Leaving & Arriving

I am leaving for America tomorrow….so I really should be checking I have everything ready and then trying to get some sleep because I have to wake up at early tomorrow…however I am actually just doing pointless things like refreshing my facebook page every five seconds and trying to beat my highscore on Snake (which is really the only reason I have mobile). I am also looking up pictures of Karl Urban. (because he is kinda hot) (he is also 21 years older than I am. I am going to have to try and remember that). (yeah…kinda been trawling through some Live Journal stuff lately and i’m worried it is rubbing off on me. I said “karl urban is hot”. Not stuff like “need like burning”, “MOAR URBAN!”, “Karl is a total BAMF” or anything accompanied by a photo of a beaten up and collared Karl Urban from the film “The Irrefutable Truth about Demons”. seriously if i ever do that hit me)

I know I will have internet access in America, but it just feels like I wont because it is like a whole other country….and the total flight time around 14 hours (because of a stopover in Cincinnati. I don’t mind that because I love saying the name Cincinnati). Lots of packing. The only difficulty was which books to bring. I am only taking one CD, which is a mixtape Imogen made for me specifically for going to America with (because she is just awesome like that) (it is also just a really good mixtape) (…mix CD? I just prefer mixtape)

Which Imogen gave to me last Friday when we hung out in the Starbucks in Borders (rasperry+peach muffin=awesometacular) before going to all the children’s toy stores/departments in town. I love Fun Learning, the shop assistants don’t think it is weird for two teenage girls to be hanging out there. We both bought some dice and then ran around trying to find books on dice games (one day we shall become masters of Bidou! but for now we have written it off as too complicated). I also bought a Reboot!Spock action figure which is the most adorable thing ever. I love how I can just buy nerdy action figures with Imogen.

(speaking of being  a nerd: i’m going to update you on my Star Trek viewing. Sorry. Summing up:

  • “And the Children shall Lead”: Nooo! I hate creepy children! Have to agree with Nimoy that “Miri” was a way way better episode. Plus, the whole “these children kinda killed their parents” thing- just a bit too weird and creepy.
  • “Is there no truth in Beauty?”: possibly the beginnings of the rave scene with those awesome glasses and the flasy green light effects. Plus it always fun to watch people telepathically communicating with golden trash cans.
  • Spectre of the Gun: you have to be kidding me. “Hey- lets make Kirk and the gang re-enact the O.K Corrall shoot-out!” (again: just how american can this show get?!) is just a crazy idea (plus they so should have been made to wear western outfits!) and the writers have by this point forgotten the whole “mindmelds- totally personally, really don’t want to do it on humans” thing. But I am loving the Chekov in this episode- totally adorable
  • Day of the Dove: arrh! Chekov not so cute in this episode! Fair enough because that stupid alien entity made everyone go all crazy. Liked it a) because of the cheesy sword fighting b) Sulu really knows Chekov! Love! and c) it was ultimately an episode saying “racism sucks!” which is always good (Rodenberry was all “in the future shit like sexism and racism wouldn’t exist” because he was totally awesome)

Oh hello: I am actually in America now (see- i couldn’t post that blog because the internet is crazy) and trying to get used to using a Mac. Ridiculously tired throughout the trip because i decided to stay up and read Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban again (because I’m giving my spare copy to Tookey to give to people in Ghana). The flight over wasn’t that bad- the stop over in Cincinnati was nice (and by “nice” i mean: i got to eat Chili Cheese Fries. Cincinnati, according to some dude’s shirt, is the Chili Town of the USA). I did get to watch “Dragonball- Evolution” on the way over which was wonderfully awful (hopefully on the flight back i will get to watch Star Trek again because the magazine said that is one of next month’s in-flight movie) and listen repeatedly to such classics as the Ghostbusters Theme Song, Super Freak, Like a Virgin and, my personal favourite, Hoedown Throedown (okay i am listening to Chameleon Circuit right now to make up for the Miley). Uneventful day here- swimming in the pool and trying to read some more of Gulliver’s Travels (I am so bad at understanding 18th century political allegory dammit) and eating lovely lovely corn. Yes, corn. American corn is simply amazing which is one of those small things i always forget. Everything else is ridiculously familiar, it actually just feels like home. Nothing has really changed except now there are some Deborah Oropallo pictures (photos?) up on the walls where she has superimposed an image of a go-go dancer onto famous pictures of men, so they line up. It is sort of weird thing for my grandfather to like, but whatever. Ooh another nice thing is my grandfather has pretty much finished putting together his 1926 Model T Ford which he has been doing since like forever (he owns another one, but it is a smaller kind).

As soon as anything interesting happens, if it happens, i will update you. I also have to try and think of stuff to put in letters to my friends, but unfortunately I think my grandmother no longer has her awesome typewriter (not like I am any good at using it- it was just really exciting when i was younger because of the tapping noises) so they might have to be handwritten. Might try and get some sleep now…


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  1. lesmiserablogs said,

    July 30, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    pop it lock it, polka dot it

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