No Gnews is good Gnews!

Rawr, it has been a while since i have updated (but i do go through all my stats to boost my ego. might seriously consider doing some Nisus and Euryalus fanfic one of these days…i miss doing the literature so much. Although i do think “Verbs of Fearing” would be an awesome band name, and on friday we go over gerundives! yays for awesome literal translations!) probably because i don’t have as much work to avoid (that’s a lie actually, i have quite a bit of work) and because i have three new webcomics I’m reading (because I’m cool like that) and so i went through all their archives (xkcd: god i love it and its so addictive, but it makes me wish i was a mathematician/physicist, Questionable Content: because i care more about fictional characters’ suffering than i do my real acquaintances’ and Nedroid Picture Diary: makes me fuzzy inside).

Oh- i have also ditched writing to repeatedly listening to Alice Cooper and, on Saturdays, Alice’s radio show (if only i lived in Wichita and could listen to his sweet, sweet voice every night…). He plays some pretty rad music (yes i said rad. I’m just trying it out. god i forgot how much i love the brackets) and his attempts at a British accent are hilarious. Never listen when dead tired and he is playing trippy rock, it lead to some weird facebook commenting (I’m really worried that in the future, instead of famous people having collected letters, it will be collected facebook posts. handwriting is a lost art. but Elyanne-a.k.a my biology partner- gave me hope by showing me the funky handwriting she uses in her maths notebook) about how Alice Cooper is a giant cookie with arms, legs, top hat covering the crazy hair  and a cane!(Fia drew me a picture. it makes my soul happy). I have spent many a evening trying to decide which Alice Cooper song has the worst lyrics- this is impossible, but here are the main contenders thus far:

  • ” wanna put my hands where they’ve never been
    Get real hot in the midnight steam
    Soaking in the rain of my favorite dream
    Your lips are red, the moon is blue
    I only ask you once what you want to do” from I Got a Line on You
  • “Don’t need no roof overhead
    Don’t need no key to unlock ya baby, I’ll use my lovin instead” from House of Fire (actually, the whole concept of Alice singing about building a house made out of love is hilarious…though it creeps me out when he says he wants to play in her garden)
  • “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow
    Gonna drive you like a hammer
    Baby, put me in your slammer” from Bed of Nails (oh Alice- what were you thinking?)
  • Oh, the intro to Bed of Nails is just plain awful. It sounds like it was written by me at my most angsty year 8 phase when i thought badges were the ultimate accessory and wrote diary entries about (*flicks through notebooks quickly*- how weird) how everybody i know should just get over themselves already:

“I love the way you hurt me.
My tears are your wine.
Your thoughts would draw my plan for a cruise in vain,
Like talons in the pale moon shining above us.
My gained pleasure in pain is slowly vanished
As we sink deeper and deeper into a void of your venomous love”


(sorry- real life thing: the water in my house may not be working and everything is stressy and i haven’t been able to wash my hair properly and school photos are tomorrow and apparently the garden has been flooded for several weeks and i didn’t notice…wait. apparently shower is working again. that’s just great)

Anyway: actual events! going to write about them! Two weeks ago, me and some friends went collecting money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. This was actually pretty fun…even if we were dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Imogen’s party (more about that later) and I got a surprising amount of money (well, it seemed like it- some lady gave me a tenner! and another a fiver! much love to those crazy charity lovin’ ladies). This was actually the day after Red Nose Day, me and Hannah slept over at Jess’ house to drool over David Tennant (yeah…we switched off after they changed hosts. How adorable is that man? How cute was it when he won Mastermind? How ridiculous does he look and act when he’s not scripted? How wrong is it that we know all wish we were Davina McCall?) and to watch the first series of Peep Show. Happy Days 🙂

Imogen’s party was Harry Potter themed- i went as Professor Trelawney. It was pretty awesome: excellent party foods, fun games (pin the tail on the thestrel!) and conversations and watched a bit of Juno. ooh! Anna! Obviously taking style tips from my blog: grey hair powder! it looked awesome! I was totally right about bringing this back.

(Speaking of fashion, i got into an argument with my brother about which one of us is allowed to go steampunk. I think if you look at my online history, you will see that i have been looking into this for a while. Its perfect! Goggles! Pith hats! Watch parts. Though actually i just began looking into it because late last saturday whilst repeatedly listening to Suffragette City i decided that i should become Nikola Tesla’s moustache keeper (he didn’t like touching human hair, therefore needs someone to do it for him! that someone is me! Yes Tesla, i will groom your moustache to perfection!) and Tesla figures big in like steampunk graphic novels etc. Maybe also because steampunk makes me think of Ironforge- one of my favourite places in World of Warcraft (dammit, i hate to admit this but i miss WoW! i loved my sexy Nightelf! Also pissed because i didn’t have the subscription, it was my brother so i only got one character who i never managed to get past level 30  and a Tauren who i only played for jokes whilst my brother’s dwarf was riding around on a friggin’ mountain goat!…god that sounded weird). Also just a deep love of watch parts. mmm.

Nerdlove and Alice Cooper aside, i actually got round to listening to my audio CDs of Dreams from my Father…ready Barack himself. It is just so relaxing to listen to Barack…whilst hugging my stereo. His childhood in Indonesia just sounds incredible. Will need to listen to more tonight.

Not much has been happening at all. School is cramming in last topics or revising. I’ve been feeling more tired than usual and have some weird throat problems where one minute i sound like i am dying of thirst in the desert and the next i am back to normal. ON mother’s day i thoughtfully took my lovely mum to go see Gran Torino (i also gave her a chocolate lamb called “Lucy the Lamb” because my mum is called Lucie) which was really awesome. Clint suited that role so well and it was surprisingly funny. I also thought the girl who played Sue, Ahney Her, was really good. The disturbing thing is that watching it confirmed that i have a creepy crush on Clint Eastwood who will be 80 this May (okay it was just adorable when he was all “I am oldschool!” and considering how old he is, he looks amazing ). So creepiness aside…it was a great film and i totally recommend it (so does my chemistry teacher dammit. i was hoping we would disagree over this one, so made up for it by yelling at him about how much he likes “Shakespeare in Love”). I love going to the cinema later in the evening, its more relaxed, the staff seem nicer and there are less people (which means less people to see me doing funny dances in the foyer).

 Aside from Alice Coopering, i decided to put all my favourite Frank Sinatra tracks and the soundtrack to South Pacific on my mp3 player thing…I’ve been getting weird looks on the bus.  Jess lent me Teddy Thompson’s A Piece of What you Needmy favourite tracks: “In my Arms” and “What’s This?!!”  and “Jonathan’s Book” though “Turning the Gun on Myself” is excellent for accompanying my solitaire games.

Goodnight, i hope i have something more interesting to talk about next time.

(p.s if you realised which Gnews show i was referencing in the title than i love you! if not, i’m pretty sure i wrote a blog all about it once)

(p.p.s gah! this was meant to go up last night dammit! and update for all those who may care: the water is not working! but its fine because Jess leant me more Teddy and Rufus because she is amazing like that♥)



  1. Sophia said,

    March 25, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    you still love Alice, harboring a secret obsession for him. do not fear, I will finish that picture for you and do you want Tesla in it as well?

    • livviisapirate said,

      March 25, 2009 at 9:01 pm

      i bless the day we became friends.
      if we are friends- after table tennis im never sure 😛
      and yes, tesla all the way! 🙂

  2. Sophia said,

    March 25, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    We became friends just before the French trip via MSN and Mick Jagger. crazy roleplays! I thank Mick for bringing us together!

    Also, I want to play crazy table tennis with the whole room where you hit the ball as fast as possible and see if you can make holes in stuff.

  3. livviisapirate said,

    March 25, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    i have a table tennis table in my garage
    we should have a crazy tournament or something! 😀

  4. Sophia said,

    March 25, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    hell yes I am coming over to your house! playing deep purple loud to help with the FURY!

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    March 27, 2009 at 11:44 am

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