Goodbye Berman, Hello King of All Cosmos

Okay. You might be expecting me to talk about The Princess Bride. Or end of exam celebrations. Or the painfully recent breakup of the Silver Jews (how could you David!?!?!). And I will. But i would like to to begin by saying that i think cup fungi are very pretty 🙂

Look! It's really awesome fungi!

Look! It's really awesome fungi!


Pretty fungi helps me calm down. As does ABBA (see what you have reduced me too?!) and obsessively applying lip balm. Because i am seriously pissed at you David Berman (speaking of pretty pictures, i happen to have one of David Berman eating twister ice cream. That is awesome on so many levels! I used to freakin’ love twister ice cream!), and myself. The ONE time i could have gotten tickets to see the Silver Jews- i forgot. I didn’t really like them then, i just thought it was a good name and for such a low price i ought to check it out. Now i will never see them! I am just going to have to get a car, learn to drive it, go to Tennessee (I’m pretty sure that’s where you live. so watch out. well, actually don’t- then my plan won’t work) and kidnap you. Keep you underneath the ping-pong table. Force you to read me your poetry. That kind of thing. Which would be weird- but ultimately for your own good (yeah…plan isn’t fully developed yet). But that would be mean- especially considering you just revealed your estrangement from your father, who is “a world historical motherfucking son of a bitch.”. I hope this is only a temporary break. Giving you some time to grow a longer, grey, flowy beard and to write some kickass poetry (seriously- i would like another book. please). Or you could have a child- that would be pretty adorable.

(actually- people who i want to have children: John Green and The Yeti, Katherine and Hank Green. they would be the most awesomest, nerdiest babies of all time).

For once, i don’t have much to say about The Princess Bride. I have a lot more reading to do. And i did calm down eventually. Why did he never write the sequel? the sequel sounds awesome (but…but did he have sex with someone else? that was kinda implied. i know he’s a pirate and all but i was ever-so-slightly devastated)! And then we could make another film. Starring me. And Sean Penn. In your face Robin Wright Penn! (okay, no. Cary Elwes will always be my Westley. and he will always come for me- this is true love! do you think this happens everyday?)

End of exams! It was a hectic friday trying to party. Thats kinda my fault for never having my phone on me and hating phone conversations….so we ended up waiting at some bus stop for around 2 hours waiting for Sophia to turn up. But it ended up okay! We watched Secret Window (again. Got to love that film- tis’ hilarious) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which was better than i thought it would be- loving the Dracula musical). We ate the party rings. They were pretty fucking amazing.  Kinda too exhausted to do much. Invented a new word for bus.

On Sunday, Fia introduced me to the world of Katamari Damacy. I suck at it (yeah…even though its like…ridiculously easy) but god i love it. I love how pretty it is. I love the object you get to roll (like- the object of the game is to roll objects up into a ball. Youtube it or something). I love the music. Most of all- I love the King of All Cosmos


"Maybe we'll invent Cosmic Esperanto"

"Maybe we'll invent Cosmic Esperanto"


Yes- maybe we will invent cosmic Esperanto. Together. And i will sing you songs in our little private language on a rainbow guitar- is that a rainbow-coloured guitar or a guitar made of rainbows? Who knows. All we know is that it will be beautiful and touching yet also rather sextacular (that word has the added bonus/creepiness of making me think of tentacles).



  1. Sophia said,

    January 26, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    King Alice of All Cosmos FTW!


  2. Suga said,

    January 27, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    ooh, an Alice, sounds good

    just wanted to tell you, your blog is now famous, i was talking to people about it at lunch today because someone brought it up, and everyone wants to be mentioned in it 😛

    • livviisapirate said,

      January 27, 2009 at 9:21 pm

      who is everyone?
      i would like to mention more people, i just get distracted with those who are dead/fictional/not-people-at-all

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