Potter and Palin

Yesterday i went to London and hung out with a bunch of strangers. This was at the request at Imogen, the 2nd time we have done such a thing. However this time instead of a Nerdfighter Gathering it was an equally nerdtacular Harry Potter gathering at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station so we could try and board the Hogwarts Express seeing as it was September 1st. It was an amazingly fun day, everyone was so nice and some people came every year and got all dressed up and we played Harry Potter related games (including a quiz!), ate pumpkin pie (at least i think it was) and drank homemade butterbeer(which was delicious). The group, which became quite a tourist attraction, eventually split in two. Me and Imogen went with one half of the group (made up mainly of people who all went to Terminus, a huge HP conference, together) to Leicester Square and we ate lunch at pizza hut and discussed randomness, then went to Cybercandy. I hate to admit that of all the colourful things in that store all i wanted was a can of Barq’s Rootbeer. I have only had cheap sainsbury’s rootbeer for a year and Barq’sis my favourite brand of rootbeer and i am so thirsty right now. I am so glad Imogen gets me to do that kind of thing. She finds something cool and unusaul and it ends up in a good time.

Of the things we fans discussed was Sarah Palin. There are things you can like about her…then again I dislike her a) because she is a republican enough said and also for these reasons:

  1.  She has a bear rug on her sofa which creeps me out (it just seems a bad omen for someone nicknamed Bumblebear). Hunting for almost all her life and eating mooseburgers also seems weird and makes her strangely at home with guns, but i guess that is just an Alaskan thing.
  2. John and Hank Green don’t like her. Bad sign!
  3. She is meant to look kind of like Tina Fey. Tina Fey is a witty, funny and yes, attractive woman (who i believe is a democrat?) so this bugs me.
  4. She is also meant to look like a fantasy sexy librarian (Jon Stewart what were you thinking?). Librarians are too amazing to be associated with her. and most of them know what their job involves, unlike Sarah “what does a VP do all day?” Palin.
  5. Alaska? Seriously! It seems weird to pick someone so far away from the rest of America who only has experience in said state.
  6. She used to own a shirt which says “I may be broke but im not flat busted”  (though to be fair, that was when she was a university student). There is also the whole beauty pageant thin. Nice feminism there.

Though obviously the political opinions of a teenage girl who spent the day getting teary over Grey’s Anatomy means nothing. It is creepy considering one of these days i am going to be able to vote in the USA (or so we think, i do have dual citizenship andI have two birth certificates which i think is cool). Obviously, i get to vote in England (huh, spellcheck doesn’t recognise that word) as well but…its not as exciting andyes, no one hot is or has ever been in UK politics(i think, do correct me if im wrong). (okay, the people in my head are having dinner with Bill Clinton. so sue me). Also i haven’t been bought up to think England has this amazing government and is the best country in the world. But i have been taught to love America (though of course i love England more) and am already planning Thanksgiving dinner (i crave corn pudding. i have no idea why).


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