It is around 10 minutes to 8 on a Saturday evening. Any decent person should therefore know that i am about to write about Doctor Who and the extreme emotional distress this episode caused me because:

  1. River Song, who i heavily criticised, was awesome this week with the whole handcuff thing, sacrificing herself for the Doctor, knowing the Doctor’s name (causing him mucho angst, very hot) and just generally being awesome
  2. OMFG Donna! It was so incredibly sad when her husband sees her then can’t call out to her! They must must must let them meet again! She loved him! It made me scream!
  3. The absolute creepiness with the children. When Donna looks around and realises they are just the same boy and girl over and over and over again….
  4. On the same note, the heartbreakingness of when Donna’s children disappear just after she promises she’ll never close her eyes again
  5. The Doctor Moon guy being all “and now you forget”, he has a really disturbing smile
  6. When you discover the library was built for the dying girl and you just forgive Stackman Lux for being such a bastard at the beginning
  7. Miss Evangelista turning uber smart yet disfigured

Yes, basically i was speechless for a while. During the episode i was yelling at the screen much to the amusement of my brothers. Particularly when the Doctor is about to save River Song i was just like “oh my god if he doesn’t save her then i am going to KILL Steven Moffat! This can’t be another-yet way more distressing- Kylie incident!”, as in when The Doctor thinks he can save Astrid Peth (a.k.a Kylie) in Voyage of the Damned and it so gets your hope up (even though I don’t think Kylie is that awesome) but then noooo, she dies. Well…goes all stardusty…you know what i mean.

Right, with that off my chest: It was mine and Hannah’s 5th birthday on Thursday. I recieved random books(including “An Abundance of Katherines”, John Green FTW), some cute earrings, a Titanicy bracelet (has a big, blue heart on it), an awesome (must find a new term of praise) bag from Octopus (it’s sides are made of laminated pulp fiction covers), a cute dress from H&M, money, a pair of gorgeous shoes from Office (which cost £40, i feel slightly guilty for spending that money on shoes) and some more random presents are arriving.

Because it was Hannah’s birthday there was a lot of cake at school. I made some brownie, she made very tasty fairy cakes. I just realised i received no actual birthday cake! Oh well. We went to Wagamamas as a family, i love going to Wagamamas. But now i am having to revise all day long. Well, pretending to revise mainly. I did manage to revise biology (my biology teacher liked my brownies, making him even more awesome) but instead of revising french (i had french orals on my birthday) i was rereading In Cold Blood which is quite stupid as it always makes me rather depressed. But hey, anythings better than work.