Mmmm Giant Marshmallow Friends

I keep forgetting to post! Not like anything has really happened but still. I also wanted to post today because of the date! If you’re thinking “Gandhi’s birthday!”- congratulations: you use google. However i was actually going for Richard III’s birthday (incidentally according to wiki he was the first person of note to be born on October 2nd) (you know who even decides what days are important enough for google to commemorate? it all seems like a load of random to me) (oh also: Ricardian Overload- that is a good name for a band and an accurate description of my thoughts right now which are a weird combination of Pumpkin Pie, book displays and Richard III having a snowball fight) (John Green also does the whole “that should be a band name!” thing! yays! His suggestion: Tv for Chickens).

As you might be able to tell all my thoughts are all kind of jumbly and blerg- probably because i’m trying to watch A Very Potter Musical again whilst typing or maybe because I had history last thing today and I now have free rein to make my own notes which means lots and lots of stick figures (many just so you know that the words next to them are a quote. Although I doubt the Nazi’s actually used the phrase “Only youcan prevent communist fires”)(we were looking at the burning of the Reichstag today)  and storm clouds (like whenever I write “Storm Troopers”). Today was also nice because of kayaking and having cake during Class Civ (awesome cakes! Thank you Lucy!). Also because we are doing gladiators we get to watch a lot of film clips which makes everything more relaxing. Oh and also English is not as awful as I first thought.

…anything else….Yes! Me and Fia saw District 9 last weekend which I thought was good (the overall film was original but some of the types of scene were not) and Waterstones had a new copy of Looking For Alaska in so I got to write a Nerdfighter note (ooh! Me and Imogen where in the “Wheres Margo?” Montage! We are the people on the collapsing telephone boxes near the beginning!)

And Jonathan Coulton is coming to England and I have a ticket and I am so ridiculously excited!

And I am seeing Simon Amstell on Sunday so that should be awesome!

However right now- i really really want to eat Pumpkin Pie. Or Peach Cobbler. Maybe not eat them. Maybe they could just be giant, delicious smelling dessert friends. On a similar note I have been thinking about anthropomorphic marshmallows a lot recently (…because that is what The Flaming Lips remind me of. it is a perfectly reasonable thought). Seriously just having a giant pink marshmallow would be amazing right now. I bet they like popping bubble wrap- that just seems very marshmallowy.

Anyway…i’m probably more tired than i realise if i’m typing that kind of thing so goodnight all!


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