…i am running out of ideas for titles…

My blog is currently my safe, Internethaven where i can hide away from people desperately trying to get reading tickets. Also because as my school is a tad weird we celebrated World Book Day today and therefore i spent the day dressed as Neville, showering all my love and affection on a plant which many peopleinsisted was dead (Droopy, as i so christened him, is not dead. he just wants you to think that so he can trap you into stroking his lovely soft leaves until you are in a passive state and he can strangle you! muahahaha!).  People should stop hating on Droopy and me (the mocking was headed by Fia who drew a cute comic of it and i mention it so i can go “Link the sidebar!!!” like John and Hank Green, only obviously you cannot see me doing the finger moustache. if this bracket confused you: do yourself a favour and search for vlogbrothers).

So i am thus feeling a little disjointed from stuff- mainly because i kinda hate Thom Yorke and just Radiohead in general for some reason (oh- this links back to the whole Reading thing). Really no idea why- i mean, i don’t like their music or anything but that doesn’t explain why i just feel the urge to bash Thom’s smug face. Or it could be that generally when i overhear people talking about how they love Radiohead, its people i don’t like. I just realised i like no one who is playing at Reading this year…that is so weird (would i sound like an amazing tosser if i said that i liked some of Kings of Leon’s early stuff? before they got to no. 1?). But i guess that’s a good thing.  Not like i can claim to have good music taste. Listening to Snakebite by Alice Cooper just because its hilarious. I also tried listening to some of the…let me see if i can get this right…virtual instrumental post-metal band Deathmøle (if anyone gets that nerdy webcomic reference then i salute you. now officially up to date with that- yes, i have read several years worth of comic archives and now believe that they are all real people). Its not actually that bad, but i find it hard to listen to instrumental stuff (apart from classical music obviously….jesus i really feel like i ought to be shot. i swear its just because this is being typed out. i don’t sound so awful in my head but i guess enough of you know my head well enough to know that isn’t saying much).

Anyway: other events. Err…last friday my school participated in the Schools Question Time competition! So some people (some friends of mine amongst them) organised a panel ect. and food (lots of lovely food) and the whole evening was pretty awesome. As chairperson there was Emily Maitlis of BBC news (it was slightly scary because i forget the anchorpeoplehave legs) and as normal panel people: David Aaronavitch (Timesjournalist, probably the best person that evening), Stephanie Flanders (BBC economics editor), Iain Dale (conservative party activist who wore a horribly flamboyant shirt), Edward Davey (Lib Dem MP for Kingston and Robert Evans (member of the European parliament for the labour party, who i disliked).  Discussion centred on: economic crisis (durr), faith in Gordon Brown, Obamarama!, A* results being introduced at A Level and university fees, Palestine and Israel and Jade Goody (yeah…the fact that she was discussed more than the Palestine/Israel issue was kinda depressing). Also good about QT: i totally bonded with Rachel, who is in the year below and so cool she wore an Obama t-shirt. We also had some weird running joke about us acting like a lesbian couple, its nice to have jokes with someone i don’t actually know that well (but i do think shes really quite awesome. she is the cats pyjamas as i have taught her to say).

On Sunday I went round Twickenham’s many charity shops with Jess, Hannah and Fia which was nice. Other than that the weekend was pretty chilled, especially reading Love in the Time of Cholera in my bubble bath 🙂  which i am enjoying so far but is not quite as awesome as 100 Years of Solitude or The General in his Labyrinth. Though  It has made me worried that i am going to start drinking cologne and eating rose petals. That seems like exactly the kind of creepy, obsessive thing i would do. But as far as eating things in Marquez book’s goes, the descriptions of Rebeca eating dirt and whitewash are probably the best (see- some of the characters in 100 Years of Solitude are amazing and haunting, others….like, the whole of the third generation…i found more annoying. Maybe if i knew more about the history of Latin America than the civil war business might make more sense).

Anyway, i believe it is safe to come out of hiding.

p.s Jess has started to update her blog again- link in the side bar! (its Queen of Sanssouci. Hell yeah we love Rufus Wainwright).


No Gnews is good Gnews!

Rawr, it has been a while since i have updated (but i do go through all my stats to boost my ego. might seriously consider doing some Nisus and Euryalus fanfic one of these days…i miss doing the literature so much. Although i do think “Verbs of Fearing” would be an awesome band name, and on friday we go over gerundives! yays for awesome literal translations!) probably because i don’t have as much work to avoid (that’s a lie actually, i have quite a bit of work) and because i have three new webcomics I’m reading (because I’m cool like that) and so i went through all their archives (xkcd: god i love it and its so addictive, but it makes me wish i was a mathematician/physicist, Questionable Content: because i care more about fictional characters’ suffering than i do my real acquaintances’ and Nedroid Picture Diary: makes me fuzzy inside).

Oh- i have also ditched writing to repeatedly listening to Alice Cooper and, on Saturdays, Alice’s radio show (if only i lived in Wichita and could listen to his sweet, sweet voice every night…). He plays some pretty rad music (yes i said rad. I’m just trying it out. god i forgot how much i love the brackets) and his attempts at a British accent are hilarious. Never listen when dead tired and he is playing trippy rock, it lead to some weird facebook commenting (I’m really worried that in the future, instead of famous people having collected letters, it will be collected facebook posts. handwriting is a lost art. but Elyanne-a.k.a my biology partner- gave me hope by showing me the funky handwriting she uses in her maths notebook) about how Alice Cooper is a giant cookie with arms, legs, top hat covering the crazy hair  and a cane!(Fia drew me a picture. it makes my soul happy). I have spent many a evening trying to decide which Alice Cooper song has the worst lyrics- this is impossible, but here are the main contenders thus far:

  • ” wanna put my hands where they’ve never been
    Get real hot in the midnight steam
    Soaking in the rain of my favorite dream
    Your lips are red, the moon is blue
    I only ask you once what you want to do” from I Got a Line on You
  • “Don’t need no roof overhead
    Don’t need no key to unlock ya baby, I’ll use my lovin instead” from House of Fire (actually, the whole concept of Alice singing about building a house made out of love is hilarious…though it creeps me out when he says he wants to play in her garden)
  • “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow
    Gonna drive you like a hammer
    Baby, put me in your slammer” from Bed of Nails (oh Alice- what were you thinking?)
  • Oh, the intro to Bed of Nails is just plain awful. It sounds like it was written by me at my most angsty year 8 phase when i thought badges were the ultimate accessory and wrote diary entries about (*flicks through notebooks quickly*- how weird) how everybody i know should just get over themselves already:

“I love the way you hurt me.
My tears are your wine.
Your thoughts would draw my plan for a cruise in vain,
Like talons in the pale moon shining above us.
My gained pleasure in pain is slowly vanished
As we sink deeper and deeper into a void of your venomous love”


(sorry- real life thing: the water in my house may not be working and everything is stressy and i haven’t been able to wash my hair properly and school photos are tomorrow and apparently the garden has been flooded for several weeks and i didn’t notice…wait. apparently shower is working again. that’s just great)

Anyway: actual events! going to write about them! Two weeks ago, me and some friends went collecting money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. This was actually pretty fun…even if we were dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Imogen’s party (more about that later) and I got a surprising amount of money (well, it seemed like it- some lady gave me a tenner! and another a fiver! much love to those crazy charity lovin’ ladies). This was actually the day after Red Nose Day, me and Hannah slept over at Jess’ house to drool over David Tennant (yeah…we switched off after they changed hosts. How adorable is that man? How cute was it when he won Mastermind? How ridiculous does he look and act when he’s not scripted? How wrong is it that we know all wish we were Davina McCall?) and to watch the first series of Peep Show. Happy Days 🙂

Imogen’s party was Harry Potter themed- i went as Professor Trelawney. It was pretty awesome: excellent party foods, fun games (pin the tail on the thestrel!) and conversations and watched a bit of Juno. ooh! Anna! Obviously taking style tips from my blog: grey hair powder! it looked awesome! I was totally right about bringing this back.

(Speaking of fashion, i got into an argument with my brother about which one of us is allowed to go steampunk. I think if you look at my online history, you will see that i have been looking into this for a while. Its perfect! Goggles! Pith hats! Watch parts. Though actually i just began looking into it because late last saturday whilst repeatedly listening to Suffragette City i decided that i should become Nikola Tesla’s moustache keeper (he didn’t like touching human hair, therefore needs someone to do it for him! that someone is me! Yes Tesla, i will groom your moustache to perfection!) and Tesla figures big in like steampunk graphic novels etc. Maybe also because steampunk makes me think of Ironforge- one of my favourite places in World of Warcraft (dammit, i hate to admit this but i miss WoW! i loved my sexy Nightelf! Also pissed because i didn’t have the subscription, it was my brother so i only got one character who i never managed to get past level 30  and a Tauren who i only played for jokes whilst my brother’s dwarf was riding around on a friggin’ mountain goat!…god that sounded weird). Also just a deep love of watch parts. mmm.

Nerdlove and Alice Cooper aside, i actually got round to listening to my audio CDs of Dreams from my Father…ready Barack himself. It is just so relaxing to listen to Barack…whilst hugging my stereo. His childhood in Indonesia just sounds incredible. Will need to listen to more tonight.

Not much has been happening at all. School is cramming in last topics or revising. I’ve been feeling more tired than usual and have some weird throat problems where one minute i sound like i am dying of thirst in the desert and the next i am back to normal. ON mother’s day i thoughtfully took my lovely mum to go see Gran Torino (i also gave her a chocolate lamb called “Lucy the Lamb” because my mum is called Lucie) which was really awesome. Clint suited that role so well and it was surprisingly funny. I also thought the girl who played Sue, Ahney Her, was really good. The disturbing thing is that watching it confirmed that i have a creepy crush on Clint Eastwood who will be 80 this May (okay it was just adorable when he was all “I am oldschool!” and considering how old he is, he looks amazing ). So creepiness aside…it was a great film and i totally recommend it (so does my chemistry teacher dammit. i was hoping we would disagree over this one, so made up for it by yelling at him about how much he likes “Shakespeare in Love”). I love going to the cinema later in the evening, its more relaxed, the staff seem nicer and there are less people (which means less people to see me doing funny dances in the foyer).

 Aside from Alice Coopering, i decided to put all my favourite Frank Sinatra tracks and the soundtrack to South Pacific on my mp3 player thing…I’ve been getting weird looks on the bus.  Jess lent me Teddy Thompson’s A Piece of What you Needmy favourite tracks: “In my Arms” and “What’s This?!!”  and “Jonathan’s Book” though “Turning the Gun on Myself” is excellent for accompanying my solitaire games.

Goodnight, i hope i have something more interesting to talk about next time.

(p.s if you realised which Gnews show i was referencing in the title than i love you! if not, i’m pretty sure i wrote a blog all about it once)

(p.p.s gah! this was meant to go up last night dammit! and update for all those who may care: the water is not working! but its fine because Jess leant me more Teddy and Rufus because she is amazing like that♥)

With Thanks to Jess and Hannah

I LOVE JESS AND HANNAH. There. I needed to start my blog with that so you could understand that there is going to be some major thankage to these two incredible friends. Basically, me and my friends decided to act out age for once and have a drunken party (which i will explain in full. once you get over the shock) and terrible lightweight that I am, I needed the loving care of Jess and Hannah to get me through that confused time in my life. They did not complain, they just did everything wonderfully and i would be nothing without them (unfortunately, they know this). *hugs all round*

So anyway, vomiting aside, the party was really fun. Though…we party in a weird way. By drinking carlsberg…pimms and wine (pimms on ice cream- mmm), watching Casanova and Blackpool and then we have Jess reciting Shakespeare to check she is not drunk and discussing, Fia talking(we fear the alcohol has permanently affected her as she is now more talkative all the time 🙂 ) and me generally acting like a more intensified idiot than usual (during Blackpool David Tennant says he is off to buy pastries…i was very happy because i thought he was buying them for us. i am never going to live it down). Zoë’sboyfriend was also there and he was extremely nice to us considering the circumstances. Things only started to get weird after Fia became noticeably drunk, insisted we put on a Deep Purple record and then proceeded to rock out (on the floor by this point) then vomit. We then put on the Princess Bride (me being instructed to look after her) with Fia demanding that Buttercup should come on and waving at all the characters (it is odd how i just wave at everything whilst sober) and then i began vomiting and speaking in the most dodgy mix of accents ever.

Anyway, next morning (after a frantic night for Jess and Hannah…did i mention i love them very much?) me and Fia were still slightly ill (…very ill. I sympathise with Alice Cooper when he says he doesn’t want pizza. because neither do i. not for a very long time. Feed my Frankenstein is hilarious 🙂 ) and looked after by Zoë and James. We had to go in this state to our guitar lesson, but everything is fine.

Everything else is kinda boring in comparison. Last week was just “work on stats coursework…wow. its done. that’s weird”. I also saw German film “The Wave” (or “Die Welle”) which i have wanted to see for ages, and was randomly playing for one night at a nearby cinema. It was really good, some of a bit predictable but it was still really “woah.that’s just crazy” all the way through. I also finished The Dollars Trilogy and cannot get the damn theme tune out of my head (…probably doesn’t help I’m listening to it as i type) and Clint Eastwood appearing behind my eyes! (I know, that sounds kinda creepy…and it is! every time i try to go to sleep!). Though i may need to re-watch the first two because i get them confused (maybe its because the same actor plays two different villains! or maybe because the last film in the trilogy is kinda a prequel! but they are all non-canon! gah!). The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is worth seeing (though do not panic like i did! he may not be wearing a poncho at the beginning but he is by the end! as far as i am concerned, the actual storyline is just there as a back story to how The Man with No Name got his poncho. which sounds like a Just So story…). Ignore that bracket, the plot is really cool (kinda. well, to me) its just really really long, like “Gone with the Wind” long and funnily enough also involves the American Civil War (aaand Bounty Hunters! What more could you want? Except maybe an explanation about what Man With No Name does with the money. seriously- he goes all out in the films to get money and he only spends money on hotel rooms, alcohol (bracket inside bracket! In one bar scene, Clint is concentrating hard on drinking his rum to avoid awkwardness! I do the exact same thing! Only you know…with water…and at family gatherings, not you know…life and death trying to trick banditos situations) and cigarillos. I bet he secretly gives the moneys to Orphans..) Specifically, lost confederate gold! Yays! And of course, Clint and Tuco have several run-ins with the army. The end actually had me yelling at the screen (i got a bit tooinvolved with the characters really) because i was that tense. (Sorry, reading that must e odd with all the brackets and switching back and forth between saying “Clint” and “Man with no Name”. my favourite nickname of his has to be Manco, meaning maimed).

To sum up: I shamefully love spaghetti westerns, I love Jess and Hannah, pimms and ice cream is great, I  am not worthy to be the friend of Jess and Hannah, have been listening to Deerhunter (who are quite good 🙂 ), I need Jess and Hannah to survive, histograms are evil, I love Jess and Hannah.

Late Night Wishlist

Things i wish for:

  • For white hair powder to be made more readily available. Have noted of late that teenage guys having to use powder to make their hair grey look good (for plays…not just randomly). I personally think it would make for an excellent, “taking retro to its logical conclusion” trend. I also have longed for more people to wear capes and top hats (i see this guy in the cinema sometimes dressed like this- he has stolen my heart)
  • A picnic. I just can’t remember the last time i had a picnic D: how dreadful
  • For less work. Or…maybe the gift of understanding stats coursework. I can just about get titration equations now- thanks to Hannah, who our chemistry teacher looks to for confirmation that what he has said is correct. Oh, what i would want Count Rugen to do to that man! (that sounds…vaguely sexual. it isn’t. Its just a Princess Bride reference…meaning i want an evil six fingered count to suck the life force out of him…)
  • I really miss The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. *hugs to all the cast* and wish to be suddenly transported to a universe where the show is real…and i am Will Smith. Or maybe just a boxset or something…i mean, that would be good too
  • That wikipedia was more helpful when it comes to information about pancreas transplanting. I know, wiki is the source of all info, but i still am not sure where they put the new pancreas! Because they can’t remove the old one! From what i can piece together, the new one uses the blood supply going to the legs…or…not. damn internet!Honestly. I asked my biology teacher and he didn’t know- i did however get an analogy about the pancreas transplants and kitchen sinks. Awesome. oh, but he did say that with thyroid transplants they do something crazy like (emphasise on like. i was finding it hard to concentrate because i was worried i would end up following my biology teacher all the way around the school when trying to get the answer) mash it up and stick it in your arm muscles. Which is pretty inspired.
  • I wish i could write in crazy cool slant rhyme like Wilfred Owen. Today we were studying “Exposure” which, apart from maybe the penultimate verse, made me really depressed. But in like…a good way because it means the poem is just that effective. Also, my english teacher is really good at teaching war poetry and getting us caught up in the mood.
  • Wishes people would stop being mean to picket fences! Just listening to “Gives you Hell” by AAR and it always bugs me when he says “where’s your picket fence love?”. My grandma also hates picket fences. We allllll make fun of picket fences. I mean yeah, classic image of suburban nuclear southern family etc…but i think i mean they aren’t that bad. You know who likes picket fences? Benjamin Franklin. (well, not really. i just wanted to mention him in this blog. who knows- he could be a hater)

Its Procrastination time!

Things I have done this week which have tragically prevented me from working:

  • Blackpool: Oh come on. It has David Tennant in- how could i resist? Its pretty amazing and wonderfully original- its basically a murder mystery musical set in Blackpool 😀 which surprised me because when jess said “there are musical numbers during sex” i thought she just meant weird background music…i didn’t envisage David Tennant getting his freak on whilst singing “Sqweeze me Pleeze Me”. Have not been able to stop listening to the Soundtrack. The follow up, Viva Blackpool, is not quite as entertaining (by which i mean no David Tennant) but Morrissey is simply amazing as Ripley Holden.
  • Slowly but surely getting through more Clint Eastwood filmography: I finished getting through the Dirty Harry series y watching The Dead Pool. Oh. my. God. Seeing as i don’t think anyone is really going to watch it, i might as well tell you the amazing finish: Clint Eastwood shooting the serial killer into the wall with a harpoon, which earlier we saw Slash (yes, that Slash) messing around with (all of Guns n Roses have a cameo actually). I was praying that would happen and they did not disappoint. I swear Eastwood has just made a career out of stepping of mist looking menacing. Which he achieves with great effect in Fistful of Dollars- only that is actually amazing considering he is wearing a poncho. I mean, that has to be like the ultimate manhood test: can you look scary whilst wearing a poncho? I know i can’t.
  • Finishing The Audacity of Hope: yes- i know its  hard to believe after those first two bullet points, but i do read! And I’m on the last chapter and am all “oh my god Michelle and Barack are so sweet!”. And their first kiss tasted of chocolate (they were eating ice cream). They have to be the most adorable couple ever. Cuteness aside, the book is awesome and makes me very hopeful. Obama outlines in the book what he thinks the government should do for America and they sound like excellent plans. The only fault i have with the book is that if i wasn’t american i might find it pretty hard to read just because its so focused on the USA and just written in this incredibly  way which could get annoying after a while if it wasn’t such good writing (and if the writer wasn’t Barack. *does happy dance because it always cheers me up to remember he is President*)
  • Dissection Club: yes, i gave up my lunchtimes to dissect a rat. We called our rat Seamus (by “we” i mean me, Suga and Luxmmi). It was kinda fun in a weird way. Um…i know how weird that sounds because you know…i feel like i shouldn’t find cutting open a rat and removing all its organs fun…i should find it kinda gross. And yeah, i did grimace and freak a little when i had to break its arm to pin it down (that was creepy the first time because its hands/paws look really human) and because it smelt awful and because its slightly sickening to cut open somethings throat…but overall its was just interesting. I mean, me and Luxmmi (Suga didn’t attend the last session *hug*) found it amazingly cool how the renal vein looks exactly like our diagrams of it and  how everything fits together, how the pancreas is way thinner than we thought and actually does look like a leaf and also we got to see little rat embryos because some people had a pregnant rat. We got a little hack crazy at the end. “Hmm…what haven’t we cut open yet…how about the kidneys?”. Yeah, we totally butchered that kidney. Fortunately, our biology teacher got to the other one before us and cut it open beautifully (it did look pretty in some way…also i would just like to add my biology teacher treats insides like noodles. Its just the way he handles the forceps reminds me of people using chopsticks and it weirded me out).

Anyway. I apologise if that was creepy and disturbing and you lost faith in my movie taste. But that is way better that doing statistics coursework/annotating media texts/iMedia etc.