Very Boring Yays.

I have found the man who is going to help me get over the end of the Silver Jews. I am actually so ridiculously happy right now. Jonathon Coulton. I am in love with the song Skullcrusher Mountain (its about an evil scientist falling in love with one of his captives!!!). and Re Your Brains (a zombie writing to one of his colleagues to ask if he would consider letting zombies eat his brain). And maybe i am just a little hyper because today was Green Day. Boo Yeah. Our new mufti-day where we dress in green and travel to and from school in an eco-friendly way. Which is…fun i guess.

It has been a pretty uneventful week. Getting back mock results. Going out for my mum’s birthday. Mocking my chemistry teacher (its just too easy. though maybe i shouldn’t have slow clapped. that was mean, but he was giving us test!) and for some reason, we have been talking about religion a lot this week. One of my friends recently converted to Catholicism (well, not really recently, but only her close friends knew and just now news has spread to the general populous) and we’ve been calling her by her confirmation name (its Nina- how spooky is that?) and being all “yeah but do you believe THIS?!” and generally testing her faith (she thinks this is a good thing for us to be doing so its cool).

I am not entirely sure if there is anything to blog about. This is sad. (oooh! Bleb! Bleb is a real word! that’s cool- right guys?). I have reached 102 blog posts. I am probably spending a bit too much time on the internet. Maybe i should spend more time watching TV instead.  Or catching up on my reading (after The Princess Bride…do i need any other books? Yes. Yes i do. I am just finding it difficult to pick up books and read them. I promised Fred i would read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close…i have been saying “Fred” repeatedly recently. today i moved on to saying “macaroni and cheese” over and over again instead. sometimes, it feels like i am some faulty tape player just repeating words- this happens a lot. on a similar theme, i am no longer as articulate as i used to be. i now say things like “yo yo yiggedy yo”- which i believe is actually a quote from the Scooby Doo movie- at every opportunity. And attempt some gangsta hand-signs. this is not really something which is working out for me…i actually have no idea how this bracket started).

Oooh! OOH! Dr McNinja! Did anyone happen to see that über-cool twist! Oh noes! It isn’t an evil robot temple guard! Its Dr McNinja’s ex-girlfriend only we don’t know what happened in that relationship or what ended it yet! (hah- i bet you are all totally wishing you read Dr McNinja right now. go. go google now). I think my favourite McNinja storyline was Punch Dracula. That was just….so awesome. too awesome for words (plus it had some amazing alt. text) but really you should just go read all of them (okay- so i haven’t read the guest strips but who does!?)

For some reason on mufti days i get very positive. I feel this strange urge to compliment everyone i like (which kinda sounds like i am fishing for compliments myself. i’m not. i’m wearing a mickey mouse jumper i mean…yeah….i have no idea why people still talk to me. Especially Suzy. my conversations with her today all went like this:

(Suzy is in the middle of something, i am hanging around)

Me: ooh! Suzy come over here!

(Suzy comes over to me)

Suzy: Yeah?

Me: OOOOH! (*pokes an item of Suzy’s clothing*)

seriously though- her clothing was just asking to be poked. it looked so fun!)


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