Lost in Textbooks

I’m on holiday. Holiday. It is actually ridiculous how much time i am wasting pretending to revise (okay- i did some actual chemistry revision today because that was my worst mock result because my amazing, wonderful, patient and kind friend Hannah has done all my work for me throughout pretty much the entire two year course). I am reading What is the What by Dave Eggerswhich is actually so amazing and painful and is informingme about what happened in Sudanese Civil War (which i know very little about) and i think that learning about human suffering in the modern world is much more important than the things my chemistry book tells me when it is trying to relate chemistry to everyday life (like omfg! by turning up the heat when cookingfood i am increasing the rate at which chemical reactions are occurring!?!?). It’s almost as bad as our physics textbook which is a most depressing read, and i quote: “next time you look at the stars, remember the Universe is now mostly cold and dark” and “Now we accept that Earth is an insignificant planet orbitingone of the countless stars in one of the countless galaxies in the Universe”. Thank you textbook, thank you for beingso reassuring(its worse reading these things with Alice Cooper wailing “one down, one to go just another bullet in the chamber…” in my ear. It is such a depressing song! why are you in love with this cheating whore bitch Alice?!). Okay- I’ll end this rant with a quote from the biology textbook which cheers me up: “deers may look cute and cuddly- but they kill trees!”.

Aside from that i have been amusing myself by playing The Sims. Specifically by making Alice Cooper on The Sims which is quite amusing because the woman he is living with died in a fire (cue: House of Fire!) and turned into a zombie, as i have Sims Superstar he has won some music awards (he is currently Number 9- Player Alice Cooper on the “Who’sHot” list), has creepy fans outside his house and just produced a rock music video and i also have Sims: Makin Magic which gives him sexy, satanic powers. Yes, i am actually just that bored. (oh, by the way my new favourite Alice Cooper lyrics is “If I’m too rough tell me/I’m so scared your little head might come off in my hands”. Actually, you could just pick any line from that song. “Rubber little lady, slicker than a weasel…”  .  I only have a live version, so listening to the studio version is really weird. I can’t tell which versions i prefer- the live version sounds better, but the studio version is simply hilarious because of what sounds like various attempts at a British accent. Oh Alice. *shakes head*).

(Oh okay whilst we are talking about Alice: the title is a reference to the song Lost in America because it sums up…something with the lyrics “Well, I live at the 7-11/ Well, I’m tryin’ to play this guitar/Well, I’m learning “Stairway to Heaven”/Cuz Heaven’s where you are”. Not like those are meaningful lyrics but that is kind of the point. Aimless teenage activities and being stuck in stupid cycles…only obviously i don’t need a gun to go to school…)

Oh, i did go out with Imogen on tuesday and we went around town, took some photos (for a secret nerdfighter project. so i wont elaborate). Otherwise i am not going out until Fia’s birthday party- which by default makes it The Hottest Party this Easter! hell yeah! Well, even if there were more parties, fia’s will be especially  awesome anyway because we are bowling and watching 80s movies! But it seems like aaages away. I have just been reading, sims-ing, watching Grey’s Anatomy (since when did it get so dark!? no one is happy anymore 😦 ) and drinking far too many cups of tea. (it is not good when i get this bored. I start thinking that Cuba is a snack food. mmm, thats good Cuba. Just a really tasty country. Which is somehow edible. It almost makes sense!)

(some Santogold just came on shuffle and it cheered me up 🙂  yays)


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