Party, Picnic, Death

There is quite a lot to update you on and i promised Fia i would blog today. There will be more updates tomorrow after nerdfighting! ( By the way you know who is blogging again?Hannah. Link in the side bar which will soon have alt text because alt text, as you know, is one of my favourite things about the internet and therefore only people who update their blogs get alt text). Unfortunately i amfeeling rather mournful as a rather lovely character in my book has just died. In fact the whole house is joining me in mourning because they have all read the book and understand. The last few days have actually been rather happy which came as a surprise to me because i was expecting them to be horrible and awkward. Like Induction Day: i found i get along with my new form better than i thought i would and the new girls in my class, although understandably a little shy, are all exceptionally nice. The day consisted of random challenges: the kind where you have to communicate and trust each other and work as a team and over such overrated things. We also did some random kayaking and collected rubber ducks and had a massive sponge fight. I’m not entirely sure how this was meant to bring us together: it really brought out our evil sides. I for one took this as an opportunity to try and kill Sophia and, to a lesser extent, Imogen (because she is actually good at kayaking everyone, especially people who had fallen in the river, was unleashing their rage upon her). That was awesome, i haven’t had such a great opportunity to since we did Ping Pong in P.E (still need to invite everyone other for some kind of death-match/tournament).

Later that evening it was Divya’s party and we all had to wear dresses for some reason (i wore a halterneck. bad idea. i am not used to wearing dresses, let alone halternecks. I wonder what new problems i shall encounter when i wear my strapless dress out for the first time). Yeah this was actually pretty awkward at first because we all separated into groups. I mainly sat with Ellen and Zoe eating spicy and delicious food and wishing that my chair was a rocking chair because we were on some decking, looking out onto Divya’s garden, which looks out onto a golf course. So i felt like an elderly southern lady. Anyway later Jess and Hannah arrived and later still someone decided we should watch Dodgeball (i always forget how good that film is) and then we were all getting along fine. We joked until the late hours of the evening (i am so sorry i am writing this blog in such a ridiculous way but i cannot seem to stop). I was all hyper and excited and managed to forget how tired and sun burnt i was. Probably because watching Divya demonstrating how she would flirt with Jess is hilarious.

Yesterday was Spork Pirate picnic day! Me, Fia, Suga, Ellen, Hannah and Imogen had a picnic in York Gardens (i think. Basically that random park in Twickenham by the river with thatstatue of water nymphs). The picnic food was of a much higher quality than usual, probably because of all the new spork pirates we had acquired. In the somewhat random fashion of my friends we played 40 40 it, What’s the Time Mr Wolf, Grandma’s Footsteps and Wink Murder. We also had story time which consisted of Imogen and Hannah reading some of Heart of Darkness and Imogen reciting some Harry Potter. Moreover we fed a squirrel who we named Arvin and Fia did her best to try and get pigeons to attack me (why does that sentence just seem so normal?).

Music news: I did write something about the death of Michael Jackson but i don’t really think i have anything to contribute which would be particularly meaningful even though i believe he was very talented. It somehow didn’t seem that surprising at the time (though maybe that was because it was late and i was too tired to think). I ad actually just been checking the recent deaths section of wiki before Zoe messaged me about it (…which is some morbid habit of mine i guess). So although i can’t claim to like Michael Jackson as a person, I do associate his music with good times. Like  driving in the car singing along with my mother, Poi Club (a Jackson Cd was randomly on in the background), school birthday dance contest, the excellent Walk Off scene in Zoolander to “Beat It” (with the David Bowie cameo!), playing solitaire on my ipod (for some reason, i always listened to “Dirty Diana” whilst doing this. Made the bus journey more fun) and of course there was a time when all me and Jess were seriously determined to learn the Thriller Dance and watched the video repeatedly (also noting that you can actually just imagine anyone in that red suit he wears. Anyone. It gets a bit scary). Maybe we might actually get around to doing that now.


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