We’re off to see the Caecilius…

Things driving me crazy:

  • Worry. Going to Italy tomorrow on a school trip (hahaha- latin students FTW) and am just freaking out about packing, losing money, passport etc.
  • Okay- i have this person’s voice going round and round my head saying “au chanté!” and i pretty sure it is the way someone has said it in a film whilst kissing some girls hand and it is just DRIVING ME CRAZY BECAUSE IT IS SO SO SO SO  SO SO SO SO SO ANNOYING
  • The young Leonardo diCaprio. Am watching “The Man in the Iron Mask” just because i used to love that film so much, i had forgotten just how evil  Leo’s character is. Though…he also plays the good guy so its kinda confusing
  • At random points throughout the say, my brain will just shout out “OBAMA!”. i keep thinking of him as the president, not just like you know…running for president
  • I bought 3 books today (it was 3 for 2) and then came home and found a book i wanted to read more than the new ones (the books i found was “The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr” by E.T.A Hoffmann, i read some of it and just instantly fell in love)

Things making me happy:

  • When webcomics collide: Indie Pete from Diesel Sweetness dressing up as Dr McNinja for halloween!
  • Obama being all cute on the Ellen show and saying he will make George Clooney his official Ellen Ambassador. Plus they showed the cutest picture of young obama dressed as a pirate!
  • Me and my mother went shopping- i love to go shopping with her. Its not just because it means there is more money to spend. She’s just always so lovely and happy
  • My dog. Aaaaw. Shessocuteandicouldjuststrokeherfurrybellyalldaylong.
  • My cat also. Iloveitwhenshepurrsanditsalllikeaaaawlookitssonicewhenshesappyandnotallickyandstuff
  • Borders. Just wondering around, buying books, whilst The Beatles were playing
  • Going to Italy! Going to see Caecilius’ freakin house! LUCIUS FREAKIN’ CAECILIUS IUCUNDUS! LIKE OMG!

thats right, be jealous.


So you know when you’re thinking. And you begin to think about gnus. And you do a wikipedia search. And you stumble across Gary Gnu. (!!!!!). and you take it in your stride. (!!!!). like a normal person. (!!!!). Fine. I’m in love with a little puppet Gnu who wears a suit. Can you blame me? Im all hyper as my geography coursework is finished! Yes! I’m not lying! If i was i would be worried as it is due in first thing tomorrow.

In fact this lead me onto another video. The greatest puppet show of all time. The Muppets. Singing The Gnu song by Flanders and Swann. And oh my god i am in love with yet another puppet gnu. The voice of that gnu…! I am just a gnu fan girl. I am going to get shirts and write “I Love Gnu!” all other them and people will go “aaw- its a cute way of pronouncing ‘i love you'” and i will say “no. i just really like gnus”.


Come on. you love them too.

Ooh. How Disturbed.

This is probably going to be a short blog as i am jumping off my chair every few seconds as I’m feeling very paranoid and my back is to the door. Just imagine me doing a dance to ‘Disturbia’ for a few minutes. This is thanks to Hannah who lent me the terrifying play “The Pillowman”. I have to check that the book is in fact lying on the bed, and not leaping up to eat me. Well, it wouldn’t eat me, it would do something obviously far more disturbing. I haven’t even read all of it yet. No, because i got called down to watch No Country for Old Men. Which was amazing, but isn’t doing anything to stop my paranoia. Lets just not mention it again and talk about the movie instead. (but disturbing thought: David Tennant was in it once. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?!?!?!)

(*spoilers btw*) Boy did Javier Bardem deserve that award. Best sociopath hitman i have ever seen. And probably the most attractive- his look being inspired by brothel owners on the mexico/usa border. With a Beatle’s haircut. Now, it may seem weird that i say this considering all he ever does throughout the film is kill people in a variety of ways (cattle gun? genius i must say. murder and a great way of breaking in) butthen im allowed to like him because he is fictional (believe me, i was going to read the book, its next to me as i type, but i had to finish The General in his Labyrinth which was so amazingly amazing). There is something so attractive (yeah, i can’t think of a better word) about someone who can just blow up his car to steal things from a pharmacy to treat his own leg wound without flinching, and then getting into a car accident and his arm being twisted in a way that his freakin’ bone sticks out and just getting up, making a sling, and limping away. Oh and the way he talks. And of course, the hilarity of large guns. And the whole flipping coins to see who lives and dies.

You might think i am crazy. That is exactly what my friends said when i was laughing out loud at the actions of The Master in Doctor Who (come on! hes amazing!).

Because that is what i was doing on saturday/sunday at Jess’ party! Which was just so awesome, you kind of walked into her house and it just felt fun. Everyone was just in a good mood all evening, Jess loved my present (‘couture teapot for one’). We played truth and dare. I was dared to smear potato salad on my face and run down the road shouting “i have come for your root vegetables!”. Yeah..i did that. And yes, a teacher at my school lives down that road. And yes it was actually quite fun 🙂

When buying Jess’ present me and Imogen went to Borders to buy Looking for Alaska by John Green (www.youtube.com/vlogbrothersgo now!) as imogen’s present. We found a note inside! From a nerdfighter! We felt made of awesome. We felt kinda guilty as we are nerdfighters already so we took the note then to give something back to the nerdfighting community we went to another bookstore and wrote our own note. Truly- we felt all tingly and awesome and sang the Obama Llama Song.

Enjoy, while i go freak out.

Blood Spattered Booty and Boring Stuff

Ooh wow. I was going to write about Oedipus but i got distracted by the big red button which says “add poll”…oh i am so using that at some point.

Anyway.  My darling Ralph Fiennes and his mother-fucking ways. I didn’t really enjoy the play too much. I know i am not really qualified to talk buuuut: i found the translation dull, sometimes the chorus things didn’t work (“plot…plot…RANDOM SINGING!!!!!….plot), i didn’t really feel emotionally involved(hahahaha, me using that phrase) with the characters and overall i just think the play should have more about what happens when he gets exiled otherwise the whole play is Oedipus finding out the truth which everyone in the theatre already knew. It wasn’t like a great surprise. Sometimes, even if you know what is going to happen, you can enjoy watching a mystery play. For example, i have watched Spellbound a gazillion times and still love it. But no. with Oedipus it was just dull. However, i didn’t mind so much as, even though i was literally in the back row, i could stare at Ralph Fienne’s booty. And his booty covered in blood, which actually made him look even hotter (yes, i know that sounds psychotic)

No booty covered in blood tonight at my 6th Form information talk at school. i have three pages of pretty useless notes, some of which i will share with you:

  • Time speeds up! arrh!
  • Biology teacher-wearing stupid shoes. and cuff links (oooh)
  • Study! Private study! Study Periods FTW! for the win AND for the work!
  • why is music teacher so busy? he isn’t important at all
  • Should i write notes on Cambridge Pre-U? hmm…no.
  • I swear deputy head is the only one paying attention…wait, no…maybe headteacher is…?
  • biology teacher is twirling his foot and looking at it like “ooh-its my foot! going round and round!”…”ooh-look at my nails! growing oh so fast!” dont blame him i am immensely bored. As are the rest of the staff. “yay-i get to stand up and be useful! fwah- i am a livvis-biology-teacher! Head of sixth form!” wow hes like the batman of TGS only with a bike. A batmobike. A bikemobile. Because he caresabout the environment. He could be a superhero, he does wear Lycra
  • Okay batman is an interview chat show host who occasionally dissects stuff! that would be an awesome show!
  • Must stop writing about batman, concentrate on talking. But the writer of the batman themetune just died!
  • Baaa…Baaa [note: this was written after imogen sent me a note saying “pastoral care” made us sound like sheep]
  • And i quote “i just had to go there!!!”

So yes.  That was my evening. By the way- finished Everything is Illuminated. Oh. My. God. Possibly my favourite book ever. Am now reading The General in His Labyrinth by G.G Márquez which i didn’t really like a first but soon got into it. Simon Bolivar is now like my favourite fictional but non-fictional character.

I did promise. Have a poll. Will do something cooler soon. But for now this will have to do:

Coming to light

I know it is late. And i am going to school tomorrow. But i am no longer quite so annoyed now, a combination of how much i love night and of reading Everything is Illuminated. I had just finished reading Strange as this Weather has Been (by Ann Pancake, winner of the Bakeless Fiction prize, my friends refuse to believe that it is her real name) and so i happened to pick up Everything is Illuminated in my brothers room and started to read it. I should have bought my own copy because now i feel compelled to keep this one, in fact without this copy i will die and wonder the earth all lonely as this copy will one day be gone from my side and back to its rightful owner, i.e Fred my brothers best friend. I hate to think what will happen when i finish reading this book. I hate finishing good books because i can never reread things fully, i go through and pick out all the parts i like and those aren’t so good anymore and this makes me feel so hollow inside.

So yeah, i think you can tell i think you can tell i like the book. I am even considering going to Yale, just in case Jonathan Safran Foer ever considers teaching their again, like he did last spring (god bless you wikipedia). I just distrust Yale. I just hate that name-Yale. My love of Bill Clinton couldn’t make me want to go there, but my love for Foer can which is saying something. It also makes me want to read his wife’s books, which i have seen around and wanted to read but now might actually read. I have too many books i want to read. Ah well.

Oh: listening to Pavement, because of their connection to the Silver Jews

(was feeling like such an awful person because i was listening to a recording of David Berman reading some of his poems and i was like “oh olivia- you are such a horribly pretentious fuck”. still. it was nice to know he reads his poems like the voice in my head does. maybe the two of them can become friends and i can make them lemonade at watch them complete crossword puzzles together then burn them. and we can all laugh at TS Eliot and Dylan Thomas because they sound so bloody awful when they read their poems. And we invent a new method of stitching and practice on strawberries. and now im just slinging together any words that go so i ought to stop before i try and find some meaning in them)

Oh: tomorrow night i am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.

Oh no wait, im off to see Voldemort, the evilest wizard of them all.

By which i mean i am off to see Ralph Fiennes on stage. Playing Oedipus. Which brings back memories of a cover latin lesson. *shudders*.

Hell Yeah!

Have basically just finished doing my geography coursework. So now i am acting like a jackass and listening to Eric Clapton and wearing sunglasses even though this makes it difficult to type. Yays! 🙂

Update (around 5pm)–when i went to print out geography, actually realised i had fucked it all up and have spent some time having to tinker with it all because this FUCKING LAPTOP does not have the same word or excel as the computer with the printer. Plus my printer cuts off the page numbers. And everything basically sucks. And i spilt my tea all over my brothers desk and because his room has so much bloody shit in it the tea ruined an awful lot of stuff. It is just about okay now but i am definitely not wearing sunglasses and even if i went downstairs to find my geography teacher throwing a surprise party for me with “pin the rock type on the correct area of lulworth cove” and a tronking huge cake  i would STILL plunge a huge knife into his ridiculously small head.

(the non-angry part of me feels the need to point out that tronking is a mild swear word found in The Claidi Journal Series by Tanith Lee which i loved. I always want to use the word tronking in real life, but worried no one would get it.  See? Happy happy happy deep down inside. well, actually another tanith lee book The Castle of Darkalways made me so creeped out i could only ever get half way through. East of Midnight i also really loved, have just discovered it was published in 1977 which i find weird because whenever i read a book when i was younger i always presumed it was new, i never bothered to check the publishing data. Tanith Lee actually sounds really cool and i might go off and read some more of her books, because before i used to think she was just a children fantasy writer but actually she writes in many genres. Oh, also when i was younger i never used to be sure if Tanith was a mans name or a woman’s name and that seemed kinda cool. Tanith Lee is a great name. No one would buy anything written by me, i have a stupid name. I was going to suggest changing my last name to Lee…then realised i would be Livvi Lee. Or Olivia Lee. And that just makes me want to call myself Olivia Lee Rose which is just a switch around from being Rose Lee as in Gypsy Rose Lee and anyway if i changed my name to Rose my family would be constantly teasing me about the time when i was like 4 and decided to name my kitten “Rose of Beyond” which lets face it is a very stupid name. Anyway.)

Losing friends, alienating people

Long weekend! And I’m wasting it basically. Thursday afternoon i wondered around with Imogen, bought some more Gabriel García Márquez, and spent several hours reading in Starbucks. Only Sophia ended up coming to the cinema with me on Friday, despite most people telling me they could come. That always happens when i decide to organise things, but i cheered myself up by wearing my favourite shirt (which isn’t actually mind, its my brothers and I’ve always wanted to wear it) and listening to awful music. Specifically: Shaggy. I heard some people on the bus singing…it just got stuck in my head. Also Hot Gossip and Sarah Brightman for some reason.

Watched “How to Lose friends and Alienate People” at the cinema which was standard comedy, and i remembered just how much i love Jeff Bridges. Especially his voice. I just want audio tapes full of that voice, of like “The Big Lebowski-Book Version” or something. Or some book in the “seedy-american-underbelly-story-possibly-narrated-by-a-detective” genre.

 On the bus to the cinema i ran into some people from school, and i realised i have turned into that girl who sits on the bus in a leather waistcoat reading poetry written by the lead singer of her favourite band whom no one else has ever heard of (well, no one i know) who was on drugs at the time of writing said poems. God. I actually made small talk. I am the master of enthusiastic sounding smalltalk. Its frightening, but worth it because i do absolutely love David Berman and his style of writing. Its comforting how most of it actually makes no real sense, but you still read it as if it does (I’m not sure that sentence actually makes sense). Though after reading my thoughts were jumbled and i was thinking as if they were the poems, using the same voice i use in my heads for the poems and if my thoughts had been written down they probably would be in some weird line pattern.

I’m going to blame this on Charlton Heston. Because he’s dead. And because he keeps on popping up in random places. Also because i just like mentioning his name. Like Jeff Bridges name keeps popping up in my head, which meant my imaginary people were having a discussion about how bees were disappearing because Jeff Bridges eats them to protect his daughters from bee strings-because in my head his daughters are aged like 5-7 even though in real life they are like 20 something. Man can that guy eat a lot of bees.

The people in my head actually buying miniature tricorne hats right now. This sounds odd, most “people in my head” updates do. Especially because they are “people in my head” updates. I just sound crazy. But the reason they are buying miniature tricorne hats is because they are on holiday and are buying the hats for their neice- who is five so it has to be a mini hat, and wants to be a pirate hence it being a tricorne hat. See? Not weird- actually adorable. Its just because if i fully explained everything that went on in my head it would take too long. So i just end up sounding crazy.

me. me. me me me.

This post might either be really short or really long. I’m stuck between thoughts a little: the people in my head are relaxing and times getting jumbled up because the radio isn’t playing the right songs for the situations i want to imagine, I’m listening to The Rosewood Thieves which makes me feel like i ought to be wondering around in the moonlight or actually learn to play my acoustic guitar, i have too many books to read, i have no one to talk to about grey’s anatomy and i have a little pirate figure on my desk. Okay that doesn’t relate to anything its just its fun to play with. My watch strap needs replacing.

That is the problem- not the watch, my inability to order my thoughts they just come out in one big higgledypiggeldy mess. Right now for instance i want to go off on a happy little rant about the word higgledypiggeldy. It is in the dictionary. It is just a bit too cool. Anyway. I have a 3.5 day weekend as my school closes early tomorrow (for open evening) and Friday is an inset day. Maybe the extra sleep will help be concentrate…or maybe i will spend the weekend writing first person fiction so I’ll just get even more confused. See at the moment I’m writing this story, for fun, and in my head i keep referring to people like they are my fictional characters, like “oh max, i know you’re only doing that because *plot point*, i know this therefore i own your soul” though obviously this person isn’t max, so i shouldn’t do this because max in the book is possibly a murderer. I think he is, the book is written in past tense, max is telling the story and claims to have murdered several people. I don’t know if he did or not because i haven’t planned the story, i just sit down and i type and type.

Even if he is a murderer and a fictional character, max is still probably my favourite creation. Because everyone in the book is basically different parts of me only more extreme because im just thategotistical- the only character who isn’t me is the love of Max’s life because that would be weird. Max is my favourite because he makes all the bad things about me seem justifiable. Also because he has my trait of when he is excited or nervous the weirdest mental images pop into his head and all of a sudden to me he just seems so sweet and so nervous and I’m kind of desperately hoping that is how other people find me when i just say whatever freakish thing I’m thinking.

I might not right it all in Max’s point of view. I might switch to Annie who is totally dependent on Max, it would be a relieve to write from her point as view as she isn’t a total jerk. She is me when i have been reading romance novels, the me on public transport, the gossipy me, the part of me who wouldn’t mind becoming a housewife.

God i like writing about me too much. going to stop.

Swanage 08 and some um yeah thoughts

Swanage: Rocked. It was surprisingly sunny (i actually got sun burnt and looked at bit stupid) and i forgot that places in England could actually be insanely beautiful. The soundtrack for the start of the journey was supplied by Imogen, so it was wizard wrock christmas songs. Which was pretty awesome. I hated the walking. It wasn’t a very long walk (around 2 hours?) but the heat made us all a bit suicidal and start wishing we could jump off the cliff into the sea and damn the consequences. I wished we could have stayed up on the cliff next to Old Harry’s Rocks for longer, it was so nice just to be up there reading.

Swanage itself: If you ever go there, go into a shop called La Tienda. Try on all the hats and take photos. 😛 also try Fortes Ice Cream. Its standard taste wise, but it has a dinosaur logo (!!!!!).

uber cool ice cream

uber cool ice cream

I also became slightly obsessed with counting all telephone boxes. There were i believe 7 “real” ones (i.e proper red boxes), 1 fake one (not red! modern!) and 1 miniature one (i believe it was a moneybox).

We also went bowling! They played us a song (Low by Flo Rida. oh yes, I got low. until i got low onto a bench). I didn’t win but it was just so fun to be out and bowling. Also only two close friends were on the trip, so i got to know some people better. Everyone in my bedroom (we had the biggest and the nicest bedroom luckily) was amazingly nice and we had a great bonding session with our midnight-ish feast.

Anyhow. This week has been a bit mneh. Pretended to be ill (well, i have a cold…) to get off school to do geography coursework- actual went insane whilst drawing in a chloropleth map and listening to M.I.A on repeat. I missed my practice biology ISA (well okay that isn’t that important but still). I finished The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and im now just confused and depressed (which is how everyone in the book is feeling at the end). History was fun though- today we were arguing about the prohibition and my team had to argue the case for prohibition and we ended up saying that encouraging organised crime was a good thing because Al Capone spent $30,000 on a soup kitchen which was more than what the government was doing for the people. So in your face people against gangsters!

My pterodactyl impression makes me put on an irish accent. I hate Britney’s new song. The people in my head have been in a taxi for hours now because i can’t find the time to get them to their destination and so they’re freaking out. Real life people have been acting like their imaginary counterparts which makes me upset and confused because this could get my hopes up only to be brutally crushed. I still haven’t read Deathly Hallows. I wish i could wear sunglasses more often without feeling ridiculous. I have a poster on my wall of a Toulous-Lautrec painting of a prostitute pulling on her stocking and i’m wondering if i should take it down. I don’t think i’m in anyone else’s facebook picture albums of swanage and its pathetic for me to worry about that. I actually didn’t feel like dying in french today. I ought to stop typing nervously. Yeah.