Rawr, my thoughts have been all over the place.

  1. My retainers which i got on Monday- i had forgotten how much they suck. I don’t like talking and eating is a hassle. Especially bad when i am trying to mock a friend and she can’t understand me
  2. Do Oxen have bigger hearts than Buffalo (i think that is the plural…)? I think they don’t! I love Buffalo! Though i always confuse them with Bison. We were arguing about this because we have to dissect an animal heart during Biology on Friday. Apparently the largest heart you could buy at a butcher’s is an ox heart…this lead to me and Hannah arguing…and me eventually stating that the whole of a Buffalo’s body is in fact a heart.
  3. That biology lesson was weird anyway with my teacher claiming he was really really old (he’s around 36?) and was definitely going to die soon…all with this big grin on his face. Oh and talking about turning animals upside down and having loads of random body fluid come out of them (he was a vet) and about this operation he had…sounds creepy but was a good lesson. Though i have randomly been drawing annotated diagrams of the heart- which is sort of relaxing…
  4. Dylan Moran. I was trying to remember who he was all througout watching Run Fatboy Run in geography. I have seen that guy preform comedy live at the Latitude Festival last year! He totally rocked–the tent was packed. Have decided he is quite hot, oh how could you not love the mans voice and tousled hair?
  5. Speaking of that Geography lesson- we played Splat! Hannah says this is horrible organised fun. This is so not fair! Everyone loves splat! (The game may be hard to explain with words so im not going to bother. Imagine it how you will)
  6. The Carrot song. I love it so much. Little carrots singing in Korean! Yays!   There is also a song about milk. I actually have a “Love Milk” notebook a friend bought me from Korea. What i really wanted was one of the talking bras she told me about
  7. Stop-motion animation. Why? Why why why? Tis amazing, but must be oh so time consuming!
  8. Since Imogen and Jess are on a Spanish trip to Malaga i now spend an awful lot of time with Ellen, Divya and Hannah. I have the strange feeling Jess and Imogen are going to come back from Spain to find we have killed each other or put into action some strange plan. The walk home from school with Hannah is especially dangerous as we jump on any topic available. Usually things which should never be said. Oh, i spend more time with Zoë but she is busy learning the Hokey-Cokey in German and designing tattoos…
  9. We have a new car. Its big, silver and shiny. It is very scary to see it when i come home. Its waiting for me…its going to eat me. Its a Renault Grand Scenic. The inside seems rather…minimal. Well, computery if that makes any sense. All digital. Keep thinking a voice is going to say (you have to imagine it is a kind of “please mind the gap” voice”): “We are sorry, please vacate your vehicle *car doors lock* self-destruct sequence has been initiated”.
  10. Michael York is in Cabaret? Since WHEN? He’s Michael York! (Not entirely sure what that is meant to mean)
  11. Tomato Chutney- how did i live without you? I’m not sure if i mentioned it before but i love it.
  12. I don’t like the g2 section of The Guardian. Actually the only bit i don’t like is the cover. When they have people on. Right now David Cameron is looking at me funny. And there is a grinning Salman Rushdie knocking around my house. I don’t like that one bit. He has such a disturbing smile! You know what other people i don’t like looking at? My brother and his girlfriend grace the fireplace. With their prom photo. Nothing wrong with the actually photo, they look adorable. They are an incredibly adorable couple. So i don’t want to have to look at them.
  13. And hand puppets. I know I’ve said this before but it needs repeating. *gets warm fuzzy feeling* (The people in my head are currently preforming an improvised puppet show in german with the cast consisting of Little Red Riding Hood (the ditz), The Big Bad Wolf (the suave anti-hero), Captain Hook (the devious and surprisingly amorous villain) and the ticking Crocodile (Little Red’s companion) also from Peter Pan. I used brackets within brackets. I’m all confused! But still. It’s a good show. We are taking it global. In my mind…)

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