Random Activities!

Have truly settled into American life. I even made cookies this afternoon. This morning, i went running by the American River wearing big sunglasses and greeting strangers and the like. I think this state of weird happiness is actually some sort of mania induced by spending at least an hour a day staring at the signed photo of Robert Kennedy in the guest room (Robert is adorable. And was shot on my birthday). Or possibly from taking too many beach balls to the head (because “playing in the pool” means “trying to kill your siblings with inflatable objects”). It could be time zones, which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for trying to organize when to facebook my friends (Fia is back from france! yays! but James, Zoe’s boyfriend, has swine flu. Give *Russel loves you James!*/*warm fuzzies* to James!, Tookey is leaving for Ghana soon! *hopes Tookey has a good time*).

You know I haven’t eaten any Lucky Charms yet, or even popcorn. (i did eat some Honey Snaps, but they had a thing about Star Trek on the back and it is weird to eat cereal with Spock staring at you because I could just hear him in my head saying “honey snaps are illogical” over and over…Lucky Charms are probably more illogical…). I went to the supermarket yesterday and wandered around staring at how everything looked stupidly large (me and my brother almost had a sword fight with these giant rolls of meat, but decided against it) and had fun trying to find the things mentioned in Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey: Fritos (which we bought for today’s BBQ), Mountain Dew (looove. loooove) and Tab (which I have never tried) and…well the other thing mentioned is “You”…but people are not available to buy at supermarkets, unfortunately.

Also went to Borders! They had John Green books! All with different covers! I was thinking about buying Looking for Alaska with the cool smokey cover, but thought that might be a bit weird. They also had Maureen Johnson books, so i’m going to buy one of those sometime. I also checked out the magna section and ended up reading most of Volume 1 of Death Note, and now i really want to read more to find out what happens (I do not like you Light. No i do not. I do like Ryuk however 🙂 ). Also read some of a cartoon Pride and Prejudice (why? why did you put it in comic form?!) and laughed at the trashy romance section (there are romance novels about Nascar. Nascar).

Rawr that is about it actually, tomorrow we are going up (down? seriously I have no idea where anything is here. Plus, it feels like I am living in a giant model suburb. It is pretty unnerving) to Tahoe which i shall report on when we get back.


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