All Freakin’ Week

I have been revising. Actually revising. Now i am listening to All Summer Long by Kid Rock. It is better without watching the music video (same goes for Werewolves of London, which Kid Rock sampled for the song). Who actually wears a Confederate flag bikini? The American Civil War has been on my mind thanks to Gone with the Wind. But then againso has Wham!. The only thing which stopped me freaking out about chemistry was listening over and over again to “Everything she Wants”. Especially after i ran into this person from my school who i just end up lying to every time we have a conversation. “Oh yeah, i love chemistry…Oh, so you remember all the equations? Yeah me too, that was just the stress talking…no i’m not stressed i love the wonderful logic of chemistry…” so on and so forth. Fortunately we ran into some other people who she could talk to who i don’t know that well, but it still meant i went into chemistry thinking about what a social reject i am rather than emulsifiers and that shit.

So the boys from Wham! were needed to ensure i gave a Wham and indeed, a bam, but that i didn’t give a damn. That and the disco dancing sing -a-long to S Club 7 with some friends made me feel okay. We were trying to remember what the hell happened to Tina (we don’t know about Paul either, but he’s a traitor to the S Club party so we don’t care). She has apparently been writing songs for some bands and is planning on producing some solo work….okay her wikipedia page is really short…

Paul dated Hannah Spearitt? That is so not how they were paired up in my mind! They split 2006.

He’s been DJing with Bradley? No! Bradley is too cool for you!

I am not going to look up Rachel Stevens. I never liked Rachel. I am very verytempted to yell Boo you whore! (That reminds that it is Divya’s birthday party tomorrow…not that she’s a whore. she just knows most of the words of Mean Girls)

So i only have one exam left. Physics. In a perfect world this is when The Doctor comes in and says: So, physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Phyyyysics! Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics… I hope you’re getting all this down!

Why? Why can i not recieve physics lessons from The Doctor, or biology from Derek Sheperd (a.k.a McDreamy) or…i can’t think of anyone hot who could teach chemistry. Apparently Sherlock Holmes received a posthumous Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Posthumous? The guys fictional! Honestly what is wrong with these people!? Boo those whores.




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