No school! So surprising I didn’t think it could actually happen so I hurried all the way there to find it shut. Ah well- it was a good thing in the end because I meant I got to hang out in Richmond Park with Fia and (eventually) Jess. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t ideal for snowball fights (I also wasn’t wearing any gloves. I also just have really bad aim).


snow den!

"Hey! We can pretend we made this!"


And afterwards we went and had eggnog lattes (…even though I had already had a gingerbread latte that morning. I don’t even like lattes! *shakes fist at Starbucks*).

Nothing much else has happened apart from Thanksgiving which was spent with my cousins and we played games (with prizes! we now own a singing Elvis stocking. It is so tacky it is amazing) and ate too much. It is weird to think how my cousins live like half an hour away yet I haven’t seen them for a year. Ah well.

Finally finished “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” for book club. Book Club was extremely relaxing as the teacher who runs it wasn’t in so we could just talk about how much we loved it and how we all cried etc. without having to come up with any serious comments (to sum up my feelings: It was amazing but I felt a little disappointed at the ending).

Anyway – too tired to write anything interesting. Hopefully we will be off school tomorrow as well! 4 day weekend!