A Sentence of Sorts

Monday: Sport’s Day. joke. I did not participate in any events and spent the time eating cakes at laughing at the contestants and the way my teachers look in casual/sports wear. Highlight of monday was probably eating at Wagamamas, where i conquered chopsticks! I did not use my fork! Not once! But i still fail at eating with chopsticks. Then Guitar Heroing, which i have never played before and yeah, kinda fail at. But i now semi-understand why people get addicted. So you can complete a song and the thing goes “You ROCK!” with loads of flashing light things.

Today: The Thorpe Park Experience= walking walking walking queuing omg this goes on forever and why are the queues so twisty and bendy oh here we go riding a ride oh shit i am so scared gonna die! DIE! am i even sitting on anything? aren’t these straps meant to be holding me in place? huh. not dead. walking walking etc.

It was an end of school treat. Also the reason the writing is a tad funny is because i am dead tired for some reason. I have taken to randomly trawling the Internet- especially http://www.neatorama.com/ because it is awesome. I have also discovered that some people, somewhere, are translating the Bible into lolspeak. I tried reading some of the New Testament (because the Old one is crazy enough as it is). I am liking the description of King Herod the noob king rockin’ the casbah and being afraid Jebus is going to be steelin his gloriez and his cookiez. I am wondering what people think of Luke saying “was ver sad, I creid :(” about Jesus dying on the cross. Same for people paying money to reserve a place in heaven or hell if you so prefer.


And other demons

Friday was actually awesome. Watched Love Actually during Latin, didn’t die during physics and played Cranium during imedia. Okay but awesomest thing was dissecting my lamb’s heart in biology! It may seem weird that has me so excited and exclamation-marky but it was just so fascinating. Plus, nothing is more cool (okay, that is the wrong word) than bouncing a heart up and down only holding it by its chordae tendineae (commonly known as heartstrings, but my biology teacher hates that and it just reminds me of The Trolley Song). Me, Ellen and Zoë were fighting over who got the next poke, who got to cut it up, which tube was what…while another classmate looked on in disgust at our eagerness. I also was wearing a white lab coat (instead of the usual blue, as i forgot to bring it in) so i was all “fwah, i am an amazing and wonderful scientist”. Went home and listened to some KC and the Sunshine Band. Overall, it was an amazingly funky day. 🙂

Oh but today has been a shitty shitty day. I woke up, rushed around to get ready, had to go out and get some milk for tea (looking like a bit of a whore in my rushed makeup. The kindof make up i only wear around my friends outside of school because they won’t laugh, it will just confirm their believe i am awesome and alternative) and then had a nosebleed. I can’t actually remember getting a nosebleed before, but hey it is no big deal. Waiting for an hour for friends who don’t show up is. Especially when running into lots of people you know. I must have looked like a right fuck reading Gabriel García Márquez (always think he is dead, totally isn’t) in the park in leopard print skinny jeans, big pouty lips (chocolate flavoured lipgloss! highlighted by the way i close my mouth when wearing retainers) and drinking a can of Yoga Bunny Detox from Pret a Manger (bought for a long time ago for the name, has now become a favourite of me and Jess).

For You was i born, for You do i have life, for You will i die, for You am i now dying

I do now love love love Of Love and Other Demons, the story of Cayetano Delaura (a priest, librarian, reader of forbidden books and reciter of Garcilaso de la Vega) and his forbidden love for a Sievre Maria, a twelve year old girl supposedly possessed by the Devil. I am now determind to read One Hundred Years of Solitude on Sports Day (i am 2nd track reserve) b) and read the poetry of Garcilaso de la Vega (and manage to pronounce his name correctly).

Ramble Ramble

I am just going to ramble.

I would like to start this with some thoughts on avocados.

  • On preparing them~Damn i hate doing this. They’re all squishy! And so green! And then sometimes brown and you are unsure if you want to eat them and oh, never mind, i just dropped it into the cat’s food bowl anyway. That should show it who’s boss!
  • On eating them~This is amazing it makes everything so much better, yes! Yes i will be your lawfully wedded wife Mr Avocado! Why am i thinking like this? Insane avocado induced adrenalin rush? Who cares?! I’m getting married to the love of my life!
  • After eating~Oh shit i ate those too fast. Damn avocados, they tricked me! Why did i eat so much avocado? Why did no one else eat them? There was a whole damn plate of them! I am going to lie down.
  • During Avocado Reflection~I still love avocados. Do they like grow on trees? I will have to wiki that later.

That thought randomly lead to be thinking about what if bees grew on trees. Very scary. You would be walking through a bee orchard thinking how pretty it was then OH NO! BEES! (*buzzzz…buzzzzz*) Coming out of the trees! Hee hee that rhymes…shit no time for thinking about that! Run! Wait- don’t run! I may be more likely to get stung that way. My thoughts go like that. Thinking funny! Funny all day long! Rawr like what if my bathroom was part of a gigantic honeycomb!? It has hexagonal tiles! I can’t be the only one who thinks it is slightly strange they construct hexagons. They obviously are not all a perfect hexagonal shape…but still. Odd.

  • Oh: i keep thinking people can hear my thoughts, just randomly. It’s the retainers, i spend a lot of time in my head and not talking so i end up talking to people in my head like “oh hello…why didn’t they respond? oh..yeah…in my head”. I tried to put a positive spin on it to Hannah, who listens to my paranoid stuff, by telling her that never knowing who was listening gives you a nervy energy rush. But the cons definitelyoutweigh any any pros. You have to explain and apologise for stuff all the time which can get annoying when you want to daydream (sitcom-in-my-head: People are playing Frisbee in the park and attempting dirty conversation in order to make the whole picnic seem less wholesome)
  1. My chemistry teacher likes ABBA. I wish i had known this before, i wouldn’t have had so many homicidal thoughts about him during lesson time if i had known he had felt cheated when they didn’t include the song “Knowing me, Knowing You” in the new film of Mamma Mia. Yes! That is criminal! Lets listen to ABBA together! Well…maybe not. I don’t think i can ever forgive him for teaching chemistry. Quite badly in my personal opinion (then again, i wouldn’t actually know given that i don’t pay any attention). Though his film blog is written quite well (yes, its creepy i read my teacher’s blog from time to time. whatever. these things get found if you go to an all-girls school and are under 30) years of age).

Dissecting a heart tomorrow! Come home and my mum was like “here you go!” and handed me a heart in a bag. A fucking heart in a bag! (sounds rather sellable…”get your heart in a bag at a reduced price today!”)

  • In maths today we watched the Simpsons as an end of term treat. Then had to research all the mathematical equations (it was a Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer goes into a 3D universe). I don’t mind. Watching people watching something is interesting. My maths teacher obviously likes the Simpsons a lot–he is therefore amazing and adorable in a younger brother way. Me and my brothers used to come home from school everyday and watch The Simpsons and that was probably the most bonding we did all 3 of us  (i always bonded more with Ben as he was nearer my age). Anyway- the equations were:
  1. 1+1=2. The basicness which all the following maths is built on. And the only one i understand.
  2. The P=NP problem. No idea what the hell it is. But if you can prove it you can get a million dollars. Crazy mathematicians.
  3. 46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C 65 73 21 this isn’t an equation, it’s some kind of code (um..technically a ASCII-hexadecimal string of numbers) for “Frink Rules!” (as in Professor Frink- The Simpson’s mad scientist 🙂 there is actually some kind of programming language named after him which is cute)
  4. eπ i = -1 known as Euler’s Identity
  5. ρmo > 3 H0² / 8 p G which is some thingymabob from Einstein’s general theory of relativity
  6. 1782¹²+1841¹²=1992¹²  Which is not actually true, though your calculator will say it is. If it was true it would disprove Fermat’s last theorem…which was…something my maths teacher did explain…something about special triangles? You know like 3²+4²=5²or whatever? Oh i am so pissed off at wikipedia. Apparently Fermat’s stupid theorem is meant to be easy to understand. Gah.
  • I miss watching my brother play computer games. It is fun to watch someone else mindlessly killing imaginary things. Plus they could be pretty funny (especially Portal 😛 ) and i know it sounds weird but Gordan Freeman of the Half-Life series? Sexy. He has a crowbar! And used to live in New Mexico (i love New Mexico!)!

Okay i have ramble enough.

I would just like to say I also just really love Dog. Who is a robot dog and therefore awesome.


Rawr, my thoughts have been all over the place.

  1. My retainers which i got on Monday- i had forgotten how much they suck. I don’t like talking and eating is a hassle. Especially bad when i am trying to mock a friend and she can’t understand me
  2. Do Oxen have bigger hearts than Buffalo (i think that is the plural…)? I think they don’t! I love Buffalo! Though i always confuse them with Bison. We were arguing about this because we have to dissect an animal heart during Biology on Friday. Apparently the largest heart you could buy at a butcher’s is an ox heart…this lead to me and Hannah arguing…and me eventually stating that the whole of a Buffalo’s body is in fact a heart.
  3. That biology lesson was weird anyway with my teacher claiming he was really really old (he’s around 36?) and was definitely going to die soon…all with this big grin on his face. Oh and talking about turning animals upside down and having loads of random body fluid come out of them (he was a vet) and about this operation he had…sounds creepy but was a good lesson. Though i have randomly been drawing annotated diagrams of the heart- which is sort of relaxing…
  4. Dylan Moran. I was trying to remember who he was all througout watching Run Fatboy Run in geography. I have seen that guy preform comedy live at the Latitude Festival last year! He totally rocked–the tent was packed. Have decided he is quite hot, oh how could you not love the mans voice and tousled hair?
  5. Speaking of that Geography lesson- we played Splat! Hannah says this is horrible organised fun. This is so not fair! Everyone loves splat! (The game may be hard to explain with words so im not going to bother. Imagine it how you will)
  6. The Carrot song. I love it so much. Little carrots singing in Korean! Yays!   There is also a song about milk. I actually have a “Love Milk” notebook a friend bought me from Korea. What i really wanted was one of the talking bras she told me about
  7. Stop-motion animation. Why? Why why why? Tis amazing, but must be oh so time consuming!
  8. Since Imogen and Jess are on a Spanish trip to Malaga i now spend an awful lot of time with Ellen, Divya and Hannah. I have the strange feeling Jess and Imogen are going to come back from Spain to find we have killed each other or put into action some strange plan. The walk home from school with Hannah is especially dangerous as we jump on any topic available. Usually things which should never be said. Oh, i spend more time with Zoë but she is busy learning the Hokey-Cokey in German and designing tattoos…
  9. We have a new car. Its big, silver and shiny. It is very scary to see it when i come home. Its waiting for me…its going to eat me. Its a Renault Grand Scenic. The inside seems rather…minimal. Well, computery if that makes any sense. All digital. Keep thinking a voice is going to say (you have to imagine it is a kind of “please mind the gap” voice”): “We are sorry, please vacate your vehicle *car doors lock* self-destruct sequence has been initiated”.
  10. Michael York is in Cabaret? Since WHEN? He’s Michael York! (Not entirely sure what that is meant to mean)
  11. Tomato Chutney- how did i live without you? I’m not sure if i mentioned it before but i love it.
  12. I don’t like the g2 section of The Guardian. Actually the only bit i don’t like is the cover. When they have people on. Right now David Cameron is looking at me funny. And there is a grinning Salman Rushdie knocking around my house. I don’t like that one bit. He has such a disturbing smile! You know what other people i don’t like looking at? My brother and his girlfriend grace the fireplace. With their prom photo. Nothing wrong with the actually photo, they look adorable. They are an incredibly adorable couple. So i don’t want to have to look at them.
  13. And hand puppets. I know I’ve said this before but it needs repeating. *gets warm fuzzy feeling* (The people in my head are currently preforming an improvised puppet show in german with the cast consisting of Little Red Riding Hood (the ditz), The Big Bad Wolf (the suave anti-hero), Captain Hook (the devious and surprisingly amorous villain) and the ticking Crocodile (Little Red’s companion) also from Peter Pan. I used brackets within brackets. I’m all confused! But still. It’s a good show. We are taking it global. In my mind…)

Next episode…

My life is beginning to revolve around TV shows. Watching the Imaginary Bitches series on youtube and John Green trying to make amusing noises to make his dog do this ridiculously cute head tilt and the staff of Seattle Grace save some lives and on real tv Elle Woods was kicking some legal ass in pink and Jeremy Clarkson was racing Richard Hammond and James May across Japan and weirdly enough the end of Journey’s End (nooo! don’t leave her!) some weird mayor weighing ceremony in High Wycombe (i think that was a programme about Robbie Coltrane’s journey across England’s B-roads).

Of course the only interesting thing i watched was the Wimbledon Finals last Sunday (i know i said i hated watching it without awesome wild cards…but i forgot how damn fine Federer is. Sucks he lost, but Nadal was awesome, the crazy reverse backhand thing! Plus they were both really sweet to each other after the match) which seems like an insanely long time ago though nothing has really happened this week. Except parent’s evening when i was apparently rather rude to my chemistry teacher (i am right- chemistry sucks and hes a biologist anyway so why does he care. I did remember to apologise about breaking a boiling tube so i wasn’t alllll mean).

 My geography teacher winked at me though. Which was weird…but also weirdly awesome in a “i am the master of geography way!” cue JD style daydreaming of me and my geography teacher (well…maybe a hot guy instead of my actual teacher) running a small geography company. I have no idea what that would do. Maybe provide people with maps…6 figure grid references…climate graphs…colouring in is definitely involved. Ooh. Maybe it could be me and John McGinley (a.k.a Doctor Cox)  and i could be his secretary and he my bitter bitter boss. Cliched i know but this is my fantasy world which relies on cheap, overused story lines more than Hollywood scriptwriters.

*Spoilers- “He loves me, He loves me not”*I watched a french film the over day starring Audrey Tautou which i initially thought was going to be amazingly cliched and annoying. However, “He loves me, He loves me not” turned out to be quite an interesting films about a woman suffering from Erotomania- a condition where the sufferer believes they are involved in a non-existent romance. It was slightly disturbing at the end where she is freed from the mental institution….the camera then cuts to a janitor discovering a Mosaic of her “lover” made out of her pills. Very very creepy. Like Snoop Doggs hair in the video for The Next Episode, which has been stuck in my head. Is his hair ever normal looking though? And no wonder he goes by the name Snoop, who names their child (and i kid you not people) Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr.?

Doctor Who: Journey’s End

How could i talk about anything else but the season finale? So amazingly amazing and mind-boggling i am having to watch it again whilst i type so i don’t miss out any awesomeness. The theme music is going. Love the extra names in the credits! Let the awesome begin.

  1. Doctor regenerates into himself as expected. No one actually seems that surprised, least of all the audience. But still!
  2. Mickey! With a gun! And Jackie! Saving Sarah Jane! Oh Mickey you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Very cute when he kisses his gun goodbye
  3. Time lock in Torchwood- we hardly see anything of Gwen and Ianto for the rest of the episode which sucks a little
  4. Rose Doctor Hug! And Donna flirting with Jack. But no “I Love You”! HE NEVER SAYS IT AND IT KILLED ME! I DON’T CARE IF HE WHISPERS IT-IT ISN’T THE SAME!
  5. Ooh, Doctor’s hair looks nice this episode. As does Rose’s.
  6. Martha. Martha Martha Martha. Every time she came on screen i just yelled “I want to kill you!”. Her part of the plot was so pointless, though it was cute when she finds out the Doctor found Rose. I liked her more the second time i watched the episode because i wasn’t so like “rawr! whats going to happen to the Doctor!?!?!?!”
  7. German Daleks! Saying Exterminate in German! Though…i don’t think they were as according to Babel Fish, exterminate in German is “abschaffen Sie” and these Daleks said something like “exterimineren!”…or maybe online translators suck
  8. Happy smile because Rose was trying to find him! Happy lovely grin!
  9. What is with that red supreme dalek? Was that like explained ever?
  10. The TARDIS was going to be destroyed! So much TARDIS-oh-noes-its-going-to-be-deaded-and-donna-too agnst! Having to watch as well! The poor little thing! With Donna! Nice knowing what to do temp from Chiswick! Offering Himself instead of Donna was very sweet. Love that child of Gallifrey, his little distressed face! I like the way Daleks phrase things. “You are the playthings of Davros now!”
  11. They killed Jack- his skeleton looks very funny when he dies. Hee hee hee.
  12. Naked Doctor. So so jealous. Always so so surprised that David Tennant has sexy chest hair. Though naked regenerationness kind of reminds me of The Terminator when he turns up naked after travelling through time. They totally should have had an arse shot. Doctor Numero Duo- i love your hand as well. And your neck. And the extra Donna attitude. One heart though! No longer beating a samba. Loving the way he says “wizard”. 
  13. Donna not believing shes special! Poor poor Donna! You are special! You aren’t just some stupid temp! We love you! Shun the non believers! Shun! You were for one shining moment the most important woman in the universe! You were always so important
  14. Crazy german lady trying to kill Martha. Martha speaking german! Hee hee. Anyone else feel a slightly anti-german vibe? Because i’m guessing it must be a german who invented this whole Osterhagen key…you know, the one which detonates nuclear warheads in the Earth’s crust…
  15. Davros is just so weird. Not like cool-weird. The laughter? Honestly. Kind of reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars. Especially with the destiny/prophecyness . “Doctor…it is your destiny…”. You are pathetic Davros. Stop making the Doctor feel bad! Stop giving him angst! Stop giving him flashbacks! All his actions were for good! Plus, Davros dies pathetically as well. So in your ugly ugly face!
  16. Reality bomb?! Craziness! It is a very cool plot. Nothing but Daleks. What would they actually do? Just…be? They would probably have ended up killing each other. Well done to Mickey for helping Jackie escape from the testing! Though maybe a bit more distress from the people dying/about to die would have been more heart wrenching. The Doctor! So angry and helpless! Shaking with rage! Hug! He needs a hug! And you know, for some help in saving the universe
  17. Yays for Sarah Jane and her warp star! And for being so brave towards Davros! You go girl!
  18. His children of time are not murderers! Plus- some people in that people-who-died-for-you montage weren’t dead (i.e daughter: regenerates though i wish she died because shes a whore bitch who stole David Tennant from singledom and Ursula: face is in a slab on concrete). You aren’t victorious Davros you’re just a fucking bastard!
  19. Two David Tennants one screen! Happy happy! Though it was painful seeing him get shot all over again. Also rather liking Jack being all “i can’t tell you what i’m thinking right now”. Jack i am so there.
  20. Über smart Donna (though the glowy eyes thing was a bit laughable) ! Yays! Love the spinning Daleks! Très awesome. Looked a bit disco 🙂 Saving all the planets!
  21. Dalek Caan! I love you! Helping the Doctor! You sexy betrayer you, seeing the truth about Daleks! He would be quite fun to live with if you think about it.
  22. All of them flying the TARDIS (except Jackie), they are so cute! Flying earth home! Sadly no reappearance of the random milkman from last episode, but Wilf celebrating was good enough.
  23. “Doing it now sir” loving you Ianto. Loving you so much.
  24. K9! The gangs all here!
  25. Martha and Mickey to Torchwood!
  26. Oh my god Bad Wolf Bay brings back emotions. He grows old…he can spend that life with you Rose Tyler! Together.
  27. This was so unbelievably sad. He still doesn’t say i love you, i was yelling and yelling but he didn’t! But they kissed. And they’ll be happy, Rose and Doctor Numero Duo. Yet Doctor Original is so sad
  28. Donna! Donna Donna! All the amazing things shes done…all gone. Never knowing. The Doctor not being able to say a proper goodbye. He is so sorry Donna! So sorry! Donna angst, a whole new angst.
  29. Wilf! You know he will stick to his promise of looking out for him
  30. It ends with the Doctor all alone, coming in from the rain, taking off his jacket…all alone. Everyone else has somebody but him. And it makes me want to cry.

And this blog is like 1000+ words. Wow. Can’t wait for Christmas 2008. Return of the Cybermen! I will be ready.

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th! I day i don’t actually celebrate but still wore my american flag waistcoat and mocked the british. However, i had to go on a trek today around Richmond Park. It was for charity and only 6 miles this year instead of 8 so i guess i can’t complain and at least i missed physics. Ploddingalong with Hannah, Imogen and Lucy only stopping to share Imogen’s jaffa cakes. We sang a lot, quite a lot of World War One songs we(well, more Hannah and Imogen than me) know from doing “Oh! What a Lovely War” and random words sung to tunes which are familiar but i can never name. I know we sang “lets all eat our children” to the tune of “we’ve got cabin fever” which scared Hannah who wasn’t there when me and Imogen originally made this up. Also something about walking into Mexico and never wanting to go back to the USA, which was inspired by the beautiful bounty of nature we surveyed (most of which i missed, staring at my feet).

After the trek we ate at Krackin’ Pies and lazed around in the park feeling a little worse for wear. But then a  miracle! Well, actually Imogen suggested we all went round to her house and make milkshake. We did (mine was a rolo milkshake!) and squealed over Doctor Who.

I felt very depressed when i watched the Tennis. I was upset yesterday when Arnaud Clément lost yesterday to Rainer Schüttler. How could you not want the guy who’s only 5″7 and a bit wearing sunglasses and funky pink bandana and a beard to win?! Venus and Serena Williams in the final. Because that’s not boring. Poor Zheng Jie! The teensy (5″4 and a bit) chinese wild card against the aggressive Serena! Today the not-at-all-teensy-6″4-and-rather-gorgeous-kind-of-like-a-russian-Mark-Sloan Marat Safin got beaten by Roger Federer! I like Safin, according to wikipedia he smashed an estimated 48 racquets in 1999. I just wanted some unfamiliar names to back. Some kind of crazy mix up final where you can’t tell who is going to win. Someone to just completely fuck up John Inverdale! All the BBC presenters! . Much as I love the BBC, too much idiotic chat and not enough tennis. I am very proud of Laura Robson, the British 14 year old who is in the Junior Wimbledon final (i wonder if she knows she has a wikipedia page- she seemed very surprised at her fame) but it must be so creepy for her to have people being all “oh- where do you see yourself as a tennis player in the future?”.

Though I like Boris Becker and John McEnroe when they commentate. McEnroe is very informative and interesting and Becker just makes me laugh. His hair! His voice! His name is Boris! Tis a funny name. His nicknames include “Boom Boom” and “Baron Von Slam”. They can both join me as i watch laughing when Wimbledon history is made next year by a couple of wild cards.

Let’s Pretend we don’t Exist

It has been a routine week. No exams, nothing to look forward to, still having to work. I was feeling ill today so i took the day off and spent the morning aimlessly walking around my house. Playing Peggle. I love Peggle. Whilst half-listening to itunes, i discovered Of Montreal. I don’t tend to listen to the music on my brother’s computer as he is an indie fucktard and it mainly consists of Modest Mouse (who can sometimes be okay) and The Smiths (who i randomly hate, i think i shouldn’t then i give them another listen only to start hating them all over again). So i was surprised i like Of Montreal. But how could i not like a band who covered ‘Spanish Dance Troupe’ by Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (wow! Americans who have heard Welsh music!)? Who have cute, funny, yet sometimes very dark and twisty lyrics and weird music videos? So new music brightened my day.

I forgot to blog about the recent death of Cyd Charisse. Yeah i didn’t know the name either, i was sufficiently intrigued by the headline “the dancer who’s legs were insured for $10 million” to read the article which turned out to be her obituary. The reason why this is of any importance to me is that she was the “mysterious lady in green” i used to wonder about. She played Gene Kelly’s dance partner in the Broadway Melody sequence of Singin’ in the Rain which was my favourite childhood film. It wasn’t a talking role, according to the article Cyd just couldn’t act, but i remember being completely in awe of her and her slinky outfit and very short hair (though i personally believe it looked better long) and she had a cigarette holder but also looked stunning in a wedding dress. Plus, she had those insanely cool bodyguards who flipped coins.

I also recently found out there is a small section in the Dalek article at Wikipedia dedicated to the Daleks’ role in pornography. Intriguing. I can see why people are attracted to Daleks in this way. They are pretty awesome. I am loving the quote from Tim Hancock (no idea who he is, a BBC rep. i guess) “The reason the Daleks are still the most sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like porn. They weren’t ever intended to be sexual creatures. It’s simple, Daleks do not do porn”.  I don’t think many people who watch Doctor Who also watch porn (if we consider the show also has a lot of very young viewers, the porn people probably all watch Torchwood instead). But I personally believe lots of sinister villains have probably starred in porn flicks. If not someone should fill that niche in the porn market. Most villains are too ugly, evil or both to attract a mate and therefore are probably filled with sadistic longing. Or just to be held.  I believe the Doctor as some point goes on about them not being able to touch, to feel. Maybe some kind of weird thing could happen between Daleks and Cybermen. Think of all the awesome banter they would have.

(I probably wouldn’t have typed all that randomness about Doctor Who porn if it wasn’t slightly late at night and i wasn’t feeling very hyper. But still. If the Friday Night Project, now The Sunday Night Project, can mention Who porn than so can i. Zoë is always saying i look like Justin Lee Collins. Though they were talking more porn involving David Tennant. That is yet another niche in the porn market just begging to be filled)