Don’t mind me…

Rawr. I’m typing this blog to…i don’t know i’m not avoiding any work (well, any work which i know of). I guess i am avoiding fail. I can’t draw zombies. But i need to draw them (i cant elaborate further, its a surprise-kind-of-thing if it turns out right). Damnation. I also need to make cake (i bought all the ingredients! i may make it with yellow icing! or not. that might look weird. oh well). Today i also bought a coat. It is very nice. And i now have to wear glasses- not like all the time but i am the teeniest it short sighted and the optician (who was very nice- but all the staff seemed very nervous at this place) wants me to wear them in case my eyes get worse. I mean veryslightly short sighted. Oh well. Its a shame my glasses won’t arrive in time for DAVIDTENNANTOHMYGODSEEINGHIMTHISFRIDAY!1!!! (i like leaving the accidental 1 in. no idea why) and yeah, I’m excited. But only very occasionally. Because i still don’t really believe its going to happen. So i will update you on saturday if i do get to see him. David Tennant.

I should get back to not drawing ladies and dancing to Hendrix. Dancing very badly.


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