Our Love is like an open-faced sandwich table.

I have decided that Mahler just might like ice cream. He definitely needs ice cream. The concert on Saturday was amazing as usual- particularly the second movement of the Shostakovitch piano concerto no. 2 and the end of Mahler’s first symphony. Though that is one long symphony and i kept thinking it was going to end…and then kept getting distracted by the women next to me itching (she was itching like crazy!) and checking her phone (which was not meant to be on! i should report you to like…Royal Festival Hall police! if they existed). The guy who played the piano concerto, Martin Helmchen, is apparently an up and coming star who has been receiving rave reviews and you could totally see/hear why. He played this complicated piece (at least- complicated to me. but i have since been assured by people who know things about music it is difficult) amazingly well and hes only like 25 (my mum kept on going “aaaw would you look at him! he’s so fragile and delicate!”).  Vladimir Jurowksi was his usual, awesome self (i am slightly worried that if i go to a concert and he is not conducting it i will just freak out).

That was around it for this weekend. I am obviously just not qualified to talk about classical music. I mean, i came home and then had a long discussion about hair metal with Fia (we now have a joke that she is covering up an obsession with Joe Jonas and i am madly in love with Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison). I also came home to a dinner of potato smiley faces and cocktail sausages which was pretty awesome. Other than that i have been revising (biology mock tomorrow!) and trying to read Pale Fire by Nabokov because…because i was bored and it was on the bookshelf. (don’t get me wrong- some revision wasn’t boring. For instance- our double circulatory system= epic win. I love learning about the heart- it all seems so ridiculously efficient and…the word that comes to mind is edible for some reason…).

I was going to read The Golden Notebook which i bought ages ago, but then i read preface and just decided i might just not because i found Doris Lessing to be absolutely insufferable. I mean, it was very clear that she is exceptionally intelligent and a good writer but i kinda hate her so i stopped (which is actually something she herself advises…however she also says to remember that books you dislike now you might love in the future…). Its probably a bad idea to judge to book on the preface. I might try reading it after exams- which is this magical period of time where anything and everything is possible.

 I just got the feeling Doris Lessing won’t get on very well with the people in my head (yes, i know how weird that sounds but anything which i read/watch/hear is then discussed by the head-people and i guess which stance they would take on the thing in question. though right now they are trying to remember if there is a word which comes between “like” and “love” because this has been bothering me. So they have decided that in that awkward phase when “like” is too weak a word but they’re worried that saying “love” would just be a bit weird they will say “i smorgasbord you”. because its a fun word indeed, that stage of a relationship is like an open-faced sandwich table. And you have been sitting at this table for a while, decorating it, getting used to it, becoming comfortable. You have eaten like, quite a full portion of the table, but there are still many new experiences to be…eaten…new flavours and aromas on this glorious table which contains both the bad sandwiches and the good (and you are getting better at telling the difference between the two)! However you are still unsure if you are ready to commit to this particular open-faced sandwich table in the long term.)

(okay…i have no idea what i was talking about then. i think i was meant to be talking about books…but i could probably just extend that metaphor for a few more paragraphs…)


Blah. Blah and Ice Cream.

…there is not much to blog about. So little i actually went to wikipedia and surfed the recent deaths section (…which is what i do when i am bored for some reason). School is just revision and…oh and staff&sixth form netball. Which was quite amusing and a good excuse to tell my chemistry teacher that victory does not justify popping the collar of your abercrombie and firch polo shirt like an idiot. And Fia made me a picture of a cactohat (i have therefore forgiven her for being evil)! But she left out the vital hat/ingredient- the Fields of the Nephilim style hat (see… my ideal cactohat is a top hat, with a cactus on top…wearing a cowboyish hat. oh yeah).

But all this repetition means no blog material! Unless you want to hear about whatever the people in my head are talking about over deep-fried pancakes (…they’re talking about building a time machine bringing Claude Rains to the future to investigate my hypothetical murder!) (…i was watching Poirot this evening hence the whole murder thing . And i love David Suchet and all, but Claude Rains was in Casablanca!). Most foods are deep fried in my head. You know what i don’t think I’ve bothered putting into my imaginary world? Candle Holders . Does anybody have candle holders in their imagination? Would you if you designed candle holders? I have one on my desk right now with a christmas tree on it (hey! Fia gave me this! honestly). And i might just get mad at it.

…..Because i am so pathetically bored i am going to growl at candle holders.

Sorry i am just so bored and aaaaaarh i have nothing interesting to post. I don’t even have any funny pictures (unless you are interested in pictures of Clint Eastwood which i have given amusing names to…). I think this comic (White Ninja—which is weird. I don’t really read it) basically sums up…something about me (well. anyone who has heard me question them about eating internal organs might know):

Where did he get all those beautiful spines?!

Where did he get all those beautiful spines?!

On the plus side: i am off to see Jurowski conduct tomorrow! Specifically he is conducted Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Suite, Piano Concerto No. 2 by Shostakovich and Mahler’s First Symphony. Which should be…nice? (I’m slightly scared by Mahler just because my dad uses Mahler’s fifth symphony to test out the quality of speakers and so he played it really loud….and Gustav Mahler is a sinister name…but i just looked him up on wiki and he doesn’t look sinister. He looks rather sweet. *hugs Mahler apologetically*)
Oh and as it is sunny i have been buying ice cream lollies (twister ice lollies: my favourite thing ever after…you know…tea and imaginary-deep-fried-stuff. The people in my head have tasted bufriedos. They enjoyed them. A lot).

…I am now  wondering  if Mahler liked ice cream. He probably didn’t. Then again i can’t really think of anyone famous who i can associate with ice cream…until i just looked it up and am looking at a page entitled “US Presidents and Ice Cream”. I love the internet. So so much. Wow- George Washington spent $200 dollars, at the time a small fortune, on ice cream during the summer of 1790. um…is anyone else imaginging George Washingston eating ice cream whilst singing “Summer of ’69″…only it would be “Summer of 1790″….when George got his first real six string down at the five-and-dime and played it till his fingers bled…he and some guys from school formed a and and they tried real hard, but they didn’t get far…met the-future Martha Washington down at the drive-in…those were the best days of George Washington’s life.

The suspense!

Aaarh! This post is coming at you full of events. I’m sure you were all (…i am always so tempted to say “y’all”) dying to hear what happened at Fia’s party on Saturday. Well well. Maybe i will write about it….or maybe i will spin this out for as long as possible to avoid doing an english essay due in for tomorrow oh wait tomorrow is today now.

It was fun. That is the short version. I arrived late (as usual, but this time i had the excuse of a closed bridge! ah hah!) and only then with Fia guiding me over the phone. When i reached the house (…I found the door open and with nobody appearing to be inside. I looked down to see bloodstains on the carpet, then i heard this creeeeeak and i looked up to see…) Fia looked happyscared to see me and my friends seemed to be in a weird mood in general (Jess: returned from Antigua that morning. basically dead tired. Hannah: having t cover up for Jess if she insulted anybody. Imogen:…was Imogen. Zoe: mainly ignoring me to talk to Lily who is Fia’s friend who we hardly see so fair enough i had nothing good to say). We ate pizza (always good, always followed with an Alice Cooper reference) and i acted as extendable arms for the table.

But what you really want to know is the drama! Which wasn’t very dramatic i apologise for my use of italics in the previous sentences. Basically when taking the bus to the bowling alley (for lo, bowling was the plan) we had to get off and then walk the 3 miles to the alley and we basically separated into two groups: the quick and the dead (and…by dead i mean slower walking…) (guess which group i was in). Tension mounted! Phone calls were made demanding to know the other groups position! Profanities were used! Jess managed to run despite being so tired! 

We all ended up fine really. I found the walk along the river quite nice apart from the midges. We did wind up at the alley very late and with a tearful Divya waiting for us (we made up for this by being extra nice to her. its hard not to be extra nice to Divya actually). Bowling was pretty awesome: my team (me, Hannah, Divya, Imogen!) was feeling rather dancey and spent the evening joyfully cheering on our team mates whilst doing 70s dance moves to the music in the background. I actually managed to win the first round but then came last in the second and Hannah managed to be totally amazing and beat Barack’s bowling score! Go Hannah! (If you were wondering I managed to reflate my ego by beating Imogen at air hockey twice (she who has beaten Maureen Johnson!) and then Lily once. I also stole some of Divya’s candyfloss…but everyone did that)

When we returned to Fia’s we watched Labyrinth which was awesome and i had never seen it before and gosh muppets get me excited as does David Bowie and i have been thinking about it a lot. (…also have been thinking about why we didn’t watch The Princess Bride. which Fia promised we would do! I bought you a Doors album! And all you do is back away from me with that nervous look on your face!). Other events: face painting (because we’re that cool…i was a bear *shuffles feet happily), late night brownie and Doritos (and excellent combo. but I’m the only one who thinks this as usual) and playing on We ♥ Katamari.  (…i also started a conversation about eyebrows being symbiotic parasites which was fun). So all in all pretty awesome 🙂

In other news: back to school, nice to see my friends, sucks to do work, i did my french orals and never have to speak french again, apparently this song i always thought was by Blondie is not (“I Touch Myself” is actually by the Divinyls, but i always thought it was by Blondie. I love that song. I especially love that song in Austin Powers), according to google today is Earth Day have a good one, a new “thing” has been created which i cannot explain here but it has to do with a song called “Kids on Crack in Cuba” which one day i hope to explain/give you the youtube link for…

Oh! It is also Anna’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

Livvi Trivia

I am so sorry i couldn’t resist:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Livvi!

  1. Livvi is 984 feet tall!
  2. Four-fifths of the surface of Livvi is covered in water.
  3. While sleeping, fifteen percent of men snore, and ten percent grind their Livvi!
  4. Peanuts and Livvi are beans.
  5. The international dialling code for Livvi is 672.
  6. Livvi once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest!
  7. During severe windstorms, Livvi may sway several feet to either side!
  8. Livvi was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return.
  9. Livvi can jump up to sixteen times her own height.
  10. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and Livvi.

Its a random trivia generator! I quite like 3 and 10.


In real life (and…imaginary life as well actually) it has been a pretty bad day. That is all.

Happy Day Comics!

Today is Fia’s birthday! In her honour i made this comic:
I think these hats a bitchin'!

I think these hats a bitchin'!


However today is also Emancipation Day. Or you know…it would be if we were in Washington DC. And so i have edited (read: “made more awesome”) Fia’s comic of her stealing my plant (she’s a bitch. i don’t want her to have a happy birthday. i hope the conveyor belt at the japanese restaurant stops working!) (no, i don’t mean that. i am so sorry. I will buy you a Doors album) to celebrate this event. It isn’t as awesome as the Emancipation Proclamation but is still pretty rad, also it happened today! Like your birth!


I wore a top hat whilst editing this

I wore a top hat whilst editing this

Unrelated note: I now love Neutral Milk Hotel. To make this related…pretend i wrote this song  for you!- enjoy these lyrics:

What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
That is circling all round the sun
What a beautiful dream
That could flash on the screen
In a blink of an eye and be gone from me
Soft and sweet
Let me hold it close and keep it here with me, me

And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see

P.S  fuck i just realised Spike Milligan made a typo. the bitch. however i am not changing it now.

Eye Leeches is a fun term.

I feel slightly odd. Which isn’t amazingly interesting, people who stay up late at night writing blogs probably aren’t healthy (looking at you fia and your very fat late night blog post! (but seeing as fia is keeping me company on my late night facebooking i can forgive her)). It is because i just (well…a few hours ago…?) watched “I’ve Loved you So Long” which Hannah recommended and it was pretty amazing, Kristin Scott Thomas was brilliant. However it is quite weird and depressing. So i have convinced myself that my glasses are evil to distract myself, which isn’t really the perfect solution. I might not be able to wear them again if i convince myself they are eye leeches wanting to steal everything i ever seen. (i prefer calling them eye leeches now instead of glasses)

I hate them i hate them i hate them so much. (only not really because they are nice and red and slightly shiny and very useful and all only not as useful as one might think! but if i destroyed them, which would be fun, Hannah wouldn’t have eyes (by which i mean vision. i quite often call my retainers my teeth) either because Hannah borrows my glasses when she forgets hers). (the thing is, sometimes i don’t really feel like i am actually seeing things when i wear the glasses so if i am looking at something special or pretty i take off my glasses, even though this makes the thing fuzzy,so i know I’ve seen it with my real eyes. does that make sense at all?) 

I have also been thinking about Jeremy Irons. Which is nice, he is very relaxing to think about. very there. (also very extremely evil in The Lion King. for some reason at school Jess+Hannah+etc.’s form room has a picture of the moment Mufasa dies. Why? Why!?!?!). This is because we watched the recentish film version of Brideshead Revisited, which was no way near as good as the Jeremy Irons TV serial. He has such a nice voice, i wonder if he has ever voiced any audio books. Probably has. The only problem is that i thought about Jeremy Irons too much and this is annoying because it meant whenever i tried to imagine anyone they ended up turning into Jeremy Irons. Even odder is that when this happened to a crowd seen, at least one of the Jeremy Irons clones would be wearing a horribly bright floral print dress.

Gosh so do I!

Gosh that would be amazing...

My Musical (featuring Killer Robots!)

Happy Easter! Or, the more awesome holiday being celebrated today, happy Cosmonautics Day! I was not actually expecting to have a particularly good easter this year because my parents are masters of deception and had convinced me that i was to receive no eggs this year (it is particularly painful when they do this at christmas, or when it turns out they weren’t actually lying). Although because our garden is currently flooded and overgrown the easter egg hunt was limited to the conservatory and stone-outsidey-place-where-the-washing-line-is. I got 3 eggs and an easter bunny- which was reason enough to do a little celebratory dance to “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer and spend the rest of the day wearing a scarf tied around my head and hoop earrings pretending to be a pirate (i was re-reading Lord of the Flies today, which explains why i needed a distraction). I hope everyone else had a good easter! (its weird how even when i was younger and went to a CoE primary school and had to go to church etc. easter was never about Jesus. Ah well.  Enjoy your candy!)

Other than chocolate it has been an amazingly boring time recently. Still pretending to revise. Still reading What is the What which is as depressing and also as amazing as ever. (actually so bored i stopped blogging to try and beat my high score on Snake Extreme 2 on my phone. gah).

In an attempt to beat the boredom i have been listening to The Aquabats, which is weird because i don’t usually listen to ska/rock…people pretending to be superheroes. Though i think more people should dress up as superheroes! I would personally enjoy it if they weren’t so tight and made of spandexy. I was thinking earlier about trying to make up a very cool super villain and ended up just deciding that if anyone was going to take over the earth i would want it to be Jonathon Coulton in a top hat and monocle.

(okay: this is future me writing when reading over this post. this next bit goes a tad crazy. my sincere apologies)

See, i was listening to ABBA earlier (yes. i am slightly ashamed) and decided that the songs could have been used to make a way cooler musical!. One about…killer robots. As in, Super Troopers.  And i decided to chuck in songs by Jonathan Coulton and the Silver Jews as well (because…i am not sure why). And then i remembered the song Super Trooper was all about how someone loved and was comforted by them so i decided that maybe some poor woman made them to be her husband substitute after he was murdered. And JoCo steals these robots and reprogrammes them to be evil world taking over robots. Thus twisting “Does Your Mother Know” from a cheesy and slightly pervy pop song to a threatening refrain sung whilst shooting teenagers who break curfew. It would also be fun to choreograph a dance to “Todd the T100” and of course, those who disobey are sent to Chiron Beta Prime (i love that song!).

Anyway. David Berman, our hansome-ish anti-hero, and his wife Cassie are hanging out past curfew (cue: Punks in the Beerlight) and are surprised by killer robots who steal Cassie to take back to JoCo (cue: Skullcrusher Mountain) and David Berman mourns (cue: The Winner takes it All, then lots of other songs as his mourning progressess. I guess Sometimes a Pony gets Depressed and then maybe when hes more suicidal My Pillow is the Threshold). So he decides he will defeat and gathers up some sidekicks! He gets Code Monkey (cue the song) who decided to hand in his resignation to boring manager Rob and become a superhero in order to win the heart of the secretary, he saves Tom (from Re: Your Brains) from hordes of zombies and gets  Leonard Nimoy to try and stop him mourning over his short lived affair with Bigfoot (Under the Pines). So he gathers them all around, explains his plan (by singing Take a Chance on Me obviously) then decide to make their headquarters on the party barge (…cue Party Barge).

So now they need to find JoCos hiding place. They happen to come across the crazy lady who started it all who tells them where to find him (cue: There is a Place). So they make their way to Skullcrusher mountain where Cassie is still imprisoned (i can’t decide what song this should be! maybe she could have befriended one of the guards who sings Chiquitita to her. Or maybe she sings Candy Jail in bitter tones!). David Berman and his sidekicks manage to defeat the hungry mountain wolves, though one manages to bite David’s hand off (cue: SOS)….

Okay that is as far as i got. It is just a rough outline of this…musical thing. It probably doesn’t make that much sense if you don’t know the songs, but even without that knowledge i believe it could be awesome. Especially since it has killer robots in (which makes anything pretty awesome). And seeing as David Berman said he might go into writing screenplays…

Gah! Third Blog Today!

Great. Now my parents have gone out on walkies with my dog so i don’t even have to pretend to work. I don’t even need to sneak back and before between rooms pretending that i have major stealth skillz (yes, that is skills with a “z”)! I am free to sit in here and draw on a rather fetching goatee and moustache with my new pens. (I may go and wash my face now). (Or maybe i will carry on adding messages and facial hair until i accidentally get black ink soaking into my eyeballs and my parents come back to find me writhing on the floor pretending to be possessed- which actually sounds like fun idea).

Or maybe i could stitch together some hand puppets and pretend they are a revision tool whilst in fact they are the main characters in my epic hand-puppet play. Writing that play would be another good time waster. I can’t think of a witty title for it, only…masturbation jokes. I think i might go read a book.

*update: saved by book reading as i have discovered that someone left the dvd of Flatliners in the disk drive and i have decided to watch even though Kiefer Sutherland is no way near as cool as his father, Donald. Who, with his adorable gingery-afro, was in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (along with Jeff Goldblum!) which is an amazing film and taught me so much like in case of alien invasion, the government should legalise speed so we can all stay awake so we can keep on avoiding them, just because Leonard Nimoy played Dr Spock and you love him to teensy little pieces doesn’t mean he is automatically the good guy, don’t kick alien pods- it just leads to crazy dog/hobo hybrid aliens, San Francisco is the best place to start if you want to take over the world and of course it has the best creation theory ever: humans were created when aliens came down to earth and mated with monkeys.

Okay to find that list, i had to trawl through lots of pieces of sheets of paper i used to scrawl on instead of keeping an actual diary. The few phrases i can read are slightly odd because they can range from the normal “oh bugger i’ve just watched Die Hard again”, to the slightly misjudged “i think i have a crush on Washington Irving” (who lets face, is one sexy dead dude) and then the plain scary “muhaha we shall kill freud with a pink pointy compass with multiple functions of doom”.

In which I translate stuff.

Fia just commented me on facebook to voice her concerns that my blog is going to turn into a “alice worshipping cult blog” (oh yeah, one of those). Given how bored I am (i have reverted back to my terrible habit of drinking everything through delightfully coloured straws. Soon i may be forced to see how many colourful straws i can drink through! (generally i stop at 4 straws unless someone ups the competition, which is particularly fun at starbucks because you feel superior to everyone else because you have 9 straws and they were 1-straw conformists)) and that everything seems a good idea when eating melted cheese, this seems like it could happen.

however it probably wont happen right now because, unbeknown to you, as i am typing this it is being voiced in my head by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, the sarcastic, hard-hitting voice of reason (admittedly, in the game-player world. The only reason i actually watch Zero Punctuation is because i have fallen in love with that little hat wearing figure who is the master of insults and not because i actually play games).

I actually thought i might do something useful and post a translation of “Love will not let the Poet Sleep” by Petronius because by looking at my stats this is the only reason people actually read my blog and i don’t actually know this poem and need to learn in case it comes up in my exam and i forced to pick out any word i know and try to come up with a reason for it being there (which is what i did in my mocks for Boudicca’s Rebellion and Caeser: Return of the Druids). Also latin literature puts me in a good mood because it is, as Hannah says about the whole of roman civilisation, “killy killy sex killy” (i personally think the balance between sex and death is more even but it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely). Unfortunately Love will Not Let the Poet Sleep is mainly boring and the only fun bit is when you get to go “solus, io, solus” (the “io” being pronounced “yo”…i know. what larks).

So here is the translation i was given to learn:

Settled on a couch, i was beginning to enjoy the first moments of silence

Of the night; my eyes were overcome with tiredness, and i was falling

Asleep (*literally: i was giving my eyes to sleep/overcome by sleep),

when the fierce god of love grabbed hold of me, lifted me up by the hair

and ordered me- i was shattered by now! to stay awake.

“Although you are my slave, and in love with a thousand girls, can you

lie alone, alone i say, o hard-hearted one?”

I jump up., and with bare feet and loose tunic i try each road, but all roads

are false starts (*lit: i block every road, and set no road free)

At one moment I hurry on, at another i dislike going, and it makes me

Sorry to return again. I am ashamed to stand in the middle of the road.

Look! People’s voices, the noise of the streets, the singing of birds and

the faithful crowd of dogs are silent. I alone out of everyone dread sleep

and bed, and i follow you order, great Cupid.


I would expect something a bit cooler from someone who wrote the Satyricon (not like i’ve read it, but doesn’t it sound good?). Love poems are all a bit disappointing i guess. Once again on this blog o am going to shoot Catullus a dirty look for writing Can she be Faithful? (answer: a big resounding NO. Response: i love you anyway lesbia you filthy whore even though you make me feel like crushed, delicate flower.)I like Pyrrha by Horace (but then, Horace is just a bit of an all round dude). I could have a go at Martial and Catullus for being lazy with Contradictions and Conflicting Emotions, but i won’t because it would make everything a lot easier if all latin poems and epics were reduced to two lines (i.e “Nisus and Euryalus kill people then get killed, the end p.s they are so totally gay isn’t that funny?” or “I don’t like horses i am just a stalker who would do anything for you, please get into my pants”).

Anyway, have to because i need to find a goat to sacrifice revise.

Lost in Textbooks

I’m on holiday. Holiday. It is actually ridiculous how much time i am wasting pretending to revise (okay- i did some actual chemistry revision today because that was my worst mock result because my amazing, wonderful, patient and kind friend Hannah has done all my work for me throughout pretty much the entire two year course). I am reading What is the What by Dave Eggerswhich is actually so amazing and painful and is informingme about what happened in Sudanese Civil War (which i know very little about) and i think that learning about human suffering in the modern world is much more important than the things my chemistry book tells me when it is trying to relate chemistry to everyday life (like omfg! by turning up the heat when cookingfood i am increasing the rate at which chemical reactions are occurring!?!?). It’s almost as bad as our physics textbook which is a most depressing read, and i quote: “next time you look at the stars, remember the Universe is now mostly cold and dark” and “Now we accept that Earth is an insignificant planet orbitingone of the countless stars in one of the countless galaxies in the Universe”. Thank you textbook, thank you for beingso reassuring(its worse reading these things with Alice Cooper wailing “one down, one to go just another bullet in the chamber…” in my ear. It is such a depressing song! why are you in love with this cheating whore bitch Alice?!). Okay- I’ll end this rant with a quote from the biology textbook which cheers me up: “deers may look cute and cuddly- but they kill trees!”.

Aside from that i have been amusing myself by playing The Sims. Specifically by making Alice Cooper on The Sims which is quite amusing because the woman he is living with died in a fire (cue: House of Fire!) and turned into a zombie, as i have Sims Superstar he has won some music awards (he is currently Number 9- Player Alice Cooper on the “Who’sHot” list), has creepy fans outside his house and just produced a rock music video and i also have Sims: Makin Magic which gives him sexy, satanic powers. Yes, i am actually just that bored. (oh, by the way my new favourite Alice Cooper lyrics is “If I’m too rough tell me/I’m so scared your little head might come off in my hands”. Actually, you could just pick any line from that song. “Rubber little lady, slicker than a weasel…”  .  I only have a live version, so listening to the studio version is really weird. I can’t tell which versions i prefer- the live version sounds better, but the studio version is simply hilarious because of what sounds like various attempts at a British accent. Oh Alice. *shakes head*).

(Oh okay whilst we are talking about Alice: the title is a reference to the song Lost in America because it sums up…something with the lyrics “Well, I live at the 7-11/ Well, I’m tryin’ to play this guitar/Well, I’m learning “Stairway to Heaven”/Cuz Heaven’s where you are”. Not like those are meaningful lyrics but that is kind of the point. Aimless teenage activities and being stuck in stupid cycles…only obviously i don’t need a gun to go to school…)

Oh, i did go out with Imogen on tuesday and we went around town, took some photos (for a secret nerdfighter project. so i wont elaborate). Otherwise i am not going out until Fia’s birthday party- which by default makes it The Hottest Party this Easter! hell yeah! Well, even if there were more parties, fia’s will be especially  awesome anyway because we are bowling and watching 80s movies! But it seems like aaages away. I have just been reading, sims-ing, watching Grey’s Anatomy (since when did it get so dark!? no one is happy anymore 😦 ) and drinking far too many cups of tea. (it is not good when i get this bored. I start thinking that Cuba is a snack food. mmm, thats good Cuba. Just a really tasty country. Which is somehow edible. It almost makes sense!)

(some Santogold just came on shuffle and it cheered me up 🙂  yays)

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