Late Night Whining

Things making Olivia post a blog after midnight:

  • Tea. Damn me and my addiction to this wonderful brew.
  • Work: maths, french and geography. I can’t do the harder algebraic fraction equations! i just want to pretend my french lessons don’t exist, geography…well there is always geography. It is mainly the french. Before every french lesson this year i have gone through some extreme options of how to get out of it (but i am too much of a wuss to do anything)
  • John Singer- i just started reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers and Singer is a deaf-mute. I was sat on the bus earlier, really tired, trying to imagine on being a deaf-mute in a small town somewhere in Southern USA in the 1930s. Ended up being all dreamy and lethargic, was forced to snap out of it due to loud conversations of the bus people
  • ..You have no idea how tempting it is to write like a wiki article about “The Bus People”…a bunch of restless nomads, very loud and slow moving….
  • I am getting rather home-sick for non-home. The imaginary me in my head is currently holidaying in my grandparents house in Sacramento…i had no idea how much i miss that house. I don’t really look forward to going there all that much (heat, relatives, old family friends, not like i get to do typical holiday things, not much to do in Sacramento…) but i just found myself missing it. and the deep carpets in the living room. Its not a friendly feeling living room, but is sure as hell nice to sink into that squishy blue carpet.
  • If the people in my head are happy it means i soon have to force them into an unpleasant situation because it would be too boring if the people in my head were always happy.
  • This is a basic outline of what my teacher said in biology today: “…photosynthesis…carbon dioxise…glucose…photosynthesis…blah…repeating the obvious…optimising photosynthesis to grow max amount of food for max profit…blah…OMG POST-APOCALYPTIC CANNIBALISM+REFERENCE TO A MEL GIBSON MOVIE AND OH MY GOD ALL THESE HORRIBLE THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN DURING OUR LIFETIMES…must stop smiling about cannibalism….photosynthesis…blah…” i was quite glad he mentioned the doom and gloom actually, it keeps things interesting
  • Though it did make me think “mmm…eating my own ninja children”, probably as a direct result of having a crush on the web comic character Dr McNinja (i know that is so amazingly nerdy, but come on! He is a doctor AND a ninja with irish heritage!)
  • I am getting obsessive with various web comics, forcing myself to read all the thousands of archive comics. Okay, i only do this and keep up with: Dr McNinja, Exiern (not entirely sure why, its target audience is “guys who like obscenely huge breasted women with swords”), Sequential Art, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (which is genius), Diesel Sweetness and although they don’t get updated that often: See Mike Draw, The Rut, Pencils at Dawn and Urf (See Mike Draw and The Rut create Urf together and Pencils at Dawn is there comic competition…like a comic-off or something).
  • I might have to do a guitar shoooow (i know i complained about this before, but im a really whiney person)
  • My back aches. This is all my fault, i am slumping and i chose a chair with no back support…


I need sleep. I can always complain later.


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