No school! So surprising I didn’t think it could actually happen so I hurried all the way there to find it shut. Ah well- it was a good thing in the end because I meant I got to hang out in Richmond Park with Fia and (eventually) Jess. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t ideal for snowball fights (I also wasn’t wearing any gloves. I also just have really bad aim).


snow den!

"Hey! We can pretend we made this!"


And afterwards we went and had eggnog lattes (…even though I had already had a gingerbread latte that morning. I don’t even like lattes! *shakes fist at Starbucks*).

Nothing much else has happened apart from Thanksgiving which was spent with my cousins and we played games (with prizes! we now own a singing Elvis stocking. It is so tacky it is amazing) and ate too much. It is weird to think how my cousins live like half an hour away yet I haven’t seen them for a year. Ah well.

Finally finished “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” for book club. Book Club was extremely relaxing as the teacher who runs it wasn’t in so we could just talk about how much we loved it and how we all cried etc. without having to come up with any serious comments (to sum up my feelings: It was amazing but I felt a little disappointed at the ending).

Anyway – too tired to write anything interesting. Hopefully we will be off school tomorrow as well! 4 day weekend!


Shirts, Songs and Shanks

Okay so I am avoiding work I shouldn’t be avoiding because i actually have less time to do it than i thought. And i’m not sure if i have more homework to do (because i never write down my homework on Fridays. not sure why). It is actually ridiculous because I had a day off today. A whole day. I spent it watching True Blood (which is ridiculous. therefore i kinda like it) and acting paranoid and making tea as usual (people in my head? trying to explain what a camera is. Have decided just to say it is magic and be done with it).

Ooh you know what else I watched? Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I know I am a year behind everyone else in this (I have the feeling i should know more about Joss Whedon than I do) but it keeps popping up randomly so i finally got round to it. And yes- oh my god it is amazing and i have not been able to stop randomly singing bits from the songs which sound…weird enough in context but crazy without  (“Four sweater vests!” “…a murder would be nice of course! Bad Horse! Bad Horse!” “No…i love the…air”).

Anyways, yesterday was open evening at my school and I was helping out in the classics department. So an evening of playing Bacchus’ Banquet and a card version of monopoly where all the properties are from Pompeii/Ostia/Herculaneum. No one cares about the Classics department (…by which i mean room. and one full-time teacher. one part-time. with a beard)- they were all on their way to science. It was kinda fun though.

Ooh also last friday we did 2 capsize tests in kayaking (one…normally and one with a splashdeck). Which was okay (i am however terrible at climbing out of rivers). Plus when we got back to school me and Imogen ate Doctor Who shaped pasta (…well not shaped like the Doctor obviously…more Daleks and K9s…)  which we found very exciting.

Also last sunday I visited my American cousins who now live really close by so that was nice. I did eat a lot of their Hershey’s Kisses. They also gave me a bottle of Strawberry Hill! (not…randomly I asked for some because of the whole Nerdfighter thing about it). (speaking of Nerdfighters my “oh, won’t you be in Nerdfighter like with me?” shirt arrived! Wow. I own the same shirt as Hank! Very excited. Of course I still really really want a Franklin and The Dead Presidents Shirt) (which…should be a band name).

Oh- another band name: “A Powdering of Bogey-Shanks”. Now, I am still trying to get through the Ross book on Richard III and apparently for his coronation he wore a  “doublet of blue cloth-of-gold ‘wrought with nets and pineapples” and a long gown of purple velvet, furred with ermine and enriched with no less than 3,300 powderings of bogy-shanks”. This is apparently “an ensemble of gaudy richness even by 15th century standards”. Seriously. A doublet wrought with pineapples (oooh! excellent song name!)? What was Richard thinking (…I am now imagining Lady Gaga in the same outfit. Eeew)?! Now bogey-shanks are actually kind of boring- they are thin strips of fleece from like the lower leg of a lamb. But wikipedia doesn’t know that. It took several internet searches to verify what Ross was saying. For a few minutes i was wondering if he just made it up to mess with people (“oh writing a history book is boring. I’m going to say Richard had a cloak made of bogey-shanks. tee hee hee”). Kind of disappointed he wasn’t actually. If I ever write a history book….just don’t read it.


Okay…I’m pretty sure today is the 19th August (but because of time zones etc. everyone says it is the 20th) (…and by everyone i meant the internet *facepalm*)

Which is Bill Clinton’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

I have some stuff to update you on…most of which will just be copied from letters to friends only hopefully with no spelling mistakes. (that is like the main reason I haven’t written that many letters. I hate being friends with smart people)

Anyway, because we couldn’t be bothered to cook after a long drive we are having some more take-out from In and Out Burgers…which just seems like a really appropriate way to celebrate Bill’s birthday.

Leaving & Arriving

I am leaving for America tomorrow….so I really should be checking I have everything ready and then trying to get some sleep because I have to wake up at early tomorrow…however I am actually just doing pointless things like refreshing my facebook page every five seconds and trying to beat my highscore on Snake (which is really the only reason I have mobile). I am also looking up pictures of Karl Urban. (because he is kinda hot) (he is also 21 years older than I am. I am going to have to try and remember that). (yeah…kinda been trawling through some Live Journal stuff lately and i’m worried it is rubbing off on me. I said “karl urban is hot”. Not stuff like “need like burning”, “MOAR URBAN!”, “Karl is a total BAMF” or anything accompanied by a photo of a beaten up and collared Karl Urban from the film “The Irrefutable Truth about Demons”. seriously if i ever do that hit me)

I know I will have internet access in America, but it just feels like I wont because it is like a whole other country….and the total flight time around 14 hours (because of a stopover in Cincinnati. I don’t mind that because I love saying the name Cincinnati). Lots of packing. The only difficulty was which books to bring. I am only taking one CD, which is a mixtape Imogen made for me specifically for going to America with (because she is just awesome like that) (it is also just a really good mixtape) (…mix CD? I just prefer mixtape)

Which Imogen gave to me last Friday when we hung out in the Starbucks in Borders (rasperry+peach muffin=awesometacular) before going to all the children’s toy stores/departments in town. I love Fun Learning, the shop assistants don’t think it is weird for two teenage girls to be hanging out there. We both bought some dice and then ran around trying to find books on dice games (one day we shall become masters of Bidou! but for now we have written it off as too complicated). I also bought a Reboot!Spock action figure which is the most adorable thing ever. I love how I can just buy nerdy action figures with Imogen.

(speaking of being  a nerd: i’m going to update you on my Star Trek viewing. Sorry. Summing up:

  • “And the Children shall Lead”: Nooo! I hate creepy children! Have to agree with Nimoy that “Miri” was a way way better episode. Plus, the whole “these children kinda killed their parents” thing- just a bit too weird and creepy.
  • “Is there no truth in Beauty?”: possibly the beginnings of the rave scene with those awesome glasses and the flasy green light effects. Plus it always fun to watch people telepathically communicating with golden trash cans.
  • Spectre of the Gun: you have to be kidding me. “Hey- lets make Kirk and the gang re-enact the O.K Corrall shoot-out!” (again: just how american can this show get?!) is just a crazy idea (plus they so should have been made to wear western outfits!) and the writers have by this point forgotten the whole “mindmelds- totally personally, really don’t want to do it on humans” thing. But I am loving the Chekov in this episode- totally adorable
  • Day of the Dove: arrh! Chekov not so cute in this episode! Fair enough because that stupid alien entity made everyone go all crazy. Liked it a) because of the cheesy sword fighting b) Sulu really knows Chekov! Love! and c) it was ultimately an episode saying “racism sucks!” which is always good (Rodenberry was all “in the future shit like sexism and racism wouldn’t exist” because he was totally awesome)

Oh hello: I am actually in America now (see- i couldn’t post that blog because the internet is crazy) and trying to get used to using a Mac. Ridiculously tired throughout the trip because i decided to stay up and read Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban again (because I’m giving my spare copy to Tookey to give to people in Ghana). The flight over wasn’t that bad- the stop over in Cincinnati was nice (and by “nice” i mean: i got to eat Chili Cheese Fries. Cincinnati, according to some dude’s shirt, is the Chili Town of the USA). I did get to watch “Dragonball- Evolution” on the way over which was wonderfully awful (hopefully on the flight back i will get to watch Star Trek again because the magazine said that is one of next month’s in-flight movie) and listen repeatedly to such classics as the Ghostbusters Theme Song, Super Freak, Like a Virgin and, my personal favourite, Hoedown Throedown (okay i am listening to Chameleon Circuit right now to make up for the Miley). Uneventful day here- swimming in the pool and trying to read some more of Gulliver’s Travels (I am so bad at understanding 18th century political allegory dammit) and eating lovely lovely corn. Yes, corn. American corn is simply amazing which is one of those small things i always forget. Everything else is ridiculously familiar, it actually just feels like home. Nothing has really changed except now there are some Deborah Oropallo pictures (photos?) up on the walls where she has superimposed an image of a go-go dancer onto famous pictures of men, so they line up. It is sort of weird thing for my grandfather to like, but whatever. Ooh another nice thing is my grandfather has pretty much finished putting together his 1926 Model T Ford which he has been doing since like forever (he owns another one, but it is a smaller kind).

As soon as anything interesting happens, if it happens, i will update you. I also have to try and think of stuff to put in letters to my friends, but unfortunately I think my grandmother no longer has her awesome typewriter (not like I am any good at using it- it was just really exciting when i was younger because of the tapping noises) so they might have to be handwritten. Might try and get some sleep now…

A post so nerdy that if it were a person, it would wear plastic Spock ears everywhere. Even to bed (where it would sleep alone. So alone).

Hey ho, just another note to say that i am eating chocolate chip cookies with milk . Not entirely sure why tasty food makes me want to blog but it does (you know, i actually wrote that two days ago. I’m still eating cookies. Only this time: with tea). I don’t even have any news (still true really). Although  i did have a lovely picnic in Richmond Park with Jess (who made some awesome gingerbread. Unfortunately, gingerbread always reminds me of dictators. Possibly because i once wrote something about Stalin and Hitler made out of gingerbread…my old notebooks are filled with stuff like that), Hannah (who made delicious shortbread. Fortunately, shortbread does dot remind me of any dictators) and Fia (who bought brownie). What delightful japes we had. We laughed at Jess who was stuck in a tree for 20 minutes, climbed a tree (yeah i fail at tree-climbing. I have grazes! I’m one of the Von Trapp children!)  and sat in it whilst Jess read to us from “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and made phone calls to Tookey (because calling her by her first name would be boring). How ridiculously delightful.

Whilst everyone is at work experience (why am i not? because i am only doing one week. because i am an idiot) i’ve been reading (still haven’t finished Portrait of a Lady. Majorly distressed by recent huge event in book mentioned in a ridiculously casual way), listening to stupid music (more on that later) and of course surfing the internet.  I happened to stumble across the “A- Z of Awesomeness” drawn by some dude called Neill which put weird ideas into my head. They are, unsuprisingly, wonderfully geektacular. Below are some of the ones i really liked (i wanted to think of something which “SODU” could be an acronym for. But if i switched the photos around it could read “SUDO” and sudo must be something nerdy because it was mentioned on XKCD) (yeah a sudo command is some kind of computer programme used on Unix operating systems) (note: i am so happy when i understand the science/computer/maths jokes on XKCD):

It is like awesome squared!

It is like awesome squared!

Wow: it is like everything i love all in one. Star Trek, Doctor Who, senseless murder and disco dancing. Plus they are excellent ideas for fanfiction crossover stories…(hahaha. Never again. me and fanfiction just don’t mix because my writing is so egocentric. hence the blog. And what would start as a cute story about Uhura and unicorns would probably end up being a graphic description of Doctor McCoy having a threesome with those two Rigelian caberet girls in Shore Leave) (in my defence Mr Rodenberry: why would you give character the nickname “Bones” if you didn’t want people to write smut about him?) (….though actually that would be wrong as the cabaret girls are actually temporary illusions but never mind. he always has Yeoman Barrows) (you know i could go on for hours in these brackets. Thank god I am seeing people this weekend or i would go crazy).

As you can see I’ve just gone all nerd-crazy. Particularly because after watching John Green’s video about Sarah Palin resigning (i think john should get his own news channel so i would a) watch the news and b) understand it). See now that doesn’t sound too nerdy until you remember him saying he supports Chewbacca/Hans Solo for 2012. Then i immediately thought “no way! Paul Maud’Dib/Mr Spock!” because i had actually been thinking of nerdy president combinations.  *facepalm*. See that would be the combo i would choose if we were thinking who would be good at running the country (they’re like ultra-sexy supercomputers with the combined power of the Fedaykin and Starfleet at their beck and call. Plus Paul could tell when diplomats were lying. Spock also makes like the best second-in-command ever. His talents are wasted on Kirk). (actually if the Dune/Trek universes ever came together Kirk would pioneer a gaming show where men wrestle shirtless whilst on top of Sandworms. Kirk does love his shirtless combat).

Okay…okay…non-nerd stuff to talk about…(hey thank god i didn’t watch the new Torchwood)….see this is ridiculous. Wikipedia is not helping. The only item of interest on this desk is a hand puppet but there isn’t that much you could say about that. All attempts to make my life exciting fail actually. Like yesterday:

Mum: Oh wow Olivia look! Look at the White City on the hill! (*points into distance where lo and behold: there is a collection of white buildings). Isn’t it majestic?

Me: Um…majestic? (oh by the way it is a dark afternoon. it is raining)

Mum: Yes! (*sighing*) aaah Carshalton!

Me: Carshalton. You honestly think Carshalton looks like a magical city? It isn’t a city, let alone a magical one

Mum: Of course it is magical! You were born there!

To conclude: my mother is lovely and sweet but completely crazy.

(yeah it feels wrong to have a post which talks about my mother and hypothetical threesomes but that is apparently just the way i roll)

Like Wow!

I actually managed to learn stuff today!

I memorised all of Boudicca’s Rebellion! And all (read: all but two paragraphs) or Caesar and the Druids!

…yeah i kinda didn’t get around to learning all my case studies for geography or the roman life. I hope the geography paper tomorrow looks like this: “Use the following pages to rant about the Solomon Islands. Be sure to discuss to what extent logging companies are greedy bitches” and i would be all “they are so amazingly greedy and bitchy that only 2% of the profit from logging goes back to the local people. The logging companies are totally breaking their contracts!”

(sorry i feel compelled to mention this blog is being done in darkness, my ears constantly alert to warn me if someone is bumbling my way, duvet ready to cover the laptop, Mission Impossible theme tune playing in my head…okay not that last one. But still. Blogging in the dark late at night definitely feels cooler than mid-afternoon blogging. If only i was blogging about something important! I mean, managing tourism and the environment is important, but i highly doubt  that Malaysian logging companies are going to send over some assassins to kick my ass. Clearly their assassins are busy trying to kill the leaders of the Isabella Project…

Now I’m just imagining what super powers “Ethically Sourced Wood Man!” would have if there was a superhero for that kind of thing…see the only thing i can think of is “he uses a chainsaw for discriminate logging, his powers of chainsaw-wielding are lessened when bulldozers are in the nearby vicinity”. However having crazy chainsaw skills doesn’t make you a superhero, it makes you a serial killer. Or like a lumberjack. Or a serial killer lumberjack. So err…maybe he has the power to make trees grow? Or put nutrients back in the soil? “GadzooksEthically Sourced Wood Man! The whole area has been bulldozed by those lousy brutes! This area will never recover!”, “Never fear my little sidekick- i will make this area green again!”. Now that is so totally a failed TV show in the making)

(i wonder if the sidekick has a name? This poor boy, cruelly orphaned when the logging company killed his parents for refusing to let them buy their land, having to fend for himself in the forest, learning to love the forest, becoming one with the forest…maybe Setiawan, an Indonesian boy’s name meaning “Faithful” (thank you internet) which is appropriate for a sidekick. (i had fun with name generators whilst finding that. Apparently if i was a sex machine i should call myself “Alicia Amante”, mormon “Alvira Arvalynne”, a poet “Penelope Albatross”, a vulcan “T’Sais”, a goth “Cryptic Slaughter” and finally as a zombie “Aaaeiaaagh “Bondage Ninja” Goooarargh!”. Far, far too much time on my hands).

*Please note* this is the part of the blog where the rap breaks down, it’s real intense, no one makes a sound i am going to ramble on about Star Trek. I’m telling you because it’s seriously boring, but if i don’t type it the you never know what might happen with the pent up nerdiness. I might do something awful like start writing yaoi fan fiction. Really poorly written fan fiction at that.

I am so awake. I was feeling so grumpy from having to actually work and commit things to memory i indulged in what is like the nerd equivalent of watching S&M porn: Patterns of Force, the episode of Star Trek where Kirk and Spock are shirtless and get whipped by Nazis . Ridiculous i know. And not nazis but aliens imitating the nazi regime because a historian decided that if a “benign” nazi regime was started the planet would benefit because the regime could pull them out of their economic slump and so on. This plan goes wrong obviously. But still an interesting idea. The writers of star trek want to “raise some issues” with their ideas like putting human brains into androids, how people need both the good and “evil” side of their personalities, severe consequences of culture clashes, the whole “Jack the Ripper is actually an alien entity who survives on fear” thing (…I’m joking: hopefully that isn’t a real theory. But still. that episode was hilarious), the episode “A Private Little War” was meant to be a commentary on Vietnam but it had to get toned down a little, man’s need for freedom (you can so tell it’s an american show)….however these kinda get overshadowed by things such as “huh…Spock is wandering around a nazi laboratory half-naked” or “…did Kirk really just ask “What’s your beef?” in a poor 1920’s gangster accent?”.  (now, does saying that make Kirk an innovator because Star Trek was made in the sixties, or does in make him old school because he’s in the future? I think he meant it to be old-school, but either way he ends up sounding like an absolute idiot)

Sorry: i am going to take a moment to hit my head repeatedly in the realisation that in my brain shirtless men take precedence over contemplation of serious issues. I can’t even pretend it’s history revision anymore.  Le sigh.

okay i totally just had an idea. Next time i talk about star trek i can warn you with this picture:

Spock pulls around the universe, from Omicron Ceti III to the Bay...

Spock pulls around the universe, from Omicron Ceti III to the Bay...


…I would be tempted to rewrite all the lyrics to U Can’t Touch This but who am I to mess with perfection?

Gosh I seem to have turned 16

I have just got off the phone from Imogen! Imogen is tired and her head hurts. So if we could all take a moment to send Imogen warm fuzzies and go click on her link in the sidebar. (*sends warm fuzzies*, which is what my friends do when they are recreating circle time).

Aside from receiving awesome news via the telephone (UK Nerdfighter Gathering! So excited: will get Maureen Johnson to sign my copy of 13 Little Blue Envelopes.) i have been trying to memorise the 103 lines of latin prose for tomorrow’s exam. Gaaaah, i totally fail at memorising things. It’s actually quite interesting with the whole Druids fighting each other and sacrificing innocent people Wickerman style to appease the undying gods and the roman’s all-out slaughter of the Iceni and even the Iceni’s baggage animals. But then again, reading interviews with David Mitchell is interesting. And funny. And Caesar may have been awesome in the conquering people business but his writing style leaves much to be desired (…i feel like i am writing a school report. “Overall, Caesar has greatly improved his dictatorship skills this term, but he has still to master basic mathematics…”).

This is my first post whilst being 16! Last friday the celebrations officially began by Fia wishing me happy birthday at midnight (yeah…sleep pattern is still a little messed up). Err…actual birthday a little boring. It was rainy and i was having to stay in my room to avoid running into my brother and his girlfriend (who gave me sunflowers because she is lovely like that). We had takeout pizza for lunch and i think the takeout people think we are really fat and lazy because we had it delivered to the house even though it’s within walking distance. In the evening i went to Carluccio’s with my family which was awesome as ever (though i did freak out a little because i had zoned out of some theological debate that was going on and my father suddenly mentioned Mr Spock…) (oh yeah, i got totally mad at the newspaper for referring to Zachary Quinto as “Dr Spock”. He is like everything but a doctor dammit! I have taken this as a sign to stop watching Star Trek for a while. Will watch Peep Show instead).

What was revealed during that dinner which might interest you is that my mother is incredibly worried that she is going to get sucked into a cult. This is because when she was 14, and away on science camp, the camp leaders took them to dinner with these uber-hippies living in teepees on a cliff somewhere…long story short my mother and her jewish friend thought it looked awesome and got baptised in the river there.

Anyway….arrrh i am so sorry my blogging style is all mucked up. Arg. Arrg. Aaaaaarg. I might get back to learning my latin now (by which i mean: watching my new DVD of The Princess Bride. It’s special edition!)

(oh P.S i found the nerdiest shirt in the world the other day. It says, in Harry Potter font-style, “Kwidditch Haderach”. It made me laugh so much 🙂 )

(in non nerd news, my brother leant me St. Vincent’s album “Actor”. I actually like it which is weird)

(maybe i should do like…a nerd news section and a music section more regularly so people will know what bits to read. Like, in nerd news: i watched The Immunity Syndrome the other day. Like oh my god how many times has Mr Spock saved the universe? Plus: the idea that one day i might have to destroy a giant space amoeba is making learning biology seem more useful. Or, in music news: Yelle designed a t-shirt for the “Fashion against AIDs” range at H&M. This news excited Suga, who made me listen to Yelle for which i am most grateful).

Blerrrg. That is the title.

It seems that once again instead of getting down to some serious chemistry revision i am devising conspiracy theories about rapid marmosets (i have decided marmosets are evil just so you know) and contemplating the awesomeness of dinosaurs who wear monocles. I have worked through all my notes several times and now realise why i should have spent the last two years of chemistry lessons working instead of plotting the demise of my chemistry teacher, passing notes with Imogen and Zoe about things such as giraffe sex/Zoe’s love life/our chemistry teachers love life (fortunately, never a combination of all three), leaving bitter comments in my chemistry book and copying any work off Hannah.

Fortunately all other exams seem to have gone pretty much okay- i actually managed to work Star Trek into my french writing exam because going to the cinema is easy to write about (sorry Jess: i might have written that you are my tall best friend who likes James Kirk because he is strong and handsome. I apparently love swimming and when i am hungry like a wolf i eat three, yes three, sandwiches when we have picnics). That is probably not as bad when i managed to include orange shirts and brown elf shoes into my year 8 french writing exam. Other exams…not much to report they are exams. I did get “Cold Ethyl” stuck in my head during History today, but replaced “Ethyl” with Lenin. This meant i was stuck wondering what would happen if i did happen to meet Lenin last night and we made love by the refrigerator light. Is Lenin frigid as an eskimo pie? Presumably, Lenin ought to be cool in bed because Lenin is dead. Ohhhh Lenin, Lenin let my squeeze you in my arms! Lenin, Lenin come and freeze me with your charms! So on and so forth. (did i ever mention Cold Ethyl is my favourite song about necrophilia? Not like it has much competition…apart from other Alice Cooper songs…)

On a non-creepy note: this is a reminder to myself and Suga that i owe Suga cake at some point. Suga made a group on facebook in support of my blog (finally! the fame i deserve!) (…i feel compelled to point out it only has five members. Divya is more appreciated than i am. But then again, Divya is an awesometacular person who turned 16 yesterday- well done Divya! We never thought you could make it this far!). Thank you again, it really cheered me up particularly because obviously exams have made me go slightly insane and unable to have normal conversations.

Tra la la

I am awake at 5 to 5 in the morning. I feel slightly cheated because it is sunny but i still think it is nighttime.  The only thing good about sunday morning is that song by Velvet Underground which is all nice and flowy. The bad thing is less “oh no monday coming up” and more “oh no. Saturday night is gone. Saturday night with Alice talking about drunken equestrians and smart but assless suits. Saturday night when Jess explained about Eurovision which i’ve never watched. Hello Norway! I bet you are sad that your night has gone! Your moment of the year has come and gone and it is only may! Saturday nights spent vowing not to talk like a crazy lady to fia and then failing miserably”. And so on and so forth…not like it was an amazing saturday night or anything but still. Sunday. Sunday.

I think i am not tired, but then again i actuallwanted to blog to tell the world that thanks to balancing my laptop on it, my tummy is wonderfully warm. This is actually wonderful.

Also that i just finished watching all of peep show season 2 including the deleted scenes.  I wonder if i could watch all of season 3 before i actually have to get out of bed (which is…an embarrisnly late time). Aaand they’re talking about tea. If only i had tea this would be perfect. (gosh and now they are eating fish pie! i am hungry! though because i am all warm ad fuzzy and don’t want to move i now feel like i am the queen bee. But must remember that i am queen bee who is being fed by a bunch of mad scientists controlling robotic bees who are feeding me tons of food to see if i could actually explode. This will hopefully stop me from being hungry).

And if i could stop being paranoid about eggmen armies. gah. On a pirate ship.Blasting out some Duran Duran. Honestly.


(hello this is future me after sleep. just saying: Norways moment has not gone! today is constitution day there! a national holiday! wish i was in norway waving a flag. i haven’t waved a flag since year 8 history when i ran a campaign for the class to choose Harold Godwinson to be king instead of fucking William the Conqueror. And that was a small flag as well)

I’m on Study Leave again.

Arrrh i have not updated in ages. I do have GCSes (well okay. i’ve had one so far. and. which was only french listening …well i’m not really revising that hard). Anyway, i will probably not leave the computer chair until midnight (from 9-12 on a saturday night is Alice Cooper time! which probably isn’t very healthy. but tonight he is interviewing Chad Smith  a.k.a the drummer for the Chilis who is now in some supergroupcalled Chickenfoot with some dudes from Van Halen and Joe Satriani. There album is coming out on my birthday! Aaw he and Alice are being so cute and Detroitsian together!)so i have plenty of time to try and remember what has been happening recently.

I guess the most important event is muck up day! Our year had some good ideas, but most of the cool stuff we put up got taken down before first period (which is sucky). Though i was actually in a terrible mood that day, so i guess i wasn’t really feeling the whole zomfgwtfbbq vibe. Plus having to watch rounders in the rain never does anything to cheer me up (i feel very sorry for the people actually playing in that downpour). There was a party with pizza, there was shirt signing (which actually was fun if a bit random…i got singed by: my maths teacher, history teacher, geography teacher and my chemistry teacher. Who was stuffing his face with the pizza we paid for. But hey, you gave us haribo), there were straws (which always need a mention) and i got to hug my history teacher (who we all love and is so adorably gay) (oh like 4 people from my history class are leaving! Emma, Alex, Immy and, pleasepleaseplease change your mind, Hannah. This sucks majorly because it has been like my favourite class for the past two years and i will miss it a lot). Though it is weird to have said goodbye etc. and then still see them coming into school for exams. It’s like “arrh! you aren’t supposed to exist anymore!”.

(…sorry Alice is playing White Rabbit. i love this song 🙂 and plus he played it the first time i listened to his radio show…which makes me all nostalgic for like…a couple of months ago…)

After the party, an emotional singy walk down Richmond Road. We (err me, Jess, Zoe, Hannah, Suga and Imogen. Divya and Ellen were meant to be coming but probably got lost like we knew they would…oh and Fia was there i just missed her out when i wrote this because i hate her. Hello from future me blog! *waves*) hung out at Imogen’s…gosh i have no idea what we talked about. I think we were being girls and at some point we discussing future kid names. And randomness. Then, randomly, we decided to go to Carluccios for dinner (after me and Hannah went to Jess’ to borrow clothes). Dinner is always nice (plus it was a bit Homocore wasn’t it Jess? Which is hard to explain what this means to me and Jess, but has stuff do with a  puppet-mistresses version of Lenin and Robert Pattinson)

This all feels like ages ago. Study leave has…not been very productive. See my brother recently introduced me to a new game called Plants vs Zombies which is stupidly addictive (made by the people who did Peggle) which i have played so much it sometimes seems things in my vision are creeping from right to left. Plus the credits have this stupidly catchy song…


Anyway i am sorry this has been so boring. I think all my interesting has been used up in last nights dream. Which at some point made me feel ill because…the world was sort of turned upside down…and you could see the gravitational force field which kept us from falling into space but it felt very breakable. Then, when the world was righted, i ran into Baby Spice who was professing her love to my chemistry teacher at the park, only S Club 7 kept on laughing at her (…i have been listening to S Club 7 again recently. And this was them when they were still a 7 and not a 6! Not like i liked Paul anyway but still…). Then my biology teacher appeared  (why, why are these people in my dreams? My chemistry teacher and i recently robbed some diamonds together. And one of the SLT turned up and yelled at me after i went sliding down a steep slope onto his wife’s grave. Which was made of cake. And his wife is my french teacher. Its all so confusing!) and was like “right! i am going to give you a lecture on dark clouds!” so they would not mock Baby Spice anymore. Or maybe he just wanted to lecture them. Ah well.

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