My Musical (featuring Killer Robots!)

Happy Easter! Or, the more awesome holiday being celebrated today, happy Cosmonautics Day! I was not actually expecting to have a particularly good easter this year because my parents are masters of deception and had convinced me that i was to receive no eggs this year (it is particularly painful when they do this at christmas, or when it turns out they weren’t actually lying). Although because our garden is currently flooded and overgrown the easter egg hunt was limited to the conservatory and stone-outsidey-place-where-the-washing-line-is. I got 3 eggs and an easter bunny- which was reason enough to do a little celebratory dance to “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer and spend the rest of the day wearing a scarf tied around my head and hoop earrings pretending to be a pirate (i was re-reading Lord of the Flies today, which explains why i needed a distraction). I hope everyone else had a good easter! (its weird how even when i was younger and went to a CoE primary school and had to go to church etc. easter was never about Jesus. Ah well.  Enjoy your candy!)

Other than chocolate it has been an amazingly boring time recently. Still pretending to revise. Still reading What is the What which is as depressing and also as amazing as ever. (actually so bored i stopped blogging to try and beat my high score on Snake Extreme 2 on my phone. gah).

In an attempt to beat the boredom i have been listening to The Aquabats, which is weird because i don’t usually listen to ska/rock…people pretending to be superheroes. Though i think more people should dress up as superheroes! I would personally enjoy it if they weren’t so tight and made of spandexy. I was thinking earlier about trying to make up a very cool super villain and ended up just deciding that if anyone was going to take over the earth i would want it to be Jonathon Coulton in a top hat and monocle.

(okay: this is future me writing when reading over this post. this next bit goes a tad crazy. my sincere apologies)

See, i was listening to ABBA earlier (yes. i am slightly ashamed) and decided that the songs could have been used to make a way cooler musical!. One about…killer robots. As in, Super Troopers.  And i decided to chuck in songs by Jonathan Coulton and the Silver Jews as well (because…i am not sure why). And then i remembered the song Super Trooper was all about how someone loved and was comforted by them so i decided that maybe some poor woman made them to be her husband substitute after he was murdered. And JoCo steals these robots and reprogrammes them to be evil world taking over robots. Thus twisting “Does Your Mother Know” from a cheesy and slightly pervy pop song to a threatening refrain sung whilst shooting teenagers who break curfew. It would also be fun to choreograph a dance to “Todd the T100” and of course, those who disobey are sent to Chiron Beta Prime (i love that song!).

Anyway. David Berman, our hansome-ish anti-hero, and his wife Cassie are hanging out past curfew (cue: Punks in the Beerlight) and are surprised by killer robots who steal Cassie to take back to JoCo (cue: Skullcrusher Mountain) and David Berman mourns (cue: The Winner takes it All, then lots of other songs as his mourning progressess. I guess Sometimes a Pony gets Depressed and then maybe when hes more suicidal My Pillow is the Threshold). So he decides he will defeat and gathers up some sidekicks! He gets Code Monkey (cue the song) who decided to hand in his resignation to boring manager Rob and become a superhero in order to win the heart of the secretary, he saves Tom (from Re: Your Brains) from hordes of zombies and gets  Leonard Nimoy to try and stop him mourning over his short lived affair with Bigfoot (Under the Pines). So he gathers them all around, explains his plan (by singing Take a Chance on Me obviously) then decide to make their headquarters on the party barge (…cue Party Barge).

So now they need to find JoCos hiding place. They happen to come across the crazy lady who started it all who tells them where to find him (cue: There is a Place). So they make their way to Skullcrusher mountain where Cassie is still imprisoned (i can’t decide what song this should be! maybe she could have befriended one of the guards who sings Chiquitita to her. Or maybe she sings Candy Jail in bitter tones!). David Berman and his sidekicks manage to defeat the hungry mountain wolves, though one manages to bite David’s hand off (cue: SOS)….

Okay that is as far as i got. It is just a rough outline of this…musical thing. It probably doesn’t make that much sense if you don’t know the songs, but even without that knowledge i believe it could be awesome. Especially since it has killer robots in (which makes anything pretty awesome). And seeing as David Berman said he might go into writing screenplays…


Ramble Ramble

I am just going to ramble.

I would like to start this with some thoughts on avocados.

  • On preparing them~Damn i hate doing this. They’re all squishy! And so green! And then sometimes brown and you are unsure if you want to eat them and oh, never mind, i just dropped it into the cat’s food bowl anyway. That should show it who’s boss!
  • On eating them~This is amazing it makes everything so much better, yes! Yes i will be your lawfully wedded wife Mr Avocado! Why am i thinking like this? Insane avocado induced adrenalin rush? Who cares?! I’m getting married to the love of my life!
  • After eating~Oh shit i ate those too fast. Damn avocados, they tricked me! Why did i eat so much avocado? Why did no one else eat them? There was a whole damn plate of them! I am going to lie down.
  • During Avocado Reflection~I still love avocados. Do they like grow on trees? I will have to wiki that later.

That thought randomly lead to be thinking about what if bees grew on trees. Very scary. You would be walking through a bee orchard thinking how pretty it was then OH NO! BEES! (*buzzzz…buzzzzz*) Coming out of the trees! Hee hee that rhymes…shit no time for thinking about that! Run! Wait- don’t run! I may be more likely to get stung that way. My thoughts go like that. Thinking funny! Funny all day long! Rawr like what if my bathroom was part of a gigantic honeycomb!? It has hexagonal tiles! I can’t be the only one who thinks it is slightly strange they construct hexagons. They obviously are not all a perfect hexagonal shape…but still. Odd.

  • Oh: i keep thinking people can hear my thoughts, just randomly. It’s the retainers, i spend a lot of time in my head and not talking so i end up talking to people in my head like “oh hello…why didn’t they respond? oh..yeah…in my head”. I tried to put a positive spin on it to Hannah, who listens to my paranoid stuff, by telling her that never knowing who was listening gives you a nervy energy rush. But the cons definitelyoutweigh any any pros. You have to explain and apologise for stuff all the time which can get annoying when you want to daydream (sitcom-in-my-head: People are playing Frisbee in the park and attempting dirty conversation in order to make the whole picnic seem less wholesome)
  1. My chemistry teacher likes ABBA. I wish i had known this before, i wouldn’t have had so many homicidal thoughts about him during lesson time if i had known he had felt cheated when they didn’t include the song “Knowing me, Knowing You” in the new film of Mamma Mia. Yes! That is criminal! Lets listen to ABBA together! Well…maybe not. I don’t think i can ever forgive him for teaching chemistry. Quite badly in my personal opinion (then again, i wouldn’t actually know given that i don’t pay any attention). Though his film blog is written quite well (yes, its creepy i read my teacher’s blog from time to time. whatever. these things get found if you go to an all-girls school and are under 30) years of age).

Dissecting a heart tomorrow! Come home and my mum was like “here you go!” and handed me a heart in a bag. A fucking heart in a bag! (sounds rather sellable…”get your heart in a bag at a reduced price today!”)

  • In maths today we watched the Simpsons as an end of term treat. Then had to research all the mathematical equations (it was a Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer goes into a 3D universe). I don’t mind. Watching people watching something is interesting. My maths teacher obviously likes the Simpsons a lot–he is therefore amazing and adorable in a younger brother way. Me and my brothers used to come home from school everyday and watch The Simpsons and that was probably the most bonding we did all 3 of us  (i always bonded more with Ben as he was nearer my age). Anyway- the equations were:
  1. 1+1=2. The basicness which all the following maths is built on. And the only one i understand.
  2. The P=NP problem. No idea what the hell it is. But if you can prove it you can get a million dollars. Crazy mathematicians.
  3. 46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C 65 73 21 this isn’t an equation, it’s some kind of code (um..technically a ASCII-hexadecimal string of numbers) for “Frink Rules!” (as in Professor Frink- The Simpson’s mad scientist 🙂 there is actually some kind of programming language named after him which is cute)
  4. eπ i = -1 known as Euler’s Identity
  5. ρmo > 3 H0² / 8 p G which is some thingymabob from Einstein’s general theory of relativity
  6. 1782¹²+1841¹²=1992¹²  Which is not actually true, though your calculator will say it is. If it was true it would disprove Fermat’s last theorem…which was…something my maths teacher did explain…something about special triangles? You know like 3²+4²=5²or whatever? Oh i am so pissed off at wikipedia. Apparently Fermat’s stupid theorem is meant to be easy to understand. Gah.
  • I miss watching my brother play computer games. It is fun to watch someone else mindlessly killing imaginary things. Plus they could be pretty funny (especially Portal 😛 ) and i know it sounds weird but Gordan Freeman of the Half-Life series? Sexy. He has a crowbar! And used to live in New Mexico (i love New Mexico!)!

Okay i have ramble enough.

I would just like to say I also just really love Dog. Who is a robot dog and therefore awesome.