So you know when you’re thinking. And you begin to think about gnus. And you do a wikipedia search. And you stumble across Gary Gnu. (!!!!!). and you take it in your stride. (!!!!). like a normal person. (!!!!). Fine. I’m in love with a little puppet Gnu who wears a suit. Can you blame me? Im all hyper as my geography coursework is finished! Yes! I’m not lying! If i was i would be worried as it is due in first thing tomorrow.

In fact this lead me onto another video. The greatest puppet show of all time. The Muppets. Singing The Gnu song by Flanders and Swann. And oh my god i am in love with yet another puppet gnu. The voice of that gnu…! I am just a gnu fan girl. I am going to get shirts and write “I Love Gnu!” all other them and people will go “aaw- its a cute way of pronouncing ‘i love you'” and i will say “no. i just really like gnus”.


Come on. you love them too.


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