Busey, Nostalgia and Birthdays!

Today is Suga’s birthday! Happy Birthday Suga! I would like to do a Hank Green and whip out my guitar and play a song i have written for this occasion…but yeah…still not doing so good on the learning to play guitar front. And that would involve making a video. Then playing back that video and being all “….i can’t believe that is my voice”. Because when i am thinking, my voice sounds lovely. Almost like some kind of female…non-scottish…Sean Connery. Okay not like Sean Connery at all but it is just nice. And i don’t want to ruin that for me. So i would like to add this video of Suga’s theme tune to the video. Because we all love this song. And it reminds me that this summer i will be in america and will no longer be so freakin’ cold.

So Best Wishes to Suga. Who according to facebook is happy. Yays.

Anyway. I am actually just typing to avoid revision. Also because i am addicted to constantly checking this incredibly weird thread on the Something Awful forum which started off as “lets photoshop celebrity heads on people doing ordinary things” to “lets photoshop Gary Busey onto anything we can get our hands on”. Now, i don’t know a lot about Gary Busey because he is in films i haven’t seen and is more famous in america and actually…the only time i have seen him in anything was his brief cameo in scrubs. But i do know that he has one crazy face.  I just checked it out at some other random persons suggestion and now whenever i am trying to think normally Gary Busey’s head just pops up, snickering like Muttley from Wacky Races (does anyone remember that? i remember them more for the whole “Stop the Pigeon!” thing which i only just found out was not actually entitled “Stop the Pigeon”. it has some weird long name. but if so-  does it blow your mind that Muttley was voiced by the same person who voiced Scooby-Doo? i mean…its wrong! he also voiced Papa Smurf! which is…weird i guess. it would be creepy to be the voice of Papa Smurf) (another question-  Dick Dastardly? hypercool non?)

Busey and nostalgia aside- Suzy has apparently read my blog. Hello Suzy! *waves hysterically because i have recognised Suzy’s coolness ever since we both went on a school trip to Greece and we sang “Switch” on the plane* *Suzy rolls eyes at my desperate attempts to be associated with her*.

BUT WAY MORE COOL THAN SUZY IS THE SHAKESPEARE ACTION FIGURE LIVING  IN MY FRUIT BOWL. Just take my word for it. He is there. Hanging out with the oranges and bananas and this random thing of garlic. He is there.


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