Hello! I haven’t written on this in forever. I still would be ignoring this blog if I wasn’t all alone in the house (and thus freaking out) with nothing better to do than to type confessions into google and see if anyone else has written on the internet about it (conclusion: no. or maybe i am being too specific? either way i have had to delete my google history several times over and it is getting annoying). An awful lot has changed since my last blog post:

  • I have done AS levels!
  • I have done really badly at my AS levels!
  • I have been told to stop whining about my AS levels as they are not really that bad in comparison to the rest of the country and I am just being terribly grammar-school about it
  • I find myself hanging out with a bunch of the old people with a mix of newish people who love ABBA un-ironically and who love science and physics and we all rave-up with lots of microwave popcorn from 1:45-2:45 on a Thursday and I really cannot do them justice in a paragraph (besides- it would just be filled with in-jokes about murderous hedgehogs etc.)
  • I suddenly find myself reading an awful lot of french literature and drawing Sartre as a jellyfish (a strangely addictive pastime-but of course my drawings of undersea creatures are no match for Fia’s)
  • I now have friends who are ADULTS
  • My younger-older brother went off to Oxford to study english whilst I struggled to complete my UCAS
  • I went to go see Back to the Future and there were two power cuts during the movie and only 9 of us in the cinema (one of them wearing a Harry-Moon shirt!) and it was possibly the most fun time i’ve ever had at a cinema!
  • I know more than I want to about ancient pots and statues
  • I have started conversations about agalmatophilia
  • I wear glasses more often because my eyes have worsened and so I spend a lot of time checking my glasses are on my head (“glassesglassesglassesglassesONMYHEADTHANKGOODNESS)
  • For the past week I have proudly worn a badge saying “Nietzsch of the Week”- the misspelling intentional and singing a song where the only words are “John Stuart Mill” and “On Liberty” (full credit going to E. Troup)
  • During my last english lesson we tried to play Ombre (in homage to Rape of the Lock) but we failed to understand it and so just ate chocolate and played whist instead
  • Doctor Who has ¬†gone! I can’t believe I didn’t feel it necessary to update about that (cannot wait until the christmas special!)

Aaaaaaaand…I think that is everything important. So I guess another update in 7 months or so?