Its Procrastination time!

Things I have done this week which have tragically prevented me from working:

  • Blackpool: Oh come on. It has David Tennant in- how could i resist? Its pretty amazing and wonderfully original- its basically a murder mystery musical set in Blackpool 😀 which surprised me because when jess said “there are musical numbers during sex” i thought she just meant weird background music…i didn’t envisage David Tennant getting his freak on whilst singing “Sqweeze me Pleeze Me”. Have not been able to stop listening to the Soundtrack. The follow up, Viva Blackpool, is not quite as entertaining (by which i mean no David Tennant) but Morrissey is simply amazing as Ripley Holden.
  • Slowly but surely getting through more Clint Eastwood filmography: I finished getting through the Dirty Harry series y watching The Dead Pool. Oh. my. God. Seeing as i don’t think anyone is really going to watch it, i might as well tell you the amazing finish: Clint Eastwood shooting the serial killer into the wall with a harpoon, which earlier we saw Slash (yes, that Slash) messing around with (all of Guns n Roses have a cameo actually). I was praying that would happen and they did not disappoint. I swear Eastwood has just made a career out of stepping of mist looking menacing. Which he achieves with great effect in Fistful of Dollars- only that is actually amazing considering he is wearing a poncho. I mean, that has to be like the ultimate manhood test: can you look scary whilst wearing a poncho? I know i can’t.
  • Finishing The Audacity of Hope: yes- i know its  hard to believe after those first two bullet points, but i do read! And I’m on the last chapter and am all “oh my god Michelle and Barack are so sweet!”. And their first kiss tasted of chocolate (they were eating ice cream). They have to be the most adorable couple ever. Cuteness aside, the book is awesome and makes me very hopeful. Obama outlines in the book what he thinks the government should do for America and they sound like excellent plans. The only fault i have with the book is that if i wasn’t american i might find it pretty hard to read just because its so focused on the USA and just written in this incredibly  way which could get annoying after a while if it wasn’t such good writing (and if the writer wasn’t Barack. *does happy dance because it always cheers me up to remember he is President*)
  • Dissection Club: yes, i gave up my lunchtimes to dissect a rat. We called our rat Seamus (by “we” i mean me, Suga and Luxmmi). It was kinda fun in a weird way. Um…i know how weird that sounds because you know…i feel like i shouldn’t find cutting open a rat and removing all its organs fun…i should find it kinda gross. And yeah, i did grimace and freak a little when i had to break its arm to pin it down (that was creepy the first time because its hands/paws look really human) and because it smelt awful and because its slightly sickening to cut open somethings throat…but overall its was just interesting. I mean, me and Luxmmi (Suga didn’t attend the last session *hug*) found it amazingly cool how the renal vein looks exactly like our diagrams of it and  how everything fits together, how the pancreas is way thinner than we thought and actually does look like a leaf and also we got to see little rat embryos because some people had a pregnant rat. We got a little hack crazy at the end. “Hmm…what haven’t we cut open yet…how about the kidneys?”. Yeah, we totally butchered that kidney. Fortunately, our biology teacher got to the other one before us and cut it open beautifully (it did look pretty in some way…also i would just like to add my biology teacher treats insides like noodles. Its just the way he handles the forceps reminds me of people using chopsticks and it weirded me out).

Anyway. I apologise if that was creepy and disturbing and you lost faith in my movie taste. But that is way better that doing statistics coursework/annotating media texts/iMedia etc.



This is just a quick note to say (note from me of the future reading this thing back…i didn’t realise this would mainly be about Presidents. oh well):

  • Happy Birthday Mr President! Well…Mr Dead…ex-president George Washington. Today is your birthday! And President’s Day and all that. I’m sorry Lincoln got more celebrated because its his 200th and this is your 277thwhich isn’t a nice round number or anything. It sucks even more because today isn’t actually your real birthday (i was shocked when i wikied that 2 seconds ago!). This may come as a surprise to you, but Washington’s birthday is actually February 22nd, we just celebrate it on the third Monday of February which sounds a bit stupid but i guess its so there is a 3 day weekend. Not like i can enjoy it (well…it is half term…and the 22nd is a sunday…). But Happy Birthday anyway- you may not be attractive, but your signature was pretty cool
  • I spent a great deal of last night finding pictures of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. William Whipple- i want to marry you and become Mrs Olivia Whipple and go live in New Hampshire with you and Prince Whipple (who was a slave. shame on you).  But you know…if you want to be a freak and marry your first cousin….
  • Today i went to Hannah’s to watch Casanovayet again (with Tennant! yaaays!) which was fun. As it always is. Fun yet towards the end i get all depressed…yeah…i can link this bullet point to Presidents as well because i gave Hannah a little rant on Lincoln at the train station (i cannot stop thinking about him! him and his lopsided face are haunting me!)
  • Oh, plus on the train to Hannah’s place i was reading some of The Audacity of Hope. He just is the most adorable person ever (…Barackhas become my “He with a capital H”). The writing is excellent and he just seems so…down to earth and everything he says seems really right. Plus its kinda cute when hes writing about the White House because its like “aaaw, past-you didn’t know you were going to end up living there!”
  • I am also becoming more andmore in love with Jonathan Coulton (link to presidents: he has two songs listing them. i am trying to learn the lists. Its slow going so far). He is genius. Leonard Nimoy and Bigfoot having a fling? Giant squid unable to love because he crushes everything? Eating a steak-taste-better pill? Mr Fancy Pants? I love you and i wish we were married. Screw William Whipple! Your name shortens to JoCo which is even cooler! Okay- i don’t really want to marry JoCo, i just want him to play some shows in London (yes, i have used that “Demand Coulton to come to your city!” thing and you saidyou checked the numbers!) and i can go and be all starstruck and buy a t-shirt and stuff andyou seem like the kind of person who does after-showmingling. Please please find this blog somehow andread this far. Because i think your lyrics are amazing (not just the funny stuff, i mean “Drinking with You” and “Big Bar World One” are really sweet) and you look cuddly (i really want a hug now. i had a lot of group hugs earlier today. i miss them. i miss my Casanova people) and you are a nerd icon  who allows lots of free downloading  and you also have a ginger beard. That is just a whole lot of awesome 🙂

Happy Obama Day!!!

I am so amazingly excited. Barack Obama is president! Like for real! He didn’t get shot or anything and the wiki page has been updated to say so! I thought i had missed the inauguration….because i forgot about time zones for a while…came home, was about to settle down to watch friends….then realised the inauguration was on. Oh my god. I am so glad i did not miss that. I wouldn’t have minded missing like, the prayer lead by the Californian dude or the music composed by John Williams. Plus, i just could not understand a word Aretha Franklin was singing. I kept thinking it was going to change into “God Save the Queen”. Also I always think she is dead. No idea why- she just seems like  she should be dead in a way…i know how weird that sounds. It is just because she’s legendary and all. Anyway.

THAT SPEECH. MOST AWESOME THING EVER. I mean, i was all hyper and yelling at my dog to watch the TV screen and giggling and being all “aaaw! he stumbled over his vows!” and then he started his speech. It was just amazing. It really did feel like a historic moment- i don’t think i had really grasped that fully until he got up there and did just said all that- i swear he didn’t look at notes or anything. He is just that cool. It actually got to some point in his speech where i was just yelling out “Yes! Yes we can!” after every sentence. And stroking the screen. It must have looked a bit crazy- but i’m sure people literally all over the world were doing the same. I’ve never actually watched an inaugural speech before. I mean, Bill Clinton (who looked awful today by the way. or maybe thats just because Obama was totally outsexing everyone in the world today) got sworn in a few months before i was born and then it was Bush….and i wasn’t interest back in 2001 when i was around (okay its taking me an age to work out how old i would have been. my brain is just not working right now) 8 or 9 and then when he got elected again i was too disgusted to watch. So yeah. Pretty awesome time to be alive and watching speeches.

I hope its going to be an awesome four years. I mean- did you feel all the hope? It really felt that something amazing was happening. Like “yes! i believe in what he is saying! i really do!”. Even though i hate to say it because you know…it sounds all weird and cheesy…it feels very good to be American today. Okay- i’m only half-american. But i have a passport! And a second birth certificate! After years of feeling kinda bad and guilty and rather “damn, what has America done now which people are going to constantly remind me of?” its like “yay! my country rocks!”. Obama could think of a good way to say it. Even what he said about America being all about freedom, and not race or background etc., sounded good.

Happy Obama Day Everybody! (okay- trying to choose only one picture of our new president is really hard. I get such a buzz from typing that! *waves hands around*  look at his adorable smile! happy day!) ♥♥♥

Happy Obama Day!

Happy Obama Day!

Recovering from Italy

I would really like to write a big long blog about my trip to Italy, but somehow i can’t right now. I have managed to work myself into a state of a-feeling-which-is-almost-panic-but-isn’t due to reading David Berman which always puts me into this weird mood where everything i think is actually a poem and is therefore thought in a very slow, broken way because its all on different lines with stupid punctuation. And I’m listening to “Call Me” and its like “yay, this is a happy song…or maybe it isn’t because isn’t it rather desperate and full of unrequited love and just so much *wild hand gestures* longing no matter what that does to her self-esteem and dignity? oh god she’s me. only i don’t even have anyone to sing this song to. i should just sing it on the street and see who will call me. gosh, i hope its someone nice”

Speaking of nice, OBAMA. Elections! Whilst in italy i became très distressed whilst reading a newspaper, which unfortunately was in italian, turned to my friends and said “guys, i might be wrong but i think someones tried to kill obama”. Yes, yes they had. I’m rather worried for him because if he doesn’t get elected i’m worried that i’m going to still believe he is president because that’s just how it has to be. And i see his face everywhere. And i wave. And yes, occasionally giggle. And think about how much i just want to live in the White House with Lincoln, Clinton, Washington, Teddy and Franklin, Kennedy and Obama and be like…their snow white. Though they obviously aren’t dwarfs (but there are 7 of them).

Italy was lovely, very much so. Yet now i except everywhere i go to be a ruin, to observe ancient frescos and keep turning this way and that to see which angle would be best for a picture. My favourite things? Why- the excellent company of Hannah and Ellen and all the new people: first and foremost Namrata who excellently adapted to our funny ways. Then, though not really new, Nicole and Min Young. Countless others (okay there were 42 people on the trip including me but i am very lazy). And special mention goes to Zara and Vithya. These people may not read this but thank you for your conversation, for being bad at bowling with me, for the snacks, taking photos together, being tired of walking, being excitable, not telling the teachers i broke one of the hotel beds (it was a little camp bed with wooden slats…we were jumping up and down…), for someone else saying it was like they had a little tv show inside their head, the new discoveries, just for everything.

(ah…have just snapped out of weird mood. excellent)

Places (in no real order…this probably isn’t all the places we went to):

Colosseum: Isn’t it big and fantastic? We got followed around by some italian boys outside using hilariously awful chat up lines. Its odd to be outside it, it feels like a picture. Inside, everything has been stripped away and depressing….

Ostia Antica: So ridiculously beautiful. Not the most interesting of ruins (best preserved toilets of the ancient world!) but so magical. You can wonder for hours without seeing anyone through these ruins overgrown with grass and the sun was setting and it felt so, to use a word much overused by hannah that holiday, quaint. For example, we stumbled across some boy scouts receiving communion from a priest, some small children walking along singing in italian accompanied by guitar, we sat in the theatre which is just arranged so perfectly and, best of all, climbed up the stairs of a three story building with the most beautiful view across the whole place.

The Pantheon: Yes, it may just be a big ol’ concrete dome, but its seriously impressive. I didn’t understand until i actually saw it. We stumbled across it really, its not really that advertised although there were so many people. We sat staring at that dome for ever, in not-actually-that-silent awe.

The Vatican: I didn’t realise it was so…museumy. Wondered around lots of Egyptian artifacts and statues. rushed through the rooms leading to the Sistine chapel, was slightly surprised at how small The Creation of Adam is. much preferred The Last Judgement, that fabulous shade of blue. I think this unimpressed tone comes from having to run through rooms of disgusting modern art to see the chapel. Ooh! We did get free headphones at the Vatican from the audio guides, they tell you you can keep them because they’ll throw them away otherwise for hygiene reasons.

Monte-Cassino: The courtyard…the view…we were up their literally in the middle of the cloud and it was just such an awe-inspiring feeling. The actual tomb where St Benedict is buried is, I’m afraid, horrible. Very tacky shiny gold. But the whole building is only around 60 years old because it was bombed during World War Two and then rebuilt. We saw a Benedictine Monk! I know they aren”t technically tourist attractions but still…

Mount Vesuvius: The top was closed due to poor visibility!!!! Damnation. Bought some tacky necklace made to make up for disappointment.

Herculaneum: I guess going down into the city is impressive because its so far below its surroundings…and i might only think this because it was too hot a day…but i really hated this place. It is so boring, there is not that much to see, the place has no feel to it, you can see all these modern buildings surrounding it, it isn’t looked after properly (seriously, if you want to steal some ancient ruins go there. Flimsy, waist-high wooden gates aren’t much of a defense system) and the cool places were closed. Gah.

Pompeii: Waaay more impressive. Its so big and sprwaling, you can imagine what it was like because you can tell people actually lived there. AND OMG I SAW CAECILIUS’ HOUSE! It was right there!!! Unfortunately, you cant go in or even touch it because its being restored. But still. I did get to go into the Lupanare, literally The House of The She-Wolves, i.e the brothel. With some rather interesting pictures i must say. You can wonder around and always find some impressive house to see. I recommend a visit. Though please do not take pictures of the dead bodies, this seriously distresses me. Particularly in the Garden of the Fugitives, when one figure is looking over the rest, probably his family, and probably had to watch them die before dying himself. And there you people are snapping photos of him and being all “ooh-better turn off the flash or else the light will reflect off the glass”.

On a lighter note, we went bowling on Halloween- i did make several people scream with my zombie get up. Hee hee. We also spent two girly nights watching Dirty Dancing- i am now constantly listening to the soundtrack. So that is around it. It was fantastic. and now i have to go back to school. Wish me luck. No seriously, i have a physics test on Thursdayand history coursework to do. I need some luck, or at least someone to slap me and go “stop singing you fool!”.

We’re off to see the Caecilius…

Things driving me crazy:

  • Worry. Going to Italy tomorrow on a school trip (hahaha- latin students FTW) and am just freaking out about packing, losing money, passport etc.
  • Okay- i have this person’s voice going round and round my head saying “au chanté!” and i pretty sure it is the way someone has said it in a film whilst kissing some girls hand and it is just DRIVING ME CRAZY BECAUSE IT IS SO SO SO SO  SO SO SO SO SO ANNOYING
  • The young Leonardo diCaprio. Am watching “The Man in the Iron Mask” just because i used to love that film so much, i had forgotten just how evil  Leo’s character is. Though…he also plays the good guy so its kinda confusing
  • At random points throughout the say, my brain will just shout out “OBAMA!”. i keep thinking of him as the president, not just like you know…running for president
  • I bought 3 books today (it was 3 for 2) and then came home and found a book i wanted to read more than the new ones (the books i found was “The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr” by E.T.A Hoffmann, i read some of it and just instantly fell in love)

Things making me happy:

  • When webcomics collide: Indie Pete from Diesel Sweetness dressing up as Dr McNinja for halloween!
  • Obama being all cute on the Ellen show and saying he will make George Clooney his official Ellen Ambassador. Plus they showed the cutest picture of young obama dressed as a pirate!
  • Me and my mother went shopping- i love to go shopping with her. Its not just because it means there is more money to spend. She’s just always so lovely and happy
  • My dog. Aaaaw. Shessocuteandicouldjuststrokeherfurrybellyalldaylong.
  • My cat also. Iloveitwhenshepurrsanditsalllikeaaaawlookitssonicewhenshesappyandnotallickyandstuff
  • Borders. Just wondering around, buying books, whilst The Beatles were playing
  • Going to Italy! Going to see Caecilius’ freakin house! LUCIUS FREAKIN’ CAECILIUS IUCUNDUS! LIKE OMG!

thats right, be jealous.

Ooh. How Disturbed.

This is probably going to be a short blog as i am jumping off my chair every few seconds as I’m feeling very paranoid and my back is to the door. Just imagine me doing a dance to ‘Disturbia’ for a few minutes. This is thanks to Hannah who lent me the terrifying play “The Pillowman”. I have to check that the book is in fact lying on the bed, and not leaping up to eat me. Well, it wouldn’t eat me, it would do something obviously far more disturbing. I haven’t even read all of it yet. No, because i got called down to watch No Country for Old Men. Which was amazing, but isn’t doing anything to stop my paranoia. Lets just not mention it again and talk about the movie instead. (but disturbing thought: David Tennant was in it once. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?!?!?!)

(*spoilers btw*) Boy did Javier Bardem deserve that award. Best sociopath hitman i have ever seen. And probably the most attractive- his look being inspired by brothel owners on the mexico/usa border. With a Beatle’s haircut. Now, it may seem weird that i say this considering all he ever does throughout the film is kill people in a variety of ways (cattle gun? genius i must say. murder and a great way of breaking in) butthen im allowed to like him because he is fictional (believe me, i was going to read the book, its next to me as i type, but i had to finish The General in his Labyrinth which was so amazingly amazing). There is something so attractive (yeah, i can’t think of a better word) about someone who can just blow up his car to steal things from a pharmacy to treat his own leg wound without flinching, and then getting into a car accident and his arm being twisted in a way that his freakin’ bone sticks out and just getting up, making a sling, and limping away. Oh and the way he talks. And of course, the hilarity of large guns. And the whole flipping coins to see who lives and dies.

You might think i am crazy. That is exactly what my friends said when i was laughing out loud at the actions of The Master in Doctor Who (come on! hes amazing!).

Because that is what i was doing on saturday/sunday at Jess’ party! Which was just so awesome, you kind of walked into her house and it just felt fun. Everyone was just in a good mood all evening, Jess loved my present (‘couture teapot for one’). We played truth and dare. I was dared to smear potato salad on my face and run down the road shouting “i have come for your root vegetables!”. Yeah..i did that. And yes, a teacher at my school lives down that road. And yes it was actually quite fun 🙂

When buying Jess’ present me and Imogen went to Borders to buy Looking for Alaska by John Green ( now!) as imogen’s present. We found a note inside! From a nerdfighter! We felt made of awesome. We felt kinda guilty as we are nerdfighters already so we took the note then to give something back to the nerdfighting community we went to another bookstore and wrote our own note. Truly- we felt all tingly and awesome and sang the Obama Llama Song.

Enjoy, while i go freak out.