Hell Yeah!

Have basically just finished doing my geography coursework. So now i am acting like a jackass and listening to Eric Clapton and wearing sunglasses even though this makes it difficult to type. Yays! 🙂

Update (around 5pm)–when i went to print out geography, actually realised i had fucked it all up and have spent some time having to tinker with it all because this FUCKING LAPTOP does not have the same word or excel as the computer with the printer. Plus my printer cuts off the page numbers. And everything basically sucks. And i spilt my tea all over my brothers desk and because his room has so much bloody shit in it the tea ruined an awful lot of stuff. It is just about okay now but i am definitely not wearing sunglasses and even if i went downstairs to find my geography teacher throwing a surprise party for me with “pin the rock type on the correct area of lulworth cove” and a tronking huge cake  i would STILL plunge a huge knife into his ridiculously small head.

(the non-angry part of me feels the need to point out that tronking is a mild swear word found in The Claidi Journal Series by Tanith Lee which i loved. I always want to use the word tronking in real life, but worried no one would get it.  See? Happy happy happy deep down inside. well, actually another tanith lee book The Castle of Darkalways made me so creeped out i could only ever get half way through. East of Midnight i also really loved, have just discovered it was published in 1977 which i find weird because whenever i read a book when i was younger i always presumed it was new, i never bothered to check the publishing data. Tanith Lee actually sounds really cool and i might go off and read some more of her books, because before i used to think she was just a children fantasy writer but actually she writes in many genres. Oh, also when i was younger i never used to be sure if Tanith was a mans name or a woman’s name and that seemed kinda cool. Tanith Lee is a great name. No one would buy anything written by me, i have a stupid name. I was going to suggest changing my last name to Lee…then realised i would be Livvi Lee. Or Olivia Lee. And that just makes me want to call myself Olivia Lee Rose which is just a switch around from being Rose Lee as in Gypsy Rose Lee and anyway if i changed my name to Rose my family would be constantly teasing me about the time when i was like 4 and decided to name my kitten “Rose of Beyond” which lets face it is a very stupid name. Anyway.)


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