Its a little after 3am and I’m pretty awake. I went to go see Death of the King’s Horseman (when i was checking that on google, it suggested Death of the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls- which sounds like it would be way more awesome to watch) at the National Theatre which was okayish, though at some point throughout the play i managed to convince myself that if i focused hard enough it would turn out that my daydreams were reality and the play was not real. Unfortunately i did have to sit through all the play and was not transported to my magical realm (which has gigantic oreos. but other than that…its pretty much the same as here). Things got better when we went to Brick Lane to buy some bagels from those crazy 24 hour bagel places (there’s actually two: the one with the pale blue sign which is the one my dad prefers because it is actually the oldest despite the yellow one, which my brother Nat prefers because it sells bacon with cream cheese bagels, claiming to built first). The only problem with this is that it makes my dad all nostalgic (his dad had his workshop near Brick Lane and my uncle used to own a stall near there or something) and it makes me go rather psycho because there seemed to be too many people today! Too many just hanging around acting like idiots! ah well. 

Actually am just in the middle of watching Wayne’s World (not sure why) and have decided it would be fun to write the screenplay for a film about infecting all of Tulsa with rabies. i think about rabies a lot. Other things i worry about:

  • Bill Clinton’s health (i got Ellen to lend me a copy of his autobiography so he is just chillin’ in my room, Clinton style! This is actually ridiculous. My great aunt fancies Bill Clinton. I’m pretty sure my grandma does as well. I fancy Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton appears to like everybody else. And he’s probably going to die real soon. Which sucks.
  • my desire to eat certain people’s internal organs- apparently cannibalism is a social taboo. Apparently, my brain does not understand this.
  • if Alice Cooper said anything good on his radio show and i missed it! (oh Alice- i will feed your Frankenstein. with aforementioned gigantic oreos! …that would make a fun advert. I mean, he has already sold out, so he might as well advertise for something truly awesome!)
  •  what exactly is happening with my friends recently(seriously it’s been a pretty weird week)
  • Barack Obama’s thoughts on tea (like ZOMFG what if he does not like tea? DOES NOT LIKE HIS TEA!?…now i am just imagining that line to Bohemian Raphosody for some reason…)

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