Half Term is here!

It has been an eventful week. Which kinda sucks because whenever i write about actual events it comes out all dull and like i am writing my french oral answers (stuff like “i hate physics because it is rubbish because my teacher is boring”. which is true, but no interesting….maybe i just suck at writing things in french) or kind of like the extremely annoying narration of Vicky Christina Barcelona. What was Woody Allen thinking? The only good thing in that film was Penelope Cruz, the rest was all cliched (though i must admit i love the line “but…what was your language teacher doing with a gun?”) and the narration just made it worse (“and they listened to guitar music which never failed to move Vicky in some way…”. great. awesome). But what actually made it suck was the ending. Oh, that and the fact Javier Bardem does not look hot in this film. That could just be me…i think i preferred him in No Country for Old Men when he was a crazy hitman with a bad haircut. Anyway. I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona yesterday with Nicole and Ellen and now kinda want to go to Barcelona because you know…it did look amazing. (I also watched Annie Hall for the first time this week which was good but i did not want to have to think about Woody Allen having sex. He just looks so squirmy. Like a randy eel with giant glasses)

I also went to go see The Picture of Dorian Gray. Just like a simple school production but i was pretty good and the director (who was like in lower 6th) had adapted the book into a script by herself. Lord Henry is pretty cool. Plus the guy who played him put on an awesome limp. I will keep you updated if i see any more awesome limps over half term. Because yes, it is now half term!

But before half term could happen it was….School Birthday. My school is now 129 years old! Which is older than Piedmont, California (ha ha! this is not wikipedia knowledge! this is just…completely useless stuff i know. because i know Piedmont celebrated its 100th anniversary last time i went to California in 2007 and i find this hilarious because everything in the UK is so much older). And we celebrate by doing various challenges and getting points and the best teams from each house go through challenges in front of the whole school, two teams get dropped, then the final competition is always a dance off (this year to Just Dance by Lady GaGa). At least i now know i suck at Wii Tennis (i have never played on a Wii before….it kinda sucked). Ooh, we also had a formal assembly (it has to be formal because the Governers are there and we need to impress them) which was livened up by the science department (well, the biology people). Each year a different department does a section for the school assembly and this year it was biology because of Darwin’s 200th birthday.

OKay, let us take a little time out to do a happy birthday dance to Darwin AND Lincoln. Jeez biology department! You could have livened up some of it by talking of what kind of uber-dude would have been created if Darwin and Lincoln had hooked up and had kids. If that was you know…possible. Yeah, maybe if their children had hooked up and had kids…but they both had sickly kids (oh, well Robert Todd Lincoln survived to 82. but he was ugly so it doesn’t count as a spermtacular success). Honestly. Lincoln and Darwin and their faulty sperm. (well, in Darwin’s case more: you and your falling in love with your freakin’ cousin. I’m sure your sperm was awesome really)

Anyway….when i stop thinking about famous men and their sperm (ooh, did anyone see that interview with Clint Eastwood in the Guardian? he does have rather lovely green eyes. but anyway. sorry- i have been debating with myself about whether or not Clint is hot. because i think he is. then again he is 80. so no. no he isn’t….i just found some pictures of him and Sean Penn at some award ceremony *bangs head against desk*. Anyway, i will have to settle for young Clint Eastwood. but that means another thing on my “Things to do when Time Travel is possible” list which is getting very long. I think the list started in Year 8 DT lessons, when we agreed we should find a way to go back in time so we could see what a young Harrison Ford would look like in spandex).

But really back on subject- i will never forget watching my biology teacher and chemistry teacher pretend to pick lice off each other (head lice and clothes lice if you want to know. they were talking about using lice to determine when man became civilised which we can somehow tell through the development of lice. which is weird but also kinda cool). I think half the school was probably thinking “wow, i wish i could pick lice off the shirt of that chemistry teacher” which is just…wrong. But did get me wondering if people have had that kind of thought before. Like ages ago. “Wow, he is just so lovely i wish i could pick off all his lice just to be near him”. It seems like the kind of weird thought a girl might have. Especially on days like today, Valentine’s day. When we are meant to think about the person we love and what to do things for them to make them happy. If i had lice, i would want to know someone loved me enough to pick off all my lice. I think i will put that on a valentines card- “Dearest, please say you will be mine and i will pick off all your lice. Love, your secret admirer”. Happy Valentine’s Day.


1 Comment

  1. Suga said,

    February 15, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    a good, funny ending 🙂
    and ew, picking lice off your chemistry teacher, no way!
    mums must love their children lots to get rid of their headlice

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