Beard? Beard!

England is part of Europe. Why do i always forget this?

Never mind. The reason this rather alarming thought entered my mind is because i have been reading my cousin’s blog (which is more entertaining than mine dammit. oh and this might be the time to say Suga has a blog now! Link in the sidebar coming soon! It is all pink and sideways. How very Suga) and she is doing the whole “glamorous American girl visiting Europe” thing (on a vaguely related note: i just started reading Portrait of a Lady. Now this is kinda weird for me because for years the Henry James books in the house have been these magical objects which i felt i was not worthy to touch…my weird book-related-insecurities aside: it is very good so far). We are in basically the same time zone for once which is weird *waves to Zoe from across the Channel* Hello!

I am now more determined to do wonderful and cultured things this summer…unfortunately i lost my oyster card yesterday. I know, this is getting ridiculous. Still. I am going into London on Saturday and going on the London Eye with the Nerdfighters and probably visiting the underground magic shop and probably a museum of some sorts so that will be all cultured . I mean until we start on the “In your Pants” jokes but hopefully that can be balanced out by using Shakespearean Insults. Oh Nerdfighters- it’s all a bit too awesome.

Anyway, tomorrow is Induction Day. Which is when I get to meet all the new people coming to our sixth-form next year and we do team building exercises in our form groups. Near the river. So basically some sort of explosion of awkwardness is going to occur. Hopefully it will go okay if i remember to not start talking about homicide (which is…just what i happen to talk about a lot). I did try to prove to Hannah that i could be a normal person yesterday we were hanging out with Imogen, Goldie, Luxmmi, Salma and Ashwini at the Starbucks in the local borders (which is actually where i spent most of last saturday. Well, there and at Fun Learning. Me and Imogen are so gosh darn cool). I totally managed to act pretty sane. Though i am still completely sure that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a beard. It is a beard. A BEARD PEOPLE. (we were talking about this because someone happened to mention they found him kinda good looking. I feel slightly less alone in the “I find old presidents attractive even though it is so wrong” world).  Everyone else disagrees with me. Maybe i am not quite the expert on facial hair i thought i was. So i thought maybe a poll would sort this out?

I don’t know why i don’t use the poll option more often. I love polls!

(oh actually while writing this Goldie has clearly spent some time on google images and now agrees he has a beard)

Back to subject at hand: I might be meeting Fia’s friend Frankie sometime soonish (If you are reading this: Hello Frankie! *waves*…i wave too much. I think if we meet you should know i tend to wave at pictures of people. Hell i even wave at Quinto’s name in the opening credits of Heroes) (just finished series one: how awesomely awesome was that?) . Now i don’t know if i should try to act normal or just not bother because she has read my blog. Maybe she has some interesting views on homicide! (Why is this something i look for in potential friends?)


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