Gosh I seem to have turned 16

I have just got off the phone from Imogen! Imogen is tired and her head hurts. So if we could all take a moment to send Imogen warm fuzzies and go click on her link in the sidebar. (*sends warm fuzzies*, which is what my friends do when they are recreating circle time).

Aside from receiving awesome news via the telephone (UK Nerdfighter Gathering! So excited: will get Maureen Johnson to sign my copy of 13 Little Blue Envelopes.) i have been trying to memorise the 103 lines of latin prose for tomorrow’s exam. Gaaaah, i totally fail at memorising things. It’s actually quite interesting with the whole Druids fighting each other and sacrificing innocent people Wickerman style to appease the undying gods and the roman’s all-out slaughter of the Iceni and even the Iceni’s baggage animals. But then again, reading interviews with David Mitchell is interesting. And funny. And Caesar may have been awesome in the conquering people business but his writing style leaves much to be desired (…i feel like i am writing a school report. “Overall, Caesar has greatly improved his dictatorship skills this term, but he has still to master basic mathematics…”).

This is my first post whilst being 16! Last friday the celebrations officially began by Fia wishing me happy birthday at midnight (yeah…sleep pattern is still a little messed up). Err…actual birthday a little boring. It was rainy and i was having to stay in my room to avoid running into my brother and his girlfriend (who gave me sunflowers because she is lovely like that). We had takeout pizza for lunch and i think the takeout people think we are really fat and lazy because we had it delivered to the house even though it’s within walking distance. In the evening i went to Carluccio’s with my family which was awesome as ever (though i did freak out a little because i had zoned out of some theological debate that was going on and my father suddenly mentioned Mr Spock…) (oh yeah, i got totally mad at the newspaper for referring to Zachary Quinto as “Dr Spock”. He is like everything but a doctor dammit! I have taken this as a sign to stop watching Star Trek for a while. Will watch Peep Show instead).

What was revealed during that dinner which might interest you is that my mother is incredibly worried that she is going to get sucked into a cult. This is because when she was 14, and away on science camp, the camp leaders took them to dinner with these uber-hippies living in teepees on a cliff somewhere…long story short my mother and her jewish friend thought it looked awesome and got baptised in the river there.

Anyway….arrrh i am so sorry my blogging style is all mucked up. Arg. Arrg. Aaaaaarg. I might get back to learning my latin now (by which i mean: watching my new DVD of The Princess Bride. It’s special edition!)

(oh P.S i found the nerdiest shirt in the world the other day. It says, in Harry Potter font-style, “Kwidditch Haderach”. It made me laugh so much 🙂 )

(in non nerd news, my brother leant me St. Vincent’s album “Actor”. I actually like it which is weird)

(maybe i should do like…a nerd news section and a music section more regularly so people will know what bits to read. Like, in nerd news: i watched The Immunity Syndrome the other day. Like oh my god how many times has Mr Spock saved the universe? Plus: the idea that one day i might have to destroy a giant space amoeba is making learning biology seem more useful. Or, in music news: Yelle designed a t-shirt for the “Fashion against AIDs” range at H&M. This news excited Suga, who made me listen to Yelle for which i am most grateful).



  1. queenofsanssouci said,

    June 8, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    You know who else did Fashion Against AIDs?
    Give that boy a pat on the sideburns.

    How are you, lovie? I miss you.

  2. Suga said,

    June 10, 2009 at 10:24 am

    i like music news 🙂

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