Shirts, Songs and Shanks

Okay so I am avoiding work I shouldn’t be avoiding because i actually have less time to do it than i thought. And i’m not sure if i have more homework to do (because i never write down my homework on Fridays. not sure why). It is actually ridiculous because I had a day off today. A whole day. I spent it watching True Blood (which is ridiculous. therefore i kinda like it) and acting paranoid and making tea as usual (people in my head? trying to explain what a camera is. Have decided just to say it is magic and be done with it).

Ooh you know what else I watched? Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I know I am a year behind everyone else in this (I have the feeling i should know more about Joss Whedon than I do) but it keeps popping up randomly so i finally got round to it. And yes- oh my god it is amazing and i have not been able to stop randomly singing bits from the songs which sound…weird enough in context but crazy without  (“Four sweater vests!” “…a murder would be nice of course! Bad Horse! Bad Horse!” “No…i love the…air”).

Anyways, yesterday was open evening at my school and I was helping out in the classics department. So an evening of playing Bacchus’ Banquet and a card version of monopoly where all the properties are from Pompeii/Ostia/Herculaneum. No one cares about the Classics department (…by which i mean room. and one full-time teacher. one part-time. with a beard)- they were all on their way to science. It was kinda fun though.

Ooh also last friday we did 2 capsize tests in kayaking (one…normally and one with a splashdeck). Which was okay (i am however terrible at climbing out of rivers). Plus when we got back to school me and Imogen ate Doctor Who shaped pasta (…well not shaped like the Doctor obviously…more Daleks and K9s…)  which we found very exciting.

Also last sunday I visited my American cousins who now live really close by so that was nice. I did eat a lot of their Hershey’s Kisses. They also gave me a bottle of Strawberry Hill! (not…randomly I asked for some because of the whole Nerdfighter thing about it). (speaking of Nerdfighters my “oh, won’t you be in Nerdfighter like with me?” shirt arrived! Wow. I own the same shirt as Hank! Very excited. Of course I still really really want a Franklin and The Dead Presidents Shirt) (which…should be a band name).

Oh- another band name: “A Powdering of Bogey-Shanks”. Now, I am still trying to get through the Ross book on Richard III and apparently for his coronation he wore a  “doublet of blue cloth-of-gold ‘wrought with nets and pineapples” and a long gown of purple velvet, furred with ermine and enriched with no less than 3,300 powderings of bogy-shanks”. This is apparently “an ensemble of gaudy richness even by 15th century standards”. Seriously. A doublet wrought with pineapples (oooh! excellent song name!)? What was Richard thinking (…I am now imagining Lady Gaga in the same outfit. Eeew)?! Now bogey-shanks are actually kind of boring- they are thin strips of fleece from like the lower leg of a lamb. But wikipedia doesn’t know that. It took several internet searches to verify what Ross was saying. For a few minutes i was wondering if he just made it up to mess with people (“oh writing a history book is boring. I’m going to say Richard had a cloak made of bogey-shanks. tee hee hee”). Kind of disappointed he wasn’t actually. If I ever write a history book….just don’t read it.


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