the voting age, but i’m listening to the Proclaimers. Writing a really awful speech…or jumping up and down singing 500 miles?

Tough choice.

All Freakin’ Week

I have been revising. Actually revising. Now i am listening to All Summer Long by Kid Rock. It is better without watching the music video (same goes for Werewolves of London, which Kid Rock sampled for the song). Who actually wears a Confederate flag bikini? The American Civil War has been on my mind thanks to Gone with the Wind. But then againso has Wham!. The only thing which stopped me freaking out about chemistry was listening over and over again to “Everything she Wants”. Especially after i ran into this person from my school who i just end up lying to every time we have a conversation. “Oh yeah, i love chemistry…Oh, so you remember all the equations? Yeah me too, that was just the stress talking…no i’m not stressed i love the wonderful logic of chemistry…” so on and so forth. Fortunately we ran into some other people who she could talk to who i don’t know that well, but it still meant i went into chemistry thinking about what a social reject i am rather than emulsifiers and that shit.

So the boys from Wham! were needed to ensure i gave a Wham and indeed, a bam, but that i didn’t give a damn. That and the disco dancing sing -a-long to S Club 7 with some friends made me feel okay. We were trying to remember what the hell happened to Tina (we don’t know about Paul either, but he’s a traitor to the S Club party so we don’t care). She has apparently been writing songs for some bands and is planning on producing some solo work….okay her wikipedia page is really short…

Paul dated Hannah Spearitt? That is so not how they were paired up in my mind! They split 2006.

He’s been DJing with Bradley? No! Bradley is too cool for you!

I am not going to look up Rachel Stevens. I never liked Rachel. I am very verytempted to yell Boo you whore! (That reminds that it is Divya’s birthday party tomorrow…not that she’s a whore. she just knows most of the words of Mean Girls)

So i only have one exam left. Physics. In a perfect world this is when The Doctor comes in and says: So, physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Phyyyysics! Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics… I hope you’re getting all this down!

Why? Why can i not recieve physics lessons from The Doctor, or biology from Derek Sheperd (a.k.a McDreamy) or…i can’t think of anyone hot who could teach chemistry. Apparently Sherlock Holmes received a posthumous Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Posthumous? The guys fictional! Honestly what is wrong with these people!? Boo those whores.