Its Procrastination time!

Things I have done this week which have tragically prevented me from working:

  • Blackpool: Oh come on. It has David Tennant in- how could i resist? Its pretty amazing and wonderfully original- its basically a murder mystery musical set in Blackpool 😀 which surprised me because when jess said “there are musical numbers during sex” i thought she just meant weird background music…i didn’t envisage David Tennant getting his freak on whilst singing “Sqweeze me Pleeze Me”. Have not been able to stop listening to the Soundtrack. The follow up, Viva Blackpool, is not quite as entertaining (by which i mean no David Tennant) but Morrissey is simply amazing as Ripley Holden.
  • Slowly but surely getting through more Clint Eastwood filmography: I finished getting through the Dirty Harry series y watching The Dead Pool. Oh. my. God. Seeing as i don’t think anyone is really going to watch it, i might as well tell you the amazing finish: Clint Eastwood shooting the serial killer into the wall with a harpoon, which earlier we saw Slash (yes, that Slash) messing around with (all of Guns n Roses have a cameo actually). I was praying that would happen and they did not disappoint. I swear Eastwood has just made a career out of stepping of mist looking menacing. Which he achieves with great effect in Fistful of Dollars- only that is actually amazing considering he is wearing a poncho. I mean, that has to be like the ultimate manhood test: can you look scary whilst wearing a poncho? I know i can’t.
  • Finishing The Audacity of Hope: yes- i know its  hard to believe after those first two bullet points, but i do read! And I’m on the last chapter and am all “oh my god Michelle and Barack are so sweet!”. And their first kiss tasted of chocolate (they were eating ice cream). They have to be the most adorable couple ever. Cuteness aside, the book is awesome and makes me very hopeful. Obama outlines in the book what he thinks the government should do for America and they sound like excellent plans. The only fault i have with the book is that if i wasn’t american i might find it pretty hard to read just because its so focused on the USA and just written in this incredibly  way which could get annoying after a while if it wasn’t such good writing (and if the writer wasn’t Barack. *does happy dance because it always cheers me up to remember he is President*)
  • Dissection Club: yes, i gave up my lunchtimes to dissect a rat. We called our rat Seamus (by “we” i mean me, Suga and Luxmmi). It was kinda fun in a weird way. Um…i know how weird that sounds because you know…i feel like i shouldn’t find cutting open a rat and removing all its organs fun…i should find it kinda gross. And yeah, i did grimace and freak a little when i had to break its arm to pin it down (that was creepy the first time because its hands/paws look really human) and because it smelt awful and because its slightly sickening to cut open somethings throat…but overall its was just interesting. I mean, me and Luxmmi (Suga didn’t attend the last session *hug*) found it amazingly cool how the renal vein looks exactly like our diagrams of it and  how everything fits together, how the pancreas is way thinner than we thought and actually does look like a leaf and also we got to see little rat embryos because some people had a pregnant rat. We got a little hack crazy at the end. “Hmm…what haven’t we cut open yet…how about the kidneys?”. Yeah, we totally butchered that kidney. Fortunately, our biology teacher got to the other one before us and cut it open beautifully (it did look pretty in some way…also i would just like to add my biology teacher treats insides like noodles. Its just the way he handles the forceps reminds me of people using chopsticks and it weirded me out).

Anyway. I apologise if that was creepy and disturbing and you lost faith in my movie taste. But that is way better that doing statistics coursework/annotating media texts/iMedia etc.


I am Dracula; and I bid you welcome

It is 1:19 am and i have just finished reading Dracula. I will talk of it later as i promised to speak of Hamlet…which all seems like some crazy dream. Was i really ever in the same room as my beloved David Tennant? Listening to him? Pervingon him through binoculars? Yeah…seeing as we had seats in the uppermost balcony I took some binoculars which proved to be very useful as i couldn’t see his face clearly without them and with them managed to observe all sorts of delightful details.

I didn’t like it so much at the beginning. Tennant strides in and everyone is like “yays! OMG!” but then he just goes to crouch in a corner. Honestly. And his voice is all posh and he isn’t so good at being sad (except at the funeral of Ophelia, which would be better if he wasn’t wearing that stupid beanie hat). But then as soon as Hamlet gets to act crazy- that is when Tennant is at his best. He is so fun to watch, and there is nothing sexier than David Tennant duct-taped to a swivel chair. He is adorable, bouncing, crawling even, all over the stage. He also looks very good with a gun. And when dying. Me and my friends did a full analysis of the various outfit changes. And despite having creepy feet (binoculars FTW! Sorry Mr Tennant that must be so weird for you. 15 year old girls perving on your feet with binoculars. Flee to the hills!)  he looks very good with no shoes, a tuxedo, and a jauntily angled crown. I could rave about him all night.

The play itself…uh…Patrick Stewart was very good as Claudius but not so good as the ghost. Some of it was baffling due to cuts in the script which, as i have already mentioned, had to be explained to me by my father. The scenes with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were nicely comical. I developed some weird hatred for Polonius because his voice was extremely annoying (though this may be because i love Tennant’s voice and Stewart’s voice has always been a source of comfort and amusement for me). Overall, the play seemed a bit muddled and unsure. Still extremely amusing and i enjoyed watching it…but yeah. Also Hamlet something by father quotes extensively so every few minutes i would be thinking “oooh…so thats where it comes from”. Funnily enough, Dracula also has some quotes from Hamlet.

Okay- i love Dracula. Love! Love! I think maybe by the end is was running out of steam, though that could have just been me being very tired. Though it was nice you know, to read about real vampires (…well…not real…i will explain). It is just with the release of the Twilight movie and with a new social group in my form having latched onto the craze i am sick and tired of hearing about Edward Cullen. Dracula has an interesting array of powers and weaknesses. And he certainly doesn’t  play fucking baseball. He isn’t ridiculously sentimental. He isn’t so pathetic as to only eat animals. He drinks human blood and he is man enough (vampire enough?) to admit that he likes it, he wants it, and he is going to damn well get it. (sorry- just to note that on wikipedia Dracula is called a “villain”. I don’t really think he is, for actually when the men drive a knife through his heart etc. and he crumbles to dust he is no longer evil. Same with Lucy- he true soul is free to go to heaven since she is no longer a vampire. Besides. He isn’t that evil. I think he is a some points quite nice). Sorry. I shouldn’t compare the two just because they both have vampires in. One is an awesome gothic novel, the other a teenage girl masturbation aid. It would be interesting to kind of mix the two, maybe at some point in the twilight film Robert Pattinson could be replaced by Christopher Lee as Dracula and then we could all sit back and laugh as Bella gets her comeuppance for being so annoying and whiney.

 Dracula is  told through the letters and diary entries of more than one person and contains some interesting characters such as Renfield who is so creepy and chilling and then at some moments heart-warming. I was genuinely upset when he died and then you know,  never gets mentioned again. Seriously, i want the guy to have his own spin off novel. Maybe explaining how he ended up in a lunatic asylum, his early life, how he got into his zoophagus ways…okay, according to the internet that is how you spell the word. But basically it means that he eats over living things. He starts with collecting flies which he eats, then feeding them to spiders when he eats. He then feeds the spiders to sparrows and then begs to be given a cat which presumably he was also going to eat . But he never gets a cat and his interest in eating creatures comes and goes. What would have eaten the cat? Like…a really big dog? Maybe the wolves at the zoo.

Oh- also in the book they use the term “air-bleb”, meaning bubble. Isn’t that awesome?

The Mandibular Second Premolar Revolution

Gosh I’m sure you are all dying to know what I’ve been thinking of today. Today wasn’t very eventful, i went to my school “professional craft” fair and wasted my money on food and notebooks (one of them has an elephant on! with the skills i picked up from the Natural History Museum, i can correctly identify it as an african elephant. Me and my mum were having a discussion about how African Elephants totally kicked ass compared to Indian elephants). Oh, also Nicole (with the ice-skating party remember?) was there and we wondered around and she got a sweet henna tattoo and i now feel very guilty. Because she remembers we used to go to tuition together before going to our current school which i had totally forgotten and plus she also knew that i used to draw all over my rough book and subsequently she thought i was an art student or at least really good at art. I feel bad because i don’t know/remember anything cool or quirky about Nicole. I am going to find something out because she is just really nice, and we have bonded over the Rome trip and she didn’t give me a funny look today when i told her I’ve always wanted to wear more than one watch at a time and I’m glad people on the internet agree that that would be bitchin’. (I also want a leather jacket entirely covered in different watches…though watches that don’t work or else i would go mad from the ticking noise). But this blog needs order and bullet points:

  • I wrote the above paragraph several hours ago and have now calmed down after watching Einstein and Eddington- i swear all science needs to do is proclaim David Tennant its official mascot or something and people would watch anything. “ooh- a lecture on mechanics! SPEAKER: DAVID TENNANT! I HAVE TO GET TICKETS!” i hate mechanics- but my love for Tennant overcomes anything. Seriously, science foundations should look into this. They could raise a ton of money to fund their crazy little projects and we could grow lime trees on the moon. (i don’t know why we would want this, but i think cherry and lime trees would just look really good on the moon. i have to draw that sometime. then go off and make sure it happens! i could eat moon limes! how fun does that sound?). But on the programme itself- I think Tennant has a great face for that period. I think some of it was really quite cliched and annoying (“ooh look at me I’m Einstein, the fun-loving-sock-hurler of Zurich!”) but it really is quite interesting considering i had no idea about the whole thing and plus it was fun because i got to yell at Fritz Haber and my parents were impressed i knew he he was. Oh yes Haber, we studied you in chemistry and i hate your guts. (oh for some reason, earlier, the people in my head were saying “god! your howler-monkey-guts!” i have no idea where that insult came from)
  • I have also been thinking about blind people. My mother thinks i should volunteer for something and suggested reading to the blind. This means i have been wondering what my voice sounds like and whether i could read aloud well enough and oh my god what if i was reading aloud a really good book to someone but the way i read it just killed it for them? And how does Braille work? Can people read whole works in Braille or does that take too long? And i couldn’t wiki this because i was in a car! Okay…am on wiki now…very confused. Reading braille sounds awfully confusing and a lot of hard work. And of course the blind don’t just need to be read books. All kinds of documents! And does braille have a number system? So yes, i know have a blind friend in my head (my excuse for he rnot appearing before is that she moved to Toronto and things were just complicated okay?) who is called Amy and i know that sounds weird, but it means i will make more of an effort to find out about blind people…even though in my head its the future (okay, only like 4 years into the future but you never know what could happen in that time) so shes about to have her eyes replaced. Anyway. I will answer these questions eventually though probably not on this blog obviously.
  • Trying to find volunteer work in Sutton…not just with the blind for anyone…will update you on that. I am not really sure why i am interested (or my parent’s think i can do this?) because i don’t actually have any skills and am hopeless with young children (well not hopeless, just slightly scared because i have no interaction with them at all) and slightly awkward with the elderly. Oh well.
  • I have been thinking a lot about my chemistry teacher’s teeth. Yes i know that sounds really weird. But i just have this irrational hatred of his teeth. They are just so…nice and shiny and white and perfect. Maybe he had braces…but then again maybe not and therefore his teeth have become just another excuse to murder the prancing Abercrombie and Fitch clad doll. So to stop me from killing him i figured a stupid solution should solve the stupid problem. So i will forgive him if he gives a name to each tooth and put in on a clearly labelled diagram. Then make up stories about his teeth. It’s like he has a whole tiny world in his mouth! And his front teeth have teensy moustaches! Okay i’m not really talking about my chemistry teacher’s teeth anymore but just…teeth in general. Because i was making a story where the mandibular second premolars make a plan to incense the third molars with revolutionary talk against the maxillary central incisors, and then use a cunning plan to overpower the maxillary and mandibular lateral incisors to rule over the great united cavern…i just realised that i should just write a play about dental revolution which is just one huge metaphor about the fall of the Tsars and the October Revolution of 1917 etc. It would be great history revision! And i can use that plaster mold of my teeth! Wow. awesome. I knew i could find a cool use for that.

Finally a Doctor Who Update!

Very very amused to see that an “alternate doctor” in the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special will be played by a Liverpudlian. i.e David Morrissey (and not my biology teacher unfortunately) who is tipped to be the next doctor. Which is in some ways a shame because i had convinced myself that it was going to be Russel Brand or Bill Bailey simply because this is what my friends dream of. But he was in Blackpool with Tennant! And played Colonel Brandon, who i love btw, even though Morrissey isn’t as hot as Alan Rickman was (obviously no one who has ever played Gordon Brown can be hot).

Rawr i am so tired. Have been helping out at prize giving. type later. sleep now.

Doctor Who: Journey’s End

How could i talk about anything else but the season finale? So amazingly amazing and mind-boggling i am having to watch it again whilst i type so i don’t miss out any awesomeness. The theme music is going. Love the extra names in the credits! Let the awesome begin.

  1. Doctor regenerates into himself as expected. No one actually seems that surprised, least of all the audience. But still!
  2. Mickey! With a gun! And Jackie! Saving Sarah Jane! Oh Mickey you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Very cute when he kisses his gun goodbye
  3. Time lock in Torchwood- we hardly see anything of Gwen and Ianto for the rest of the episode which sucks a little
  4. Rose Doctor Hug! And Donna flirting with Jack. But no “I Love You”! HE NEVER SAYS IT AND IT KILLED ME! I DON’T CARE IF HE WHISPERS IT-IT ISN’T THE SAME!
  5. Ooh, Doctor’s hair looks nice this episode. As does Rose’s.
  6. Martha. Martha Martha Martha. Every time she came on screen i just yelled “I want to kill you!”. Her part of the plot was so pointless, though it was cute when she finds out the Doctor found Rose. I liked her more the second time i watched the episode because i wasn’t so like “rawr! whats going to happen to the Doctor!?!?!?!”
  7. German Daleks! Saying Exterminate in German! Though…i don’t think they were as according to Babel Fish, exterminate in German is “abschaffen Sie” and these Daleks said something like “exterimineren!”…or maybe online translators suck
  8. Happy smile because Rose was trying to find him! Happy lovely grin!
  9. What is with that red supreme dalek? Was that like explained ever?
  10. The TARDIS was going to be destroyed! So much TARDIS-oh-noes-its-going-to-be-deaded-and-donna-too agnst! Having to watch as well! The poor little thing! With Donna! Nice knowing what to do temp from Chiswick! Offering Himself instead of Donna was very sweet. Love that child of Gallifrey, his little distressed face! I like the way Daleks phrase things. “You are the playthings of Davros now!”
  11. They killed Jack- his skeleton looks very funny when he dies. Hee hee hee.
  12. Naked Doctor. So so jealous. Always so so surprised that David Tennant has sexy chest hair. Though naked regenerationness kind of reminds me of The Terminator when he turns up naked after travelling through time. They totally should have had an arse shot. Doctor Numero Duo- i love your hand as well. And your neck. And the extra Donna attitude. One heart though! No longer beating a samba. Loving the way he says “wizard”. 
  13. Donna not believing shes special! Poor poor Donna! You are special! You aren’t just some stupid temp! We love you! Shun the non believers! Shun! You were for one shining moment the most important woman in the universe! You were always so important
  14. Crazy german lady trying to kill Martha. Martha speaking german! Hee hee. Anyone else feel a slightly anti-german vibe? Because i’m guessing it must be a german who invented this whole Osterhagen key…you know, the one which detonates nuclear warheads in the Earth’s crust…
  15. Davros is just so weird. Not like cool-weird. The laughter? Honestly. Kind of reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars. Especially with the destiny/prophecyness . “Doctor…it is your destiny…”. You are pathetic Davros. Stop making the Doctor feel bad! Stop giving him angst! Stop giving him flashbacks! All his actions were for good! Plus, Davros dies pathetically as well. So in your ugly ugly face!
  16. Reality bomb?! Craziness! It is a very cool plot. Nothing but Daleks. What would they actually do? Just…be? They would probably have ended up killing each other. Well done to Mickey for helping Jackie escape from the testing! Though maybe a bit more distress from the people dying/about to die would have been more heart wrenching. The Doctor! So angry and helpless! Shaking with rage! Hug! He needs a hug! And you know, for some help in saving the universe
  17. Yays for Sarah Jane and her warp star! And for being so brave towards Davros! You go girl!
  18. His children of time are not murderers! Plus- some people in that people-who-died-for-you montage weren’t dead (i.e daughter: regenerates though i wish she died because shes a whore bitch who stole David Tennant from singledom and Ursula: face is in a slab on concrete). You aren’t victorious Davros you’re just a fucking bastard!
  19. Two David Tennants one screen! Happy happy! Though it was painful seeing him get shot all over again. Also rather liking Jack being all “i can’t tell you what i’m thinking right now”. Jack i am so there.
  20. Über smart Donna (though the glowy eyes thing was a bit laughable) ! Yays! Love the spinning Daleks! Très awesome. Looked a bit disco 🙂 Saving all the planets!
  21. Dalek Caan! I love you! Helping the Doctor! You sexy betrayer you, seeing the truth about Daleks! He would be quite fun to live with if you think about it.
  22. All of them flying the TARDIS (except Jackie), they are so cute! Flying earth home! Sadly no reappearance of the random milkman from last episode, but Wilf celebrating was good enough.
  23. “Doing it now sir” loving you Ianto. Loving you so much.
  24. K9! The gangs all here!
  25. Martha and Mickey to Torchwood!
  26. Oh my god Bad Wolf Bay brings back emotions. He grows old…he can spend that life with you Rose Tyler! Together.
  27. This was so unbelievably sad. He still doesn’t say i love you, i was yelling and yelling but he didn’t! But they kissed. And they’ll be happy, Rose and Doctor Numero Duo. Yet Doctor Original is so sad
  28. Donna! Donna Donna! All the amazing things shes done…all gone. Never knowing. The Doctor not being able to say a proper goodbye. He is so sorry Donna! So sorry! Donna angst, a whole new angst.
  29. Wilf! You know he will stick to his promise of looking out for him
  30. It ends with the Doctor all alone, coming in from the rain, taking off his jacket…all alone. Everyone else has somebody but him. And it makes me want to cry.

And this blog is like 1000+ words. Wow. Can’t wait for Christmas 2008. Return of the Cybermen! I will be ready.

Crazy on You Doctor Who

It has been a weird weekend. I am going to get the (relatively) boring stuff out the way first the rant about Doctor Who.

Things about this weekend include free bread. Yes that’s right: they were handing out free loaves of Hovis in the town centre (tempted to scream CBD! CBD!). So much bread…it just seems so horrifically wasteful. I mean, me and my brother had a bread fight with our loaves which we got because mum would like it if we got some bread. I mean it was like free bread! Then it turned out she actually had like a bag full of free bread. We now have around 6 bags of bread just around. Softest ever apparently.

I have been listening to Hank Green a lot today. Right now i am listening to his song dedicated to Helen Hunt who is on his guilt free three list. I personally admire him for writing a song to Helen Hunt without using the obvious rhyming word of choice. His use of explicit (occasionally explicit, you cant call a founding nerdfighter explicit really) lyrics in rap style for the song “Nerdgurl” is surprisingly effective really. Apart from Hank Green, i keep on listening to Jolene by Dolly Parton. I feel like this is wrong somehow.

Of course i need to talk about Doctor Who because it is amazing and wonderful and need want to ramble on because i was yelling at the screen throughout the episode.

  1. The Reunion! The running towards each other! His adorable face as he saw her!!!! Then oh noes, a dalek. I hate that horrible, stupid, incredibly unfeeling (well…duh, it is a dalek but still) dalek more than anything in the world. I will find it and tear it apart with my bare hands! I mad that the Doctor still hasn’t said i love you to Rose
  2. Rose! I felt so sorry for her when everyone else is on the webcam but her. Her confusion at Martha Jones! Don’t worry! Nothing ever happened between them (except when they kissed for like…genetic information transfer or whatever) and that’sgreat because you rock way more than Martha! You own a very large gun! Which i find insanely cool, especially when you said “Do you like my gun?” *shuffles feet guiltly at her love of hilariously giant gun*
  3. Like what is with that key thing Martha has? Honestly. But enough about Martha.
  4. Harriet Jones! Dying without fear! Rock on! Also, did Sarah Jane die or not? That would be sad, even though i don’t watch the Doctor Who spin-off shows
  5. Like Torchwood. I think i’ve only seen like two episodes, but i have constant updates on it because my friends watch it. Hannah: I now am beginning to understand how amazing Ianto is. He is simply lovely (okay- imagine that was written in a welsh accent)
  6. Like OMG regeneration!?!?!?!?!!?!?! David Tennant isn’t leaving…is there anyway you can interrupt his regeneration so he’s healed but not facially changed? Or oh my god what if he like…melts so hes just like a brain and an eye and they shove him in a jar and carry him around and so they only need Tennant’s voice?! Okay- that would never happen but still, i think “your own personal Doctor-in-a-jar!” would sell like hotcakes.
  7. That image may have been inspired by the now insane Dalek Caan who is so adorable now he is insane! I just really like Daleks (except you know aforementioned whore-bitch-reunion-ruining Dalek) and i remember getting really excited the first time i saw one in a Doctor Who episode because you know…they’re Daleks. I knew about Daleksbefore i knew what Doctor Who was. There also used to be one in the BBC shop. That rocked. Oh, and Davros. I think the bit where we see his like…mutilated? partially destroyed?…chest was very cool.
  8. Donna should be mentioned. She is also great. Especially when, at the possible end of the world, she still wanted to know who Captain Jack was 🙂
  9. Bees! There had to be something going on there, they mentioned the bees disappearing a lot this season. I think that kind of thing is what makes the show fun, how it doesn’t take itself seriously and all the alien look rubbish and all. Also, while we’re on on things which make the show endearing which aren’t David Tennant, the literaryness (libraries! Shakespeare! Agatha Christie! etc!), the amazing englishness (tea saving the universe! everything being to do with england!), the wonderfully familiar feel of the TARDIS despite the fact i have never seen a police telephone box and of course- i love the theme tune. The opening credits. Especially this week because it was like “oooh! extra names! Billie Piper yays!”
  10. Love Doctor Who so so much!

Last Week of Exams

Okay- i may have actually GCSEs tomorrow instead of unimportant internal-ness, but i am fine. I am still incredibly happy because of:

  1. First and foremost Doctor Who: OMG they were going to kill him! Just chuck him off the ship! I was rather surprised that it was the hostess who saved them all, i so thought it was going to be Dee Dee. The woman who played Sky was simply amazing- very creepy eyes. Also- Rose! Why does the Doctor miss these things! Makes me scream! Shes back next week! *squeal* but the trailers said he’s dead…*waves arms around in frustration*. Today at school we were all very excited about it. We also just had to repeat whatever any non-doctor-who-watching-friend said.
  2. David Tennant also brightened up my english exam. I walk in and there was around 120 pictures of him because he’s on the front cover on the Romeo&Juliet text we use. Sheer, unadulterated awesome. 🙂
  3. I have been reading Gone with the Wind which just makes me grin and jump up and down. My mother understands, if she comes into my room while i’m reading shes all “why are you so happy?” and i’ll go “Rhett!” and then we both squeal about Rhett, we once watched Gone with the Wind together. I have the poster on my wall. The wonderful, smouldering Clark Cable is on my wall.
  4. Greys Anatomy-actually the one think keeping me sane is watching this stupid show. I have just started season 3. Izzy is still freaking over denny’s death (i loved denny so much!) but Bailey has just clamed her, Callie moved in with George, Burkes mother is visiting him in hospital and freaking out Cristina, Meredith is going to try dating McDreamy and McVet (lucky bitch), Derek finally left Addison and Addison is now sleeping with McSteamy. Excellent all round
  5. Strings of plastic pearls. I have a load of these beady things on the desk i revise on. They are so fun to play with.

Okay- that may only be five things to be thankful for but they are very incredibly awesome. As is the song title “I am a Tree”.

Another List

I need a list. A list of random things which really don’t go together in a list. Maybe it works better if you read it late at night listening to “I think i need a new heart” by The Magnetic Fields, aching in a way which hurts but isn’t enough to complain about, tensions are running high as your grandparents arrive from America tomorrow, you’re meant to be revising, you’re on an annoyingly slow computer, you were feeling good but now kind of grumpy and maybe worst of all, someone else unwrapped the new ironing board and then put in in the garage. The cold, lonely garage. Why would you do that to something all happy, shiny, new and pale blue gingham?

Events this week:

  1. My dad’s birthday: very low key, we ate an awesome indian and gave him three gifts, two books and a bottle of wine. To be fair, one of the books was quite rare and he was so excited
  2. I got an A* in a biology test: Not really a big deal because the A* boundary was laughably low, but still reassuring
  3. I watched awful films in latin lessons: my latin teacher is away again(complicated broken arm), monday we watched an awful amateur production of Oedipus the King with an excited psychology teacher and then on friday we watched Asterix the Gaul(what happened? it used to be so good!) with my less enthusiastic biology teacher who dryly noted that DVD cost £16
  4. I am having an ongoing msn display picture fight with a friend: Basically, who can find the best picture of David Tennant (as The Doctor). We both like focus on his lovely hands and she has a fixation with his neck. I see himwhen i close my eyes. I am so not complaining.
  5. I have been messaging Hannah about Greys Anatomy: I am watching online and just finished watching season 2 episode 19 so i message her on facebook about events which happened ages ago which sometimes confuses her
  6. Getting pissed off with my orthodontist: my braces were meant to come off on thursday. Bitch didn’t even tighten them or anything. Well, it isn’t her fault, but it is damn annoying and i generally feel no sympathy for people who do not realising they were causing me severe pain and sometimes seem unaware they have pointy objects in my mouth and should focus on them and not bitching with her assistant.
  7. Wishing wishing i knew the words to Church my T Pain. It is so so damn catchy.

Now a list of reasons why everything would be so much better if i lived in Oakland:

  • My mother would no longer be insanely homesick and i would be able to see my family and get free chocolate from where my cousin works
  • I could go see a live show my Abby Simons (, i have been listening to ‘My Scientist’ on repeat all day…im trying to listen to it now but i can hear Alan Sugar yelling in the background on the repeat show of “The Apprentice”
  • I wouldn’t have to hear about Alan Sugar ever again
  • Mexican food! I have only seen one actually mexican (not a tex-mex) restaurant in England. Ever. It’s not my favourite food or anything, but the idea of “super burritos” makes me very very happy.
  • I’d be near Berkeley and San Francisco. Need i say more?
  • I could introduce them to drinking tea. Not that herbal shit. I want to go into Bel Air or whatever and see a proper  tea section
  • Ditto Doctor Who. Actually, the BBC as a whole. I think you may get it on some cable, but it should just be on the TV as standard. I like the BBC. Though there may be some anti-americany documentaries…
  • It would be easier to see Hank and John Green! yays! (
  • I would prefer to be outside. I could be real wholesome. Jeez, maybe i could be the token geek on the cheerleading squad. Or just hang out at the L’Amyx tea bar, writing and drinking bubble tea (which you can’t get over here and people give you funny looks if you try to describe it)
  • I would never ever have to talk to some people again. Or even see them. I would probably find a whole new set of people i didn’t like but thats a change
  • It would give the people i did want to see a reason to come to the US, plus they wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel. My parents are always checking the American house market, in America we could afford a huge huuuuge house. With a pool. Go figure.

Writing a stupid list has just made me more annoyed. The only reason my parents don’t move to Oakland is because me and my brothers are settled here. Writing stupid lists makes me annoyed that i can’t write everything i want to type.

Last Day of Freedom

Today has been spent writing and rewriting bits of my Romeo and Juliet essay, going over my endless mistakes and my english teacher father lamenting the fact that schoolchildren nowadays have no idea what the hell grammar is. Anyway- the other part of half term was spent reading books, going to Hannah’s house, rambling about town and wrapped up in my duvet daydreaming…

 But fuck that, what I really want to talk to you about is ♥David Tennant♥

 (who yes, I was daydreaming about) 

Basically, Friday (the Delicious Tennant’s birthday in fact) I went round to Jess’ house. We watched all of Doctor Who season 2. By the time we finished, I could see the Doctor behind my eyes and couldn’t get the theme tune out of my head(that theme tune goes surprisingly well with Avril Lavigne). After watching Doomsday I kinda lost the ability to speak (if you’ve seen it you’ll know) and was going “blehk! Vroob! But…but! *sob* Glakkk!”. Then on Saturday me and Imogen spent several hours with a little Doctor Who action figure and remote controlled K-9. It is so cute! It even says “affirmative master”! We were bouncing up and down! We must have looked pretty weird as we were carrying a screwdriver around with us but oh well. It was totally worth it, the Doctor’s coat billows! Billows! Plus, you can jump it up and down going “That’s rubbish! Absolute garbage!” and pretend its my biology teacher.

To sum up: David Tennant rocks my fucking socks. And in case you were wondering: yes, the episode set in Pompeii made me jump up and down in excitement. He fights aliens with water pistols! He saves Caecilius!!! The Doctor is obviously the true founder of the Cambridge Latin Course. So basically the Doctor is…just too amazing. Affirmative mistress!

Eyes of Green Green Green

I am listening to that song right now(oh Gorkys Zygotic Mynci why did you spilt up before i discovered your awesomeness?) to celebrate a good weekend! Yays! Which was welcome after that strange wish-i-could-whack-peoples-heads-off-with-a-big-shovel feeling. No one in particular was annoying me, i was just incredibly frustrated all week and most of Saturday. This is due to practical science exam things which count for 25% of my science GCSEs and they would drive anyone insane. But then Hannah invited me round to her house! I have only been to her house twice, it is a realm of magical possibilities and mess. It is so nice to go somewhere not afraid of being messy, like a normal house should be. We bounced around….bounced around….bounced around with her younger brother(who thinks I’m crazy. it’s so sweet)….then we settled down. Yet we i could not settle as we were watching Casanova, starring the simply gorgeous David Tennant. There are lots of pictures of and declarations of love to David Tennant all around Hannah’s house as her sister loves him. Who can blame her? He was simply stunning as Casanova yet it was so damn heart wrenching! I was squirming like “aaah! that can’t happen!” and Hannah was shushing me as she has seen it before. Actually, the song Eyes of Green Green Green always reminds me of Hannah. Her eyes aren’t even particularly green so I’m not sure why. I guess maybe because they are both very calming…or the part of the song which goes “to see see see” like in those rhymes where you clap someones hands(great description), which me and Hannah do sometimes. Gah, next week is probably going to be awful again. I also have far too many books to read, long books. Well, not very long, just longer than my concentration can hold out. Yet David Tennant is bouncing around in my head, looking all adorable in his Casanova get up. I wish i was in Venice, having scandals with dashing,dandy men in leather boots and swishy silk jackets. I wish for a lot of things though. I may go make one of those wishes come true actually, i am off to get some tea. Maybe with…a biscuit!