Turkey and Tchaikovsky

Yays! Today is Thanksgiving! Um..yes i am in England but seeing as this is my mother’s favourite holiday (apparently because she just really liked drawing pilgrim hats. but not the shoes. she hates the shoes) and it was my brother’s 21st birthday yesterday so getting together today meant he could get smashed last night. It also means i get to make brownie! And give it to my history class because today we are starting coursework which happens to be on the New Deal so we can pretend its related. Also history is my smallest class so there is enough brownie to go round. Most importantly i guess i like everyone in my history class…the same can not really be said about my form group (yes, i willingly accept candy on their birthdays but never actually hand out my own. i just make brownie and I’ve it to my friends. And my biology teacher…i gave him brownie today in fact. whilst he was wearing Lycra…yeah never mind).

And it has been just a really nice day. I mean, not really because i get to do anything except have the ridiculously large meal (am recovering as I type. god i love turkey) but last night i went to go see Vladimir Jurowski conduct an amazing concert at the Royal Festival Hall. Starting with Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien y Debussy which was nice but nothing spectacular…and then Rachmaninov’s Second piano concerto and Tchaikovsky’s sixth symphony, the pathetique. Oh my god words cannot describe how amazing it was to see those live. Sitting right next to the orchestra. Have now decided love the choir stalls at the Royal Festival Hall…they meant i could see Jurowski. Right behind the double-bassists as well. Who all have really nice hands. so does Jurowski. I could talk about his hands all day probably. Don’t get me started on his wrists. See, after seeing him preform (this is the second time I’ve seen him) such emotional, romantic music and actually controlling the music which made me sometimes forget to breathe (or maybe i’m just that stupid) and i was occasionally on the verge of tears (listen! i listened to it on CD before going, but it really isn’t the same) i now have this weird, completely non-physical (except the hands. he isn’t actually attractive…except on the front cover of the programme. he looks all smouldering and über-Russian) crush on him. I am just madly in love with his conducting skills.

So i was in this insanely good, stumbling around mood after for some reason getting home nearly in tears (no actual reason just feeling so bloody awful) and so i was in this blissful mood today. And just went around wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving in this slightly odd, nervous voice (“i…i want you to be happy…please accept my best wishes on this holiday which you don’t celebrate. and have no clue what its about…neither do i really”).

SO yes, i know this blog had no real structure or purpose i just wanted to say how much i love Jurowski and thanksgiving and sweet potato cooked with oranges (actually tastes really nice) and corn pudding (i have been wanting to eat this again for like 6 years- it did not disappoint) and yeah, to thank my friends. I think Suga is the only person who really reads my blog but if you guys stumble across it i would just like to say how amazing you are (yes, i probably should tell you that more often in person but it sounds so cheesy even now) and how you always make me happy in some way everyday. Except you know weekends. When we can’t be bothered to see each other. But hey. Thanks and i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. ◊


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