Oh right.

Oh, I just realised i haven’t updated this in a while. I’m back in England now (yay. i guess) working on a timeline of Hitler’s life and ideas (I only just realised how weird it is to do this whilst listening to the Silver Jews). America seems like it was ages ago and possibly never ever happened. The last evening was a bit weird…watching the last episode of Prime Suspect with my grandparents…turning it off to discover that Ted Kennedy had died (I went to go give my condolences to the picture of Bobby Kennedy we have. Which might seem a bit strange, but it just seemed the right thing to do)…ridiculously long flight home…(finished reading The Book Thief on the flight instead of sleeping). Since being back I have randomly met up with Tookey and Imogen and we also had a leaving party for Hannah (she is going to another school for sixth form which she is apparently enjoying. Which I guess is a good thing really…) which was rather lovely and we ate ridiculous scones and sat around not taking off our shoes (as opposed to the wild taking off of shoes which happens at other parties) because there could be sneaky shards of glass laying around due to the broken skylight (Hannah’s mother had to get some stitches in her nose, so *sends warm fuzzies*).

To try and get my sleeping pattern back to normal I stayed up all night watching The Prince and Me 2 (hilarious), Labyrinth and The Princess Bride (including all of the special features. Andre! So adorable! Plus it is pretty awesome that Samuel Beckett used to drive him to school).

Yesterday was the first day of school. Not like the first real day, just that boring day where you do all the administrative work and you get given booklets and letters (yays for injections against cervical cancer! Well. The injections are a good thing. People completely overreacting to having them is a bad thing) and have your ears broken by the fire drill (which sometimes sounds exactly like evil spirits screaming at you that they will get their revenge. or…not). I get to wear my own clothes and use the 6th form centre which is rather unsettling (especially because all the people in upper 6th kind of want to kill everyone in lower 6th). I’ve also switched from doing biology to philosophy.

Sorry, this blog seems unreasonably sad. I blame David Berman’s lyrics (funnily enough, “Honk if You’re Lonely Tonight” cheers me up. Awesome). And the weather. And probably having to read Mein Kampf at some point. (it could also be that a recurring theme for the people in my head right now is kidnapping.  And giant mechanical spiders. Filled with live spiders. I’m not really sure where that is going). Gosh even listening to Fuck Tha Police isn’t improving my mood. I think I might get some tea.



  1. Suga said,

    September 6, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    aw it’s not a sad blog “especially because all the people in upper 6th kind of want to kill everyone in lower 6th” made me laugh, yesterday i wondered if there were toilets in the 6th form centre, i now have to search every inch of trhe place so i can give my sister a definitive answer. But you should be happy – we have microwaves and toasters for pop-tarts and i’ll let you skip ahead in the lunch queue because apparently prefects are allowed to have favourites, oh wait, what if people hate me cause i’m not a fair and just ruler? [I’m not a prefect, i’m an ice princess, I fell over about 4 times in an hour when i started ice skating lessons today] xxx

    • livviisapirate said,

      September 7, 2009 at 8:15 pm

      aaaw thank you Princess Suga 🙂
      I was pretty sure there were no toilets…
      I am looking forward to using the exciting kitchen stuff (I had tea during my free period today. it was awesome) and you let me skip the lunch queue which made me feel very important.
      why don’t you write about your ice escapades on your blog?
      Why don’t you turn the Suga Musical into Suga the Musical: On Ice?!

  2. Suga said,

    September 9, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    there ARE toilets downstairs near the kitchen!

  3. Will said,

    September 22, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    So, you dropped science. Well, I’m dropping English.

    (Your blogs contain so many references that I sometimes feel lost, so there was one for you.)

    I am back to school also (obviously) and it’s slowly turning me back into a neurotic. I think we all have to let go a little and ignore the workload if we want to express ourselves more.

    And I like Samuel Beckett.


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