Crazy on You Doctor Who

It has been a weird weekend. I am going to get the (relatively) boring stuff out the way first the rant about Doctor Who.

Things about this weekend include free bread. Yes that’s right: they were handing out free loaves of Hovis in the town centre (tempted to scream CBD! CBD!). So much bread…it just seems so horrifically wasteful. I mean, me and my brother had a bread fight with our loaves which we got because mum would like it if we got some bread. I mean it was like free bread! Then it turned out she actually had like a bag full of free bread. We now have around 6 bags of bread just around. Softest ever apparently.

I have been listening to Hank Green a lot today. Right now i am listening to his song dedicated to Helen Hunt who is on his guilt free three list. I personally admire him for writing a song to Helen Hunt without using the obvious rhyming word of choice. His use of explicit (occasionally explicit, you cant call a founding nerdfighter explicit really) lyrics in rap style for the song “Nerdgurl” is surprisingly effective really. Apart from Hank Green, i keep on listening to Jolene by Dolly Parton. I feel like this is wrong somehow.

Of course i need to talk about Doctor Who because it is amazing and wonderful and need want to ramble on because i was yelling at the screen throughout the episode.

  1. The Reunion! The running towards each other! His adorable face as he saw her!!!! Then oh noes, a dalek. I hate that horrible, stupid, incredibly unfeeling (well…duh, it is a dalek but still) dalek more than anything in the world. I will find it and tear it apart with my bare hands! I mad that the Doctor still hasn’t said i love you to Rose
  2. Rose! I felt so sorry for her when everyone else is on the webcam but her. Her confusion at Martha Jones! Don’t worry! Nothing ever happened between them (except when they kissed for like…genetic information transfer or whatever) and that’sgreat because you rock way more than Martha! You own a very large gun! Which i find insanely cool, especially when you said “Do you like my gun?” *shuffles feet guiltly at her love of hilariously giant gun*
  3. Like what is with that key thing Martha has? Honestly. But enough about Martha.
  4. Harriet Jones! Dying without fear! Rock on! Also, did Sarah Jane die or not? That would be sad, even though i don’t watch the Doctor Who spin-off shows
  5. Like Torchwood. I think i’ve only seen like two episodes, but i have constant updates on it because my friends watch it. Hannah: I now am beginning to understand how amazing Ianto is. He is simply lovely (okay- imagine that was written in a welsh accent)
  6. Like OMG regeneration!?!?!?!?!!?!?! David Tennant isn’t leaving…is there anyway you can interrupt his regeneration so he’s healed but not facially changed? Or oh my god what if he like…melts so hes just like a brain and an eye and they shove him in a jar and carry him around and so they only need Tennant’s voice?! Okay- that would never happen but still, i think “your own personal Doctor-in-a-jar!” would sell like hotcakes.
  7. That image may have been inspired by the now insane Dalek Caan who is so adorable now he is insane! I just really like Daleks (except you know aforementioned whore-bitch-reunion-ruining Dalek) and i remember getting really excited the first time i saw one in a Doctor Who episode because you know…they’re Daleks. I knew about Daleksbefore i knew what Doctor Who was. There also used to be one in the BBC shop. That rocked. Oh, and Davros. I think the bit where we see his like…mutilated? partially destroyed?…chest was very cool.
  8. Donna should be mentioned. She is also great. Especially when, at the possible end of the world, she still wanted to know who Captain Jack was 🙂
  9. Bees! There had to be something going on there, they mentioned the bees disappearing a lot this season. I think that kind of thing is what makes the show fun, how it doesn’t take itself seriously and all the alien look rubbish and all. Also, while we’re on on things which make the show endearing which aren’t David Tennant, the literaryness (libraries! Shakespeare! Agatha Christie! etc!), the amazing englishness (tea saving the universe! everything being to do with england!), the wonderfully familiar feel of the TARDIS despite the fact i have never seen a police telephone box and of course- i love the theme tune. The opening credits. Especially this week because it was like “oooh! extra names! Billie Piper yays!”
  10. Love Doctor Who so so much!

It’s Just Automatic

I am a bad person. My blog titles have or are song references, sort of like Grey’s Anatomy episodes (by the way-Lonely Hearts still Beat the Same by The Research). I completely forgot to write about my loyal friend’s birthday party because i was too busy moaning about geography. I laugh at people who got bad test results then justify it by saying they are secretly bitches. I presume most people lie lie lie. Some people do blatantly lie…or maybe Hannah is right and we do live in a world full of aliens. Why else would there need to be a white box with a blinking red light under some the stairs? What the hell does that thing do?! Never mind. What i was trying to say is that it makes no sense for someone who can’t eat ice cream without getting it everywhere (also chocolate. but today the lovely and wonderful Imogen bought me ice cream. and a bottle of sprite because she is pure awesome…i know this is getting longer and i can’t remember how i started this sentence but i really like drinking lemonade…i have been very distracting all day)

Okay- i am continuing the brackets here. I have been laughing creepily at random things. Some of them do desrve laughing at. Others, like my chemistry teacher telling me all i had to do was divide the mass by the relative automic mass, did not need to be laughed at (i am going to get such an awful report from my chem. teacher, i told him yesterday: a) “i copied that work off hannah so mine is wrong too” b) “i haven’t bothered to do the other piece of work yet” c) “my brain isn’t like working today, it’s on vacation” d) “i’m so sorry i know you’re working…i just don’t know what to do” e) “hee hee heee heeeee”).

Other things i have been almost crying about. Like Grey’s Anatomy. Also Joe DiMaggio quitting his job to go to ask Marilyn Monroe to go marry him but before he could she committed suicide. He sent flowers to her crypt (i find it weird to have a sex symbol buried in a crypt) 3 times a week for 20 years. He never wrote a tell-all book about her, he also never remarried. This, combined with The Research background music, made me go all teary. Joe DiMaggio is such a comfy, familiar name thanks to countless times singing Mrs Robinson in the car, it was my favourite verse the one i had to sing a long to. My friends say they never hear me sing. I save my singing for car journeys where you can turn up the music so you can;t hear your voice so it almost seems you’re Stevie Nicks or Jeff Lynne or Prince’s backup singers. I can’t really kid myself i can sing as high as actual Prince does sometimes.

Nothing actually happened today. I had 4 1/2 cover lessons out of 5. That is good going in my book. All you really need to know about Divya’s party is that:

  • It rocked
  • We spent an awful lot of time in the toilets joking around
  • Oh, it was at pizza hut. We ordered too much food.
  • This did not stop me eating most of dessert meant for two (a big, melty choc chip cookie with ice cream..mmm)
  • I go slightly insane when i have a good time and laugh very loud and make inappropriate comments
  • Which include me and a friend (not named because she might kill me, but obvious to anyone reading this i guess) arguing loudly over who had the better cleavage and who was displaying their cleavage in the trashier way (i so did not need to wear a vest! I would look ridiculous to wear some kind of undershirt with a clingy dress. Besides, i she can see down my shirt then she is just too tall! too tall!)
  • There were some people there who i don;t talk to as much as i should. A lesson has been learnt
  • I didn’t buy Divya a present

I did buy a present for another friend who had her party on Wednesday! This party featured eating lots of yummy yet spicy korean food and watching the most pointless, über-pretentious film ever: The Edge of Love. Rawr! What was the point of that movie? It is wrong for people to have lips which look like creepy under water jelly things (cough KIERA KNIGHTLEY cough) and for random eyes to appear in the windows, like random giant eyes (which might have been some weird way of changing the scene?). Sienna Miller- what accent were you trying for? Was it meant to be Irish like as i’m pretty sure that is where you were meant to come from. Do NOT get me started on Keira’s welsh accent. Oh my god. Me, Jess and Hannah sneaked out and ranted in the toilets.

Still. It is fun to have something to laugh at. This should keep me from laughing about people i am meant to like. And do like! Very much! However, as soon as i get home i end up forgetting things outside it are real and i actually don’t want to leave the house. Ever. My friends may turn out to be pure evil. Of all the people i know, my friends are the ones i think most likely to turn out to be brain-stealing aliens. I hope this means i get to be a brain-stealing alien too.


Exams are over! I still have english orals, i don’t have a thing to talk about. I actually typed “controversial issues” into google. Speaking of google: Their shop is amazing. The sell silly putty AND goo. Plus all the clothes etc. are eco-friendly! Thanks you very much to Suga for this information.

It was a very tiring day of geographing. Yes, geographing. Aimlessly walking around, asking strangers questions, evaluation land use in the CBD (central business district to normal people), calling a geography teacher because we couldn’t read the damn map (it had no road names on it! it wasn’t even a real map! but never mind, we were in the right place anyway), then walking further away from the CBD to look at the houses. It was a bit odd, a group of girls getting saying things like “ooh! That house has three stories!” or “wow, get a picture of that house! not only is it semi-detached unlike the rest, it has a loft extension!!!”. Tomorrow i have to write all this up. It was nice to bump into my non-geographer friends (who have these days off. bastards) and to discover the amazing Pret a Manger meatball ragu wrap.

I came home and just collapsed on my bed. Was roused with the promise of a bacon-cheese sandwhich. We seem to be eating more of these randomly. It was a tiring weekend…what with the sheer awesomeness of Doctor Who! Things to squeal about:

  1. The Doctor was dead! Dead! Though it was somehow reassuring to know that without the Doctor the world just failed majorly. Though having to explain the back stories to my brothers (who don’t usually watch Doctor Who) was a bit weird, the plots sound so ridiculous (well i was just awful at explaining them)
  2. Rose! ROSE ROSE ROSE! Though unfortunately i never watched the first season with Christopher Eccleston so i had to have some people explain to me the Bad Wolf plot line. She said He had great hair! *Hug*
  3. Donna killing herself. You are special Donna Noble! Plus that scarab beetle thing was über creepy
  4. When her neighbours got sent off to die but were still trying to be all smiley and Donna just didn’t get it…that was so sad. Lots of deaths this episode including..
  5. Ianto. I don’t actually watch torchwood, but i do get subjected to Hannah squealing “i looooove ianto!” every time it gets talked about. So i was sorry he died.

Speaking of Doctor Who, my new compost bin is Dalek shaped. All i would need to do is stick an egg beater and a plunger on it for arms and it could be a dalek. Fun.

What isn’t fun is geography write ups. I spent the day messing around on google maps. The roads in Australia go nowhere! Nowhere! And still not having an english oral topic. I’m trying so hard to care, i think i may do it on lowering the voting age, but i’m listening to the Proclaimers. Writing a really awful speech…or jumping up and down singing 500 miles?

Tough choice.

All Freakin’ Week

I have been revising. Actually revising. Now i am listening to All Summer Long by Kid Rock. It is better without watching the music video (same goes for Werewolves of London, which Kid Rock sampled for the song). Who actually wears a Confederate flag bikini? The American Civil War has been on my mind thanks to Gone with the Wind. But then againso has Wham!. The only thing which stopped me freaking out about chemistry was listening over and over again to “Everything she Wants”. Especially after i ran into this person from my school who i just end up lying to every time we have a conversation. “Oh yeah, i love chemistry…Oh, so you remember all the equations? Yeah me too, that was just the stress talking…no i’m not stressed i love the wonderful logic of chemistry…” so on and so forth. Fortunately we ran into some other people who she could talk to who i don’t know that well, but it still meant i went into chemistry thinking about what a social reject i am rather than emulsifiers and that shit.

So the boys from Wham! were needed to ensure i gave a Wham and indeed, a bam, but that i didn’t give a damn. That and the disco dancing sing -a-long to S Club 7 with some friends made me feel okay. We were trying to remember what the hell happened to Tina (we don’t know about Paul either, but he’s a traitor to the S Club party so we don’t care). She has apparently been writing songs for some bands and is planning on producing some solo work….okay her wikipedia page is really short…

Paul dated Hannah Spearitt? That is so not how they were paired up in my mind! They split 2006.

He’s been DJing with Bradley? No! Bradley is too cool for you!

I am not going to look up Rachel Stevens. I never liked Rachel. I am very verytempted to yell Boo you whore! (That reminds that it is Divya’s birthday party tomorrow…not that she’s a whore. she just knows most of the words of Mean Girls)

So i only have one exam left. Physics. In a perfect world this is when The Doctor comes in and says: So, physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Phyyyysics! Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics… I hope you’re getting all this down!

Why? Why can i not recieve physics lessons from The Doctor, or biology from Derek Sheperd (a.k.a McDreamy) or…i can’t think of anyone hot who could teach chemistry. Apparently Sherlock Holmes received a posthumous Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Posthumous? The guys fictional! Honestly what is wrong with these people!? Boo those whores.



Last Week of Exams

Okay- i may have actually GCSEs tomorrow instead of unimportant internal-ness, but i am fine. I am still incredibly happy because of:

  1. First and foremost Doctor Who: OMG they were going to kill him! Just chuck him off the ship! I was rather surprised that it was the hostess who saved them all, i so thought it was going to be Dee Dee. The woman who played Sky was simply amazing- very creepy eyes. Also- Rose! Why does the Doctor miss these things! Makes me scream! Shes back next week! *squeal* but the trailers said he’s dead…*waves arms around in frustration*. Today at school we were all very excited about it. We also just had to repeat whatever any non-doctor-who-watching-friend said.
  2. David Tennant also brightened up my english exam. I walk in and there was around 120 pictures of him because he’s on the front cover on the Romeo&Juliet text we use. Sheer, unadulterated awesome. 🙂
  3. I have been reading Gone with the Wind which just makes me grin and jump up and down. My mother understands, if she comes into my room while i’m reading shes all “why are you so happy?” and i’ll go “Rhett!” and then we both squeal about Rhett, we once watched Gone with the Wind together. I have the poster on my wall. The wonderful, smouldering Clark Cable is on my wall.
  4. Greys Anatomy-actually the one think keeping me sane is watching this stupid show. I have just started season 3. Izzy is still freaking over denny’s death (i loved denny so much!) but Bailey has just clamed her, Callie moved in with George, Burkes mother is visiting him in hospital and freaking out Cristina, Meredith is going to try dating McDreamy and McVet (lucky bitch), Derek finally left Addison and Addison is now sleeping with McSteamy. Excellent all round
  5. Strings of plastic pearls. I have a load of these beady things on the desk i revise on. They are so fun to play with.

Okay- that may only be five things to be thankful for but they are very incredibly awesome. As is the song title “I am a Tree”.

Latin will not let The Livvi Sleep

The thing which has to annoy me most about latin poets is that they are dead. Completely and utterly so. You cannnot yell at them or send them repeated death threats when you are feeling pissed off at them. Them and their incredibly smug ways, with the stupid word orders (I am looking at you Horace) and pretending to be sophisticated while writing things which would be dismissed as crude teenage boy shit if it was in english (its all “ooh get ready for nine- yes nine!!!-successive copulations my darling prostitute Ipsitilla!”) and the ridiculous comparisons (Ovid- wtf is boxwood? couldn’t you think of something more poetic?). I have been trying to memorise “Love will not let the poet sleep” by Petronius. I am not feeling very sympathetic towards him right now, or other similarly whiny poets. If they met it might go like this:

Setting: A dark tavern where men come to drown their sorrows and order ‘stewed prunes’ (latin in joke i’m afraid, the code for “i want a prostitute” in unlicesened brothels in Pompeii). Enter Catullus and Martial talking about their love lives:

Catullus: oh i don’t know what to do about Lesbia! i’m so confused with all the love and the hate tormenting me!

Martial: Like me too! My girl is somehow difficult and easy going!

Catullus: Dude, the harsh c-sounds of your words (difficilus facilis) totally emphasise the pain of being in love!

Martial: Love brings so many harsh decisions man, i can live neither with her or without her!

Catullus: At least your girl isn’t a total skank.

Petronius enters, naked and confused from all the wandering around in the road, orders a stiff drink. Nods to Catullus and Martial, yet ignores them as he is on a mission to find babes so damn cupid will let him rest.

Catullus: She may be a whore, but i need her. I need as great a number of kisses as the number of sand which lies between the Oracle of sultry Jupiter and Battus’ ancient tomb

Martial: Cyrene sure is a great, silphium-producing place…

Catullus mumers in agreement. Horace enters

Martial: Dude! We haven’t seen you in here since you hung up the metaphorical votive tablet at the temple!

Horace: I saw her with another man, not even a man, an inexperience boy drenched in much rose perfume

Catullus: Tough break dude…

End scene because i am damn tired

So yeah, that is how i believe it would go. They are utterly pathetic.

(But then again, i so wouldn’t mind being there)

(p.s if you were actually looking for a translation of Love will Not Let the Poet Sleep i have posted that somewhere : )

Study Leave

So its Wednesday. My one day this week free from exams. I meant to revise way earlier as i still have a lot  to learn. However, i am in here typing and not even having an enjoyable time because i don’t want to go into the room where i put down my revision materials because i got freaked out by the garage door swinging open randomly and so am now just wasting my time. I hate the garage. For the past eight years i have been convinced someone lives in there. Just some random guy, who is obviously out to ‘get me’, who lives behind the ping pong table(so you wouldn’t be able to see him when you entered). I know this isn’t true, but i still try and convince him he can come out or just help himself to the food in the fridge anytime he likes. I know that has to be the worst excuse for not revising ever, but i am still going to blame any failures on him.

So instead of revising i am watching greys anatomy, very quietly so as not to wake my brother. He has been asleep since our grandparents left to fly home to Sacramento at 9am. If he wasn’t here i would be watching Casablanca, i’ve watched that film a gazillion times yet i did not remember the name of Ingrid Bergman’s character (its Ilsa, my video box said it was Lisa). I was thinking of Casablanca when we all went out to dinner as a goodbye to my grandparents. Foolishly, we went to an Italian restaurant on the night Italy was playing the Netherlands. And got totally thrashed by the Netherlands. Fortunately our waiter was Portuguese and called me beautiful. I love it when waiters do that, i am so not looking forward to going to restaurants and being called madam or whatever.  

Other things I have done instead of revised:

  1. Made endless cups of tea
  2. Read through, and laughed at, all the pages on the graphjam blog
  3. Laughed at lol cats on I Can Has Cheezeburger blog
  4. Made a wish list of things i want from
  5. Admired the way i look in my Rufus Wainwright t-shirt
  6. Thought about eating the pasta i made my brother which he hasn’t eaten. It is just there on the coffee table. Waiting for someone to eat it. Maybe that person is me.
  7. Opened my geography folder to revise, got into a panic about the population density of Canada
  8. Contemplated writing down a complicated theory about the cost of running away to various places if you consider various conditions:
  • The person you run away with only came with you to escape previous country of occupancy and ditches you when you are sleeping (subtract money they steal from you, add money saved by not having to pay for them)
  • If above happens, we must consider the ‘Rick’ factor (so named after Rick from Casablanca) which is your likelihood of running away to yet another country (subtract money spent on train, subtract money spent on drink) and opening a successful bar (subtract money for white tuxedo, subtract money for running and owning bar) where you meet a Captain Reno (add money for winning bets against him, subtract money for rigging your roulette tables so he wins, subtract money for having to close your bar under his orders)
  • If your partner does not run away, we must take into consideration your reasons for running away: you are coming to help the people there (subtract most of your money, yet keep the absolute minimum for survival), you are to find treasure (subtract money for airplane, “exotic” transportation like camels/elephants, camouflage gear etc, add money for eventual treasure found or selling your story), you are there for adventure (subtract money for being robbed and beaten by bandits sucker)
  •  Basically if you apply the various factors to the money in your bank account and still end up with a positive amount then feel free to run away there

To conclude: Never try to think in the early hours of the morning, it is okay not to revise in order to laugh at graphs about The Princess Bride.


It is around 10 minutes to 8 on a Saturday evening. Any decent person should therefore know that i am about to write about Doctor Who and the extreme emotional distress this episode caused me because:

  1. River Song, who i heavily criticised, was awesome this week with the whole handcuff thing, sacrificing herself for the Doctor, knowing the Doctor’s name (causing him mucho angst, very hot) and just generally being awesome
  2. OMFG Donna! It was so incredibly sad when her husband sees her then can’t call out to her! They must must must let them meet again! She loved him! It made me scream!
  3. The absolute creepiness with the children. When Donna looks around and realises they are just the same boy and girl over and over and over again….
  4. On the same note, the heartbreakingness of when Donna’s children disappear just after she promises she’ll never close her eyes again
  5. The Doctor Moon guy being all “and now you forget”, he has a really disturbing smile
  6. When you discover the library was built for the dying girl and you just forgive Stackman Lux for being such a bastard at the beginning
  7. Miss Evangelista turning uber smart yet disfigured

Yes, basically i was speechless for a while. During the episode i was yelling at the screen much to the amusement of my brothers. Particularly when the Doctor is about to save River Song i was just like “oh my god if he doesn’t save her then i am going to KILL Steven Moffat! This can’t be another-yet way more distressing- Kylie incident!”, as in when The Doctor thinks he can save Astrid Peth (a.k.a Kylie) in Voyage of the Damned and it so gets your hope up (even though I don’t think Kylie is that awesome) but then noooo, she dies. Well…goes all stardusty…you know what i mean.

Right, with that off my chest: It was mine and Hannah’s 5th birthday on Thursday. I recieved random books(including “An Abundance of Katherines”, John Green FTW), some cute earrings, a Titanicy bracelet (has a big, blue heart on it), an awesome (must find a new term of praise) bag from Octopus (it’s sides are made of laminated pulp fiction covers), a cute dress from H&M, money, a pair of gorgeous shoes from Office (which cost £40, i feel slightly guilty for spending that money on shoes) and some more random presents are arriving.

Because it was Hannah’s birthday there was a lot of cake at school. I made some brownie, she made very tasty fairy cakes. I just realised i received no actual birthday cake! Oh well. We went to Wagamamas as a family, i love going to Wagamamas. But now i am having to revise all day long. Well, pretending to revise mainly. I did manage to revise biology (my biology teacher liked my brownies, making him even more awesome) but instead of revising french (i had french orals on my birthday) i was rereading In Cold Blood which is quite stupid as it always makes me rather depressed. But hey, anythings better than work.


Release the Awesome

It has been slightly stressful this week. I think i just broke the toilet, haven’t prepared for my french orals, exams next week etc. But hey–i think i did okay at my chemistry mock. However, the real reason i’m feeling so awesome: of course because of the wonder that is Rufus Wainwright playing live. At Hampton Court Palace. Making jokes about meeting Gordon Brown, coming in his pants and historical inaccuracies. Love! Love him so much! The kind of love which cannot be expressed by typing, you need to hear the crazed whining out loud. It is sort of like “mnehBLEH! Behmnepmneh!”. It is the noise i generally reserve for close ups of David Tennant’s fine ass on Doctor Who. 

We (me, Jess, Jess’ father) arrived at Hampton Court (most awesome venue ever!) early, trudged through the grass whilst wearing inappropriate  shoes ad sat down to a luxurious picnic. Feeling incredibly english as we sat by the river, sipping tea. It was still raining lightly when he began playing (he is so beautiful, such charisma! stage presence! im such a fan girl!) but by then we did not care. I’ve never heard him live before (jess+her dad have) so i wasn’t expected his voice to sound as amazing as it does on CD. But it so does. It is even better. Especially because you get to hear him talk normally as well, randomly interjecting things into songs (“and i don’t know the words to this verse…lalalalala”) and it was a small venue and he was playing by himself so it was so intimate. He played my song first! The Art Teacher–possibly my favourite. I loved the acoustic Sanssouci and California and OMG i saw Rufus Wainwright sing Hallelujah! Me! Him! That song! Wow!

It is my birthday tomorrow! Also Hannahs, so we are both bringing in random snacks. I was eating the first, failed attempt at brownie whilst “witnessing history in the making”, i.e Barack Obama becoming the first black candidate of a major party. Obama FTW! Plus he looked so cute with his wife! [Bill Clinton looked slightly less good, still amazingly charming but rather red. Still love Bill]. Unfortunately, this piece of history just makes me sing “I got a crush on Obama” by the famous Obama Girl.

This Pony is Happy

OKay–this is going to be a short blog. It is late at night, i’ve done no work, im all emotional because i’m a teenage girl who is watching the end part of a greys anatomy episode (you know, the bit where Meredith will tell us what we learnt etc.) which toyed with her (denny! i’m still watching season 2), i’m seeing Rufus Wainwright tomorrow, my birthday is on Thursday, i probably have my french orals tomorrow, i was doing history revision on The Purges and my ipod locked so i had to read about it whilst listening to “Because I got High” by Afroman, my brother is being so sweet to his girlfriend and i’m…i’m in a pretty good mood.

It is always bad to be in a good mood when you are doomed. You hope that in knowing that you could set things right you will do them, but you still don’t. I’m going to go to my room after i write this, lie awake and listen to my radio and daydream or just think about today.


  1. Was Divya’s birthday–I managed to wrangle 3 excellent chocolates out of her
  2. We talked about the existence of God during english and how someone said he is as likely to exist as giant teapot floating in an asteroid belt—it was a good discussion
  3. I read some more of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton and decided that marrying rich is not as easy as i thought it would be
  4. My screen is flashing blue. It hurts my eyes.
  5. I had to sit on the end of our physics bench which always puts me in a bad mood so i told Ellen i had rabies. According to Ellen the symptoms of rabies involve your arm feeling tingly
  6. We were doing a practice paper in latin on Pyramus and Thisbe–much jokes about describing “cracks” and how lions just roamed around ancient greece. My latin teacher is back!
  7. I had to use cheap citrus shampoo in my shower. It smells eew, but our chamomile conditioner smells of Christmas tree
  8. I was feeling low when i came home as we had no tea–then my mother came home with a huge box of fair trade PG Tips: 240 bags. Yays!
  9. All of my friends watched this weeks Doctor Who so we had an excellent discussion about it
  10. Today kinda rocked

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