Losing friends, alienating people

Long weekend! And I’m wasting it basically. Thursday afternoon i wondered around with Imogen, bought some more Gabriel García Márquez, and spent several hours reading in Starbucks. Only Sophia ended up coming to the cinema with me on Friday, despite most people telling me they could come. That always happens when i decide to organise things, but i cheered myself up by wearing my favourite shirt (which isn’t actually mind, its my brothers and I’ve always wanted to wear it) and listening to awful music. Specifically: Shaggy. I heard some people on the bus singing…it just got stuck in my head. Also Hot Gossip and Sarah Brightman for some reason.

Watched “How to Lose friends and Alienate People” at the cinema which was standard comedy, and i remembered just how much i love Jeff Bridges. Especially his voice. I just want audio tapes full of that voice, of like “The Big Lebowski-Book Version” or something. Or some book in the “seedy-american-underbelly-story-possibly-narrated-by-a-detective” genre.

 On the bus to the cinema i ran into some people from school, and i realised i have turned into that girl who sits on the bus in a leather waistcoat reading poetry written by the lead singer of her favourite band whom no one else has ever heard of (well, no one i know) who was on drugs at the time of writing said poems. God. I actually made small talk. I am the master of enthusiastic sounding smalltalk. Its frightening, but worth it because i do absolutely love David Berman and his style of writing. Its comforting how most of it actually makes no real sense, but you still read it as if it does (I’m not sure that sentence actually makes sense). Though after reading my thoughts were jumbled and i was thinking as if they were the poems, using the same voice i use in my heads for the poems and if my thoughts had been written down they probably would be in some weird line pattern.

I’m going to blame this on Charlton Heston. Because he’s dead. And because he keeps on popping up in random places. Also because i just like mentioning his name. Like Jeff Bridges name keeps popping up in my head, which meant my imaginary people were having a discussion about how bees were disappearing because Jeff Bridges eats them to protect his daughters from bee strings-because in my head his daughters are aged like 5-7 even though in real life they are like 20 something. Man can that guy eat a lot of bees.

The people in my head actually buying miniature tricorne hats right now. This sounds odd, most “people in my head” updates do. Especially because they are “people in my head” updates. I just sound crazy. But the reason they are buying miniature tricorne hats is because they are on holiday and are buying the hats for their neice- who is five so it has to be a mini hat, and wants to be a pirate hence it being a tricorne hat. See? Not weird- actually adorable. Its just because if i fully explained everything that went on in my head it would take too long. So i just end up sounding crazy.


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  1. Suga said,

    October 11, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    your blog always makes me want to write a blog, i think as if i am narrating a book half the time anyway… but then there’d be actual cyberspace evidence that i’d been wasting the time i was moaning i didn’t have to do all the things i didn’t want to do but knew i had to which made me feel rubbish… [i’d be great, right? =P]

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