A post so nerdy that if it were a person, it would wear plastic Spock ears everywhere. Even to bed (where it would sleep alone. So alone).

Hey ho, just another note to say that i am eating chocolate chip cookies with milk . Not entirely sure why tasty food makes me want to blog but it does (you know, i actually wrote that two days ago. I’m still eating cookies. Only this time: with tea). I don’t even have any news (still true really). Although  i did have a lovely picnic in Richmond Park with Jess (who made some awesome gingerbread. Unfortunately, gingerbread always reminds me of dictators. Possibly because i once wrote something about Stalin and Hitler made out of gingerbread…my old notebooks are filled with stuff like that), Hannah (who made delicious shortbread. Fortunately, shortbread does dot remind me of any dictators) and Fia (who bought brownie). What delightful japes we had. We laughed at Jess who was stuck in a tree for 20 minutes, climbed a tree (yeah i fail at tree-climbing. I have grazes! I’m one of the Von Trapp children!)  and sat in it whilst Jess read to us from “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and made phone calls to Tookey (because calling her by her first name would be boring). How ridiculously delightful.

Whilst everyone is at work experience (why am i not? because i am only doing one week. because i am an idiot) i’ve been reading (still haven’t finished Portrait of a Lady. Majorly distressed by recent huge event in book mentioned in a ridiculously casual way), listening to stupid music (more on that later) and of course surfing the internet.  I happened to stumble across the “A- Z of Awesomeness” drawn by some dude called Neill which put weird ideas into my head. They are, unsuprisingly, wonderfully geektacular. Below are some of the ones i really liked (i wanted to think of something which “SODU” could be an acronym for. But if i switched the photos around it could read “SUDO” and sudo must be something nerdy because it was mentioned on XKCD) (yeah a sudo command is some kind of computer programme used on Unix operating systems) (note: i am so happy when i understand the science/computer/maths jokes on XKCD):

It is like awesome squared!

It is like awesome squared!

Wow: it is like everything i love all in one. Star Trek, Doctor Who, senseless murder and disco dancing. Plus they are excellent ideas for fanfiction crossover stories…(hahaha. Never again. me and fanfiction just don’t mix because my writing is so egocentric. hence the blog. And what would start as a cute story about Uhura and unicorns would probably end up being a graphic description of Doctor McCoy having a threesome with those two Rigelian caberet girls in Shore Leave) (in my defence Mr Rodenberry: why would you give character the nickname “Bones” if you didn’t want people to write smut about him?) (….though actually that would be wrong as the cabaret girls are actually temporary illusions but never mind. he always has Yeoman Barrows) (you know i could go on for hours in these brackets. Thank god I am seeing people this weekend or i would go crazy).

As you can see I’ve just gone all nerd-crazy. Particularly because after watching John Green’s video about Sarah Palin resigning (i think john should get his own news channel so i would a) watch the news and b) understand it). See now that doesn’t sound too nerdy until you remember him saying he supports Chewbacca/Hans Solo for 2012. Then i immediately thought “no way! Paul Maud’Dib/Mr Spock!” because i had actually been thinking of nerdy president combinations.  *facepalm*. See that would be the combo i would choose if we were thinking who would be good at running the country (they’re like ultra-sexy supercomputers with the combined power of the Fedaykin and Starfleet at their beck and call. Plus Paul could tell when diplomats were lying. Spock also makes like the best second-in-command ever. His talents are wasted on Kirk). (actually if the Dune/Trek universes ever came together Kirk would pioneer a gaming show where men wrestle shirtless whilst on top of Sandworms. Kirk does love his shirtless combat).

Okay…okay…non-nerd stuff to talk about…(hey thank god i didn’t watch the new Torchwood)….see this is ridiculous. Wikipedia is not helping. The only item of interest on this desk is a hand puppet but there isn’t that much you could say about that. All attempts to make my life exciting fail actually. Like yesterday:

Mum: Oh wow Olivia look! Look at the White City on the hill! (*points into distance where lo and behold: there is a collection of white buildings). Isn’t it majestic?

Me: Um…majestic? (oh by the way it is a dark afternoon. it is raining)

Mum: Yes! (*sighing*) aaah Carshalton!

Me: Carshalton. You honestly think Carshalton looks like a magical city? It isn’t a city, let alone a magical one

Mum: Of course it is magical! You were born there!

To conclude: my mother is lovely and sweet but completely crazy.

(yeah it feels wrong to have a post which talks about my mother and hypothetical threesomes but that is apparently just the way i roll)


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