Party Barge!

I am much much better. I no longer have disgusting mouth ulcers! I am however still being creepily obsessive about David Berman. Right now i am listening to Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea which i bought on Sunday. How could you not love that album? It is one of the few albums I’ve bought where i actually like every track and not just a select few i listen to over and over again. Plus it has a chord sheet for guitar  on the inside (dead useful as i suck at memorising chords) which says “silver chords: anyone can play these songs. just put your fingertips on the polar noses + strum. love D.B” in Berman’s adorably childlike handwriting. Also the album cover art has Babar on it! I used to love it when my mum read me Barbar. IN other creepy obsession news i got Berman’s poetry book “Actual Air” which i mainly love, though some of it i actually can hardly understand (favourite poems…um i did have a list then i was like “oh but i like that too!” until it came to be too long a list to type).

I read most of the book on a bus ride when the evening was getting dark (its winter time again! it so odd after all the sunshine) which made everything better somehow. I love nearly empty buses. I was on my way to a dinner celebrating Zoë’s 16th birthday and we were all very excited for her because she is now legal can now buy lottery tickets. Yeah. So she took me, Isabel and her boyfriend James (this was the first time I’ve met him though they’ve been dating for a while now. verdict: nice and doesn’t mind if we make jokes at Zoës expense which makes things fun) to an Carluccios, which was awesome as always, and we got up all sorts of exciting japes and high jinks and we capered and frolicked all night long.

Just about everything is going well. Except french. And me asking my biology teacher if he would give his kidney to his mother is her own kidneys failed like he presumed they would (he wasn’t offended by this, but yes it was insensitive. Also if you ask him a question he makes eye contact with you the whole time he’s answering which is generally a while and this is very disconcerting). I am also getting very annoyed with the people in my book (The Plot Against America by Philip Roth) and occasionally say things to Hannah like “honestly! He’s bloody well getting brainwashed by Kentucky tobacco farmers!” and the like.


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